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Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi is exposed

Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Meenakshi saying we will talk after Sunita gaining consciousness and tells Kalyani that she hopes that she will not break her trust. Lalita ji asks Kalyani why did she lie? Malhar says Kalyani has doubt on someone. Kalyani says yes. Abhimanyu says what doubt? Meenakshi hears sitting outside the hospital and recalls putting mobile in the vase. She thinks what do you think, that you only know to play games? Kalyani tells something. Abhimanyu asks what are you saying, you are saying that gang leader is Meenakshi Madam. He asks how can you be so sure? Kalyani says seeing her injury, she was shot at her left hand, but bandage sling is on left hand. Malhar says whatever Sunita did was on meenakshi’s saying. Abhimanyu says Parmarth used to say that whenever he got any lead about drug gang, it used to get leaked, says now he understands that it was leaked by Meenakshi. Kalyani asks Abhimanyu what happened, why he got tensed? Abhimanyu says we need proofs against her. Anupriya says I can act like Sunita and can trap Meenakshi. Kalyani says even she was thinking this, but will get this work done by someone else. She says I can’t risk your life. Sarthak says right. Anupriya says I want this to end fast and wants you to return home. Kalyani recalls her moments with Anupriya and agrees. Anupriya thinks she has to do her duty as a mother, even if she loses her life to protect her. Meenakshi hears all their plan.

Anupriya gets ready and wears hospital gown. Sarthak says Anupriya…Anupriya says don’t say anything, you know that Kalyani is very important to me. Sarthak says I know that you can’t see anything when the matter is about Kalyani. He holds her hand. Anupriya says lets go, everyone is waiting. Kalyani asks are you sure? Anupriya says when the matter is about my daughter, then neither did I get scare nor I think? Kalyani asks her to keep the gun for safety. Malhar says Abhimanyu must be bringing Meenakshi here, we shall go out. Sarthak asks Anupriya to take care and goes out with Malhar and Kalyani.

Meenakshi comes to the hospital with Abhimanyu. She collides with a nurse who is taking a patient (Anupriya) on the wheel chair. Nurse says sorry. Meenakshi tells Kalyani that Abhimanyu told that Sunita got consciousness. Kalyani says now you can take her statement and she will tell that she had killed Parmarth. Meenakshi says she will take her statement and will meet alone. She goes inside and closes the door. She then comes back and tells Kalyani that Sunita gave her confession, says you are freed now. Kalyani and Malhar get shocked and rush to the ward. Meenakshi comes to her Jeep and recalls Nurse injecting Anupriya and taking her out of the ward. She recalls colliding with her and she signing that the work is done, when she collided with her. fb ends. Kalyani finds Anupriya missing and tells Malhar that the nurse is with meenakshi. They go out and catch the nurse. Nurse tries to run away. Abhimanyu comes infront of her. Kalyani asks the nurse, what did Meenakshi tell her? Nurse says I don’t know her. Kalyani says I have seen you with her and asks where is my Aai? She finds Anupriya’s ring with the nurse. Malhar asks Nurse to say, where is Maayi? Nurse says I will say.

Later they all come somewhere. Meenakshi asks them to stop else she will press the button. They find Anupriya unconscious on the wheelchair and bomb tied to her waist. Malhar warns Meenakshi. Meenakshi says do you think that you will order me. She presses the button and says when you came to know that I am the drug leader, then why to waste time. She asks them to return all the drugs to her and take Anupriya with them. Sarthak requests her not to harm Anupriya. Meenakshi says until you give my drugs and let me go freely from here, I will not leave Anupriya. Abhimanyu says what do you think that you will go alive from here. Meenakshi says if I die, then timer is on. Kalyani promises to give her drugs. Malhar says we will bring, but nothing shall happen to Maayi. Abhimanyu tells malhar that he is doing wrong. Malhar says sorry, I have to do this for Maayi. He asks Sarthak to aim gun at Abhimanyu. Sarthak asks Malhar to go. Malhar goes with Kalyani. Kalyani tells Malhar that they have to give drugs to Meenakshi. Malhar says Abhimanyu has already submitted it in the dept. Kalyani asks if he has any bag in the car. Malhar brings bag. Sarthak tells Anupriya that nothing will happen to her. Malhar and Kalyani put the stones in the bag.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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