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The Twisted game of Destiny-ep 16. What’s Mine is Always Mine IMMJ2 Fanfic

What’s Mine is Always Mine

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The Twisted game of Destiny-The Queen? ep.15 IMMJ2 Fanfic

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Vansh: (receives a call) What??? (anger) Why!

Vansh cuts the call and throws his phone away in anger. He was enraged with the news he got. No one had ever interfered in his business deals and this was the first time it happened. Not only that, the other thing that made him angry to the core was the people who had interfered in his deal. He hated them. He knew that he couldn’t lose that deal, it was really important to him. He knew that whatsoever, he couldn’t let those people to win the deal, they were his enemies after all, and Vansh Rai Singhania doesn’t let his enemies win. He took his phone and called Chang.

Vansh: Chang! How dare you make a deal with those two Raichands!! (anger)

Chang: VR, control your tone! And as far as the deal, they had a better one than yours!

Vansh: Oh really? How much huh? 600 crores?

Chang: (laughing) Ohh not that much, 700 crores!

Vansh: Really you got sold for 700 crores! Interesting Very Interesting, but VR never loses!

(conversation- will be revealed later)

After he hung up the call he heard some people downstairs and rushed to the hall. As he descended the stairs, he saw his one and only guests; the Raichand brothers. Kabir and Aryan entered the hall and waited for Vansh to come to them.

Kabir: So shocked VR?

Vansh: Nahh!!

Aryan: Oh really, looks like you haven’t received the news yet!

Vansh: Which news? (pretending)

Aryan: (laughing) Your deal with Chang is under our control!

Kabir: Exactly! So I repeat shocked VR??

Vansh: And I repeat Kabir! Nahh!! The deal is mine. You think you’ve won (smirk) Well that’s your illusion.

Aryan: What do you mean huh?

Vansh: Simply that the deal is still under my control

Kabir: Bhai what’s he saying. (to Aryan) What nonsense!!

Vansh: Not nonsense my dear BROTHER IN LAWS! It’s the truth on your face. Don’t believe me? Call up Chang! Wait you might not be able to do so, so why don’t you give me this golden opportunity to call him up for you! (Calls Chang) Chang!

Chang: VR yes

VR: Your most welcomed partners are right in front of me claiming that they’ve taken over our deal!

Chang: Kabir and Aryan, if you’re listening to me then sorry, our deal is off!

Aryan: Chang! (shouting) What nonsense!!How dare you double cross us

Hearing the commotion happening in the hall, the family members arrived. Rivan brought Riva downstairs too.

Riva: What are both mamu doing here?  (mumbling)

Rivan: Same thing I guess, fight over a thing. (mumbling)

Chang: Aryan, calm down. It wasn’t a double cross. It was just a better deal like I had done with you. You were going to buy me at 700 Crores but VR is giving a better deal.

Flashback of the conversation

Vansh: Really you got sold for 700 crores! Interesting Very Interesting, but VR never loses!

Chang: Chang doesn’t get sold!

Vansh: Fine then, I’ve got a better deal for you! I give you 800 crores as well as my farmhouse plot in Ooty worth 2 crores to you!

Chang: (thinking) That’s a good offer, The Raichands wouldn’t give me this much, let me just go on with VR. (to VR) Mmmm…. Okay fine! I accept this deal (Vansh smirks)

Vansh: (thinking) I know your strings very well Chang, when to pull when! And you say you don’t get sold (smirks) Call off the deal with the Raichands!

Flashback of the conversation Ends

Kabir: How’s this possible! We offered the best and the highest price.

Chang: I’m sorry Mr KR but VR’s deal was far off better than yours. Good bye (cuts the call)

Kabir: Bhai I told you this Changu will backstab us!

Aryan: Chang is gone! And you MR VR, don’t think you’ve won so easily….picture toh abhi baki hai mere dushman! (the movie is still remaining)

Vansh: You keep on saying that but there’s nothing you can do! Told you don’t mess with me. The deal was mine and will be mine. I never share what’s mine! What’s mine is always mine!

Kabir: Our revenge is still on, not that we have forgotten! Just remember, you killed our sister!!

Vansh: (enraging) KABIRR!!! Before I lose my complete cool, shut up and get out of my house! Don’t you bring Riddhima in between next time! (holding his collar)

Aryan: Don’t Vansh!! (punches Vansh in anger) We are in our limits but you’re crossing yours! We are leaving for now but the next time when we come you are gone!

Dadi: (interfering) Aryan beta what’s this?

Aryan: Dadi please don’t interfere. We want to keep you out of this! (trying to cool down)

Riva: Can’t you ever sit down and talk, is it always important for you to hit each other?

Kabir: (to Riva and Rivan) You two, still not gone?

Rivan: Excuse me… that’s not your matter. I think we are associated with him and not you! But for now, why did you hit him?

Aryan: You two, stay out of this, no need to tell us what to do. Don’t be our mother, you girl

Rivan: Riva! She’s called Riva (stern)

Vansh: Exactly Kabir! Now get out! (they both leave) Angre! Our deal is taking place tomorrow. You all, this deal is really important to me and it can be life-threatening. So I’m going to seal this house completely as soon as I leave! You all know what to do next. (to the family)

Riva: (murmuring) Dad’s a true business man, he handled everything so perfectly!

Rivan: Of course, I think that’s why he’s called The VR dumbo!

Riva: Rivan!! (Rivan ran away) Idiot!

Precap: Chang’s hideout and trapped!

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