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A Reporter and a Business Tycoon – A Twinj ff – Episode – 9

Twinkle Pov

Here I’m in Kunj’s room which is from now on called as ‘our’ room. After marriage finally dad hugged me and that gave me a hope that he is not mad at me.He believes me. He just took that decision to save me from this horrible society. I can understand him and I’m glad that he understood me too. After that post marriage rituals went in a blur. Like others rituals I didn’t enjoyed a single one and I can see the same expression in Kunj’s face.

“why even I’m thinking about him? ” I mumbled.

“because he is your hubby now. ” mocked my inner sense. I brushed it away and looked at the room. Room is painted in dark blue colour and ceiling with white colour. At a corner there were cupboards and beside that a floor length mirror. At another corner of room there is another door, which must be of washroom. I looked at side wall where there are various photos of Kunj with his family. In one he is a kid and he is sitting on his dad’s shoulder, giggling. He looked so cute. It brought a smile to my lips. I shook my head to get rid of it. I looked at bed where a light orange bedsheet is placed with some pillows. It’s decorated with red roses. It’s when I remembered today is my wedding night. Simple thought of it, and shivers ran down my spine. I shivered at the thought. I’m not ready for any physical relation right now. I don’t even know him. I just hope he understands me.

A click sound came. I turned around only to see Kunj. He closed door behind and looked at me. First his eyebrows furrowed in confusion like what I’m doing here then realisation dawned him. He closed his eyes,  and a sigh escaped through his lips. He started walking towards me, while my hands became clammy due to nervousness. I tried to avoid his gaze. He came and stood before me. His face showed nervousness.

“ummm. Hi. ” he said..

“hi. ”

“Twinkle I don’t know how to say this to you but, ” he halted to confirm whether I’m listening or not. I nodded at him to continue. He took a breathe then said.

“I know our marriage is a unwanted forced marriage and we both are not ready for this relation. We both are complete strangers for each other. Maybe that’s why it’s feeling so awkward. So, let’s start with friendship. At least we can be friends and this will help us to lessen the awkwardness. So friends? ” he asked by forwarding his hands for me shake. I felt relief cross through my body. But, I’m nut sure whether to befriend him or not. Normally, I’m very choosy when it comes to friends. I won’t allow anyone into my friend zone easily but if I, then there will be no backing off. At that moment it felt right to accept his friendship. After all, we are bounded with this relationship for lifetime. If my hubby will be my friend then it becomes more easy for me to share my thoughts and this is what I always wanted. Let’s see, where this relationship heads. Shaking all other thoughts I did what my heart said at that moment. I shook my hand with his.

“Kunj Sarna. ” he said.

“Twinkle Taneja ummm. Twinkle Kunj Sarna. ” I said after correcting myself. Somewhere it felt right and kind of warm feeling had knocked on my heart. He smiled at me. He took his seat on couch and patted his hand beside. I sat beside him making some distance between us.

“so Twinkle tell about you. ” he said.

“about me. What should I say? Yeah. I do work as a reporter job at ‘P NEWS ‘.  I’m working there from past two years nearly. You already met my mom and dad. ” before I continue further his phone rang. He excused himself and lifted his phone.

“hello Uv. ” he lifted.

“having fun bro. ” yelled Uv from other end enthusiastically. I heard it as Kunj is still sitting beside me. After listening it my ears turned hot. I quickly recovered.

“shut up. ” he mumbled and ended call without hearing reply. Situation became awkward.

“Twinkle you change in washroom. “he said and I nodded my head. Heading towards my bag I took one of my night dress. After closing it I quickly went towards washroom feeling nervous in this man’s presence.

After closing washroom door. I removed my wedding dress and changed into my night dress which is a T-shirt and sweat pants. After splashing water on my face and wiping it with towel. I took my dress and came out. Kunj had already changed into his night dress. He looked at me and smiled which I returned with my own. After removing my jewellery I looked at him not knowing what to do. Understanding my situation he removed all rose petals and took another blanket from cupboard.

“Twinkle you sleep on bed. I’ll manage on couch. “he said. It didn’t felt right.

“no Kunj. You sleep on bed. I’ll manage on couch. ” I said.

“no Twinkle. And couch is long enough for me. Don’t you think so. So, go and get some sleep. Today’s day was really tiring. ” he said. I looked at couch which is really long, at least it will cover his tall figure. I still felt guilty.  As soon as my body touched bed my eyelids felt heavy and I closed them eventually. Today’s day was indeed tired one.


I felt as sun rays are falling on my face. I opened my eyes in irritation. I looked around to find myself in unfamiliar room. I scrunched my brows and reality dawned me. I’m no longer Twinkle Taneja. I’m now Twinkle Kunj Sarna. I don’t want to mess any things. So I got up from bed and got ready. After my long shower I wore a red floor length anarkali. I went towards mirror and combed my hairs. After putting nuptial chain and adoring my forehead with vermilion, I looked at Kunj. He is still sleeping and it’s already 7:30am. After debating for a while to wake him up or not, finally I decided to wake him. I went near him. His face looked so calm without any worry, just so innocent.

“Kunj. ”

No response.

“Kunj ”

No response.

I went near him and bent a little and shook him by his shoulders. He made a slight moment and kept his hand on my back and pulled me, making me to fall on top of him. My eyes widened due to our closeness. Kunj slowly opened his eyes and looked at me. For few seconds he didn’t made any moment. As realisation hit him, his eyes widened and he removed his hands immediately. Another awkward moment. Great! I stood on my legs while he also sat.

“aa.. Good morning. ” he said.

“good morning. ” I replied.

“I’ll freshen up. ” he said and ran from there. His actions made me to laugh. Shaking my head, I went down. He really behaved like a kid who caught with a stolen candy.

Down stairs I met Usha aunty.

“good morning Usha aunty. ” I greeted her.

“Twinkle I’m your mom now. So, call me mom. ” she warned and I smiled at her sweetness.

“OK. Mom. ” I said.

“as your first day today after your wedding, so make some sweet dish and rest will be taken care by chef. ” I nodded my head and went towards kitchen. After collecting all ingredients on kitchen counters slab, I made a carrot halwa in which I’m good. Whenever, I made it, I got lots of compliments. It’s dad’s favorite. At that thought, I missed my parents.
I blinked away my tears and concentrated on my work.

After halwa got ready, I arranged them on dinning table with the help of servants with other dishes made by chef. All came except Kunj. Weird! All had my handmade food and complimented me. I took their blessings. Even dad asked me to call him dad. Anand Bhaiya and Maya Bhabhi also praised my food. I thanked them.

“Twinkle you also join. ” said dad.

“dad. I’m not hungry. I’ll have later. “I said. I’m not feeling to have anything. As they completed and left, I went inside to drink some water. There I met a woman who is in her fifties.

“you are beautiful. ” she complimented me.

“thank you. ” I replied. I looked at her questioningly. Understanding my query she answered my unspoken questions.

“I’m Pinni, maid of this house. I’m here from when Kunj is a toddler. As he addresses me as aunty, you can also address me the same.” I smiled at her. Why Kunj didn’t came down. As listening my voice she said.

“Kunj always does his breakfast and dinner in his room. He never comes down.” she said and I looked at her confused. Why Kunj does his breakfast and dinner in his room. I can understand about lunch as he will in his work place but why dinner and breakfast?

“why aunty? ” I asked her.

“it’s not my place to tell you. ” she said and I nodded. Maybe I should ask Kunj. But, what right do I have? He is a mere stranger. OK. OK. My husband but I don’t think it’s appropriate to interfere in his personal life. If he wants he will share. And I don’t want to be a intruder. As aunty filled tray with dishes, I stopped her.

“aunty wait! ” she looked at me.

“I’ll take his breakfast.” I took it from her hands but before I can proceed she stopped me and placed my part of breakfast. I smiled at her thankfully. She kept her hand on my head and said.

“he went through a lot. Please be on his side. He blames himself for something for which he is not even responsible.” she said. I didn’t get what she said but nevertheless I nodded my head. I took tray and ascended towards our room. As I reached before our room, I heard giggles. Out of curiosity I opened the door. Automatically a smile took birth on my face. There my husband is playing with a cute little girl, Who is probably may be of five years old. He is tickling her, while her laugh is echoed in whole room. They were looking so cute together.

“he would be a great dad. ” said my brain from nowhere.

What’s wrong with me?  I brushed away all other thoughts. They both noticed my presence and turned towards me.


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