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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha And Rudra Find Out Reema’s Location?

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Preesha asks Sunny to tell where his mummy is. Sunny gets tensed and says he is feeling hungry. Rudra asks to tell about his mother first. Preesha goes to get him food. Rudra asks him to tell him till Preesha returns. Sunny insists him to tell aunty to bring him milk shake. Rudra leaves. Sunny thinks Yuvraj didn’t inform him what to do in this situation, so he should meet him and find out soon. Yuvraj is busy conspiring with Sulochana and Kabir when Sunny runs to him and informs that a big problem barged in. Yuvraj asks what problem. Sunny looks at Sulochana and Kabir. Yuvraj says he need not worry. Sunny informs that Preesha is questioning about his mother, he didn’t know what to say and hence came to him. Kabir taunts Yuvraj for his lame plan. Sulochana says they are team and should work together. Sunny asks Yuvraj what should he tell Preesha, what if he tells truth trying to lie. Yuvraj reminds him what he taught him. Sulochana asks why is Preesha talking to him while she should be very angry. Sunny says Preesha reconciled with Rudra after he told truth and is helping him now instead. Kabir laughs on Yuvraj and says they will have to pack their bags now. Yuvraj asks Sunny to return and not meet him again like this.

Rudra tells Preesha that Sunny is very stubborn and will not tell about Reema at any cost. Preesha says they have to reach Reema at any cost. Sharda walks in. Preesha says don’t know why Sunny doesn’t want to discuss about Reema. Sharda says maybe Reema ordered him not to inform anything to Rudra as she must be afraid that he will send Sunny back to her. Rudra asks how will they find out about Reema now. Preesha says she knows. Sulochana fumes that Preesha always fails their plan. Kabir says exactly, they should think what Sunny should tell Preesha. Sulochana asks Yuvraj to speak. Kabir asks where is Chomu master now, he was boasting he is his school principal, what they should do now, they trusted a loser. Yuvraj says when he runs a horse, he doesn’t bother about small issues. Sulochana asks them to stop fighting. Yuvraj asks to leave it on him now, he will make such a big plan that even Preesha cannot do anything.

Preesha takes snacks to Sunny and asks if he is missing his mother. Rudra says an ill son always members his mother like Saransh misses Preesha when he is ill. Preesha says Sunny must be missing his mother for sure and insists to tell where she is. Sunny says he doesn’t know where she is now, just knows that she is getting hospitalized as she has cancer and told she is going to die. Preesha consoles him. Rudra asks hospital’s name. Sunny says he really doesn’t know. Going aside, Rudra asks how will the find out where Reema is. Preesha says Sunny told Reema is hospitalized in a cancer hospital, there are not many cancer hospitals in Delhi and hence they should call each hospital and find out if Reema Bhattacharya is admitted. They try all hospital numbers, but don’t find Reema’s location. Rudra panics. Preesha calms him down and says they will do something. She returns to Sunny with Saransh who shares his toys with Sunny. Sunny gets happy. Preesha praises Saransh and asks him to mingle with Sunny well. She asks Sunny if her mother gave him something. Sunny says a letter which he gave it to Rudra and a bag which is inside his room. Preesha opens bag and finds a phone number in it. Rudra says he is sure its Reema’s number, calls on it, finds its City Hospital’s number, and asks wardboy if he can speak to patient Reema Bhattacharya. Wardboy says Reema passed away in the morning and her body is taken for last right, asks who is he. Rudra says Reema’s son is with him. Wardboy says Reema considered him as a bother and had informed her last wish to let Rudra take care of Sunny from hereon. He sheds fake tears and disconnects call. Rudra informs Preesha about same. Preesha says they should inform Sunny. Rudra says they shouldn’t now and anyways ward boy told that Reema’s last wish was he takes care of Sunny from hereon.

At night, Saransh asks Preesha why is Rudra sleeping with Sunny today. Preesha says Sunny is ill, so Rudra is sleeping with him today to not make him feel alone. Saransh asks if she will sleep with him. She says yes, tells him a story, and makes him asleep. She then goes out to bring water. Rudra makes Sunny asleep and tries to leave. Sunny wakes up and says he is not getting sleep at all. Rudra says he is trying since 1 hour, don’t know what to do now. Preesha walks to them and says whenever Saransh doesn’t get sleep, she and Rudra sleep on his sides holding his hands and Saransh falls asleep instantly. She does same and tells him a story till he falls asleep. Saransh wakes up again and gets afraid not finding Preesha next time. He walks to Rudra’s rom and feels disheartened seeing Rudra and Preesha sleeping holding Sunny’s hands and thinks they told their love will not decrease for him with Sunny’s arrival, but even mamma also left him alone now.

Precap: Rudra asks Preesha how to inform a small kid such a big news. Sunny asks what happened to his mom. Preesha informs that his mom passed away.
He cries hugging him. Saransh feels bad seeing that. Mishka joins Yuvraj’s team and explains her master plan to them.

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