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Agnifera 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju Bets Shristi In Gambling

Agnifera 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ragini tries to console Anurag and says his mother loves him a lot and he should not get angry on her. Anurag says she does not. Ragini reminds him of their romantic night and asks not to spoil its memories Anurag says that night would not have happened if maa would have succeeded in her evil plan. She asks to forget it. He says his shoulder is pain. She gets worried. He says his whole body and especially his lips are paining a lot, tries to kiss her. She pushes him aside and says she has a lot of work pending and he should get pooja items. He asks what about his pain. She says she will less his pain tonight. He asks to promise. She does and leaves.

Ragini goes to kitchen. Shristi already present there says looking at her glowing skin and smile, her night went really well. Ragini asks

what about her night. Shristi says it went well and she is thinking of going to her sasural. She informs Revathi same. Revathi gets emotional and says she considres Baiju as Vishu and will not let her son go away from her. Baiju acts and agrees. He pulls Shristi aside and warns dare not to spoil her mother’s luxuries here and let fool old woman Revathi be in her false world.

Ragini’s friend Chitra comes to meet her. Anurag asks how is she, he heard she met with an accident just yesterday. Chitra gets confused. Ragini takes her in and informing her to lie. Chitra says how can she, jijaji will catch her lie easily. Ragini convinces her somehow. Satyanarayan pooja starts. Chitra says she cannot sit on floor as she met with an accident yesterday. Baiju’s amma Vyjayanti’s friends come. Revathi gives them 5000 rs each as shagun. They get mesmerized with wealth and praise Vyjayanti that she is living in luxuries. Shristi watches it and tries to stop. After pooja, Baiju yells at Shristi as usual and says now she will see how will he loot her family. He asks Vyjayanti to give some money to distribute among poor. Vidhvan gives him money. Anurag aasks Chitra’s mother if she needs any medical help for Chitra. Moth-er says Chitra is fine, he is mistaken. Anurag reminisces Ragini lying.

Baiju gambles with his friends. They congratulate him for fooling Shristi’s family and living luxurious life. Baiju bets more money. Shristi enters and scolds him for wasting her family’s money. Freinds provoke Baiju to bet his wife in gambling. He does. Shristi slaps him. Friends laugh on him.

Precap: Baiju reminisces Shristi’s slap and tries to take revenge from her.
Ragini wearing Anurag’s clothes mimics him.

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