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The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 20

Chapter : 20…” Unknown Danger?? “…

Scene 1:

Next day,

All are ready for the haldi ceremony. Nandini prepared the haldi and bring it.

Tit:I will apply him first.

Lady:No you can’t. Mother should apply first haldi.

Ved:Let her do what she want to.

Titiksha applied haldi to her brother. Then his mother applied him. After all of them applied, they start to play with haldi among them.

Vik:You all forget me?!!!

Ved:How can we forget you. You are my everything.

Vik: Let me apply haldi on Ved.

Vikram took the haldi and applied on his whole face.

Ved:Abbe pagal!!! My eyes!!

Vik:Nothing will happen Vedu it’s haldi. Haldi is very good for our health and also our skin. It also acts as medicine.

Ved:Stop your haldi class.

Vik:Sorry baba!! Now go and bath.

Ved:That I will go😒.

Vik:Yes go.


Vik:Go na…

Ved makes a face and went for bath.

Nandini:May your friendship remains like this.

Vik:Aunty I am so lucky to get him in my life. I want him in my next birth also as a elder brother. May all of them get a friend like him.

Tit:Don’t you want me as a sister?

Vik: Why not choti!!!

Scene 2:

Raghav:Now I have to take my next step.

He calls someone.

Raghav tells something to that person.

Person:I am coming right now. Don’t worry.


Call ended.

Raghav laughs in a evil way.

Scene 3:

Anu:Do fast. Time for haldi ceremony is going.

Kabir:Mom I am bringing the haldi.

Sia:See Riddhima di is looking so sweet.

Dadi:Kisi ki nazar na lag jaye.

Ishani:Before 2 years in this house same rituals happen but she died. Today you are going to get married.

Sia:Everything will be good only. Don’t worry.

Kabir brings the haldi.

Anu: Who will apply the haldi first?

Kabir:Mom you only apply as her mother.

Anpriya applies her haldi first. Then others applied her.

Ishani:Work done? ( whispering)

Kabir:Perfect. ( whispering)

Flashback Starts:

Kabir took the bowl of haldi and applied some haldi on Vansh’s face.

Then he bring that haldi for Riddhima.

Flashback Ends.

Kabir to himself:I am done the other things but I don’t know what will happen in today’s wedding. How can I separate two persons who love each other so much? It will be sin to do. God help me. Please.

Riddhima was going to her room when she slipped and was about to fell. Vansh came from behind and holds her from falling. Vansh’s dress was full of haldi. Even his face also because it touches with Riddhima’s hands. They share an eyelock. Riddhima didn’t say anything and leaves from there. Vansh also leaves.

But this whole incident was witnessed by Kabir and Ishani.

They look at each other and smiles.

Scene 4:

Vansh was standing in front of the mirror. He saw that his face was full of haldi. He walks towards Shweta’s photo frame.

Van:I can’t hide anything from you. You get to know everything. Now you also know na that I am having an soft corner for Riddhima? I don’t it’s right or wrong. But it happened. I don’t know when and how. Please don’t get upset ok.

Vansh smiles and leaves.

Vansh was sitting in the balcony. He was singing a bengali song which Shweta sung for him.

( Guys this is a Bengali song by Armaan Malik. You can hear it on you tube. It’s an awesome song for one-sided love or when your love betrayed you. I am writing the meaning with it. Song name is-Aami je ke tomar. It means Who am I to you? )

Keno je mon kharaper
Nemeche raat parate
Boshechi shob harate
Khuje dao khuje daao

( Don’t know why I’m sad
Night has fallen on daylight
I am losing everything
Find it for me, find it for me )

Je pothe egiyeche paa
Sheo aamay chene na
Ami to fire jete chai
Amake phiriye nao

( Even the path I am walking
Doesn’t know me
I just want to go back
Take me back )

Ami je ke tomar
Tumi ta bujhe nao
Oo aami je ke tomar
Tumi ta bujhe nao
Ami chirodin tomarito thaakbo

( Who am I to you?
You find out.
Oh, who am I to you?
You find out yourself.
I will forever stay yours )

Tomakei raat tomakei bhor
Protidin phire phire chai
Tomakei shur tomakei gaan
Bolo keno eke eke jaai

( At night, at dawn -you
Everyday I want you.
You in melodies, in songs-
Tell me why, I keep on sketching you? )

Ami je ke tomar
Tumi ta bujhe nao
Oo aami je ke tomar
Tumi ta bujhe nao

( Who am I to you?
Find out yourself.
Oh, who am I to you?
Try and understand yourself. )

Scene 5:

Nan:Now you all should leave for the baarat.

Ved:Mom, I and Vikram will go alone in another car.

Tit:I will also join both of you.


He says it and leaves with Vikram.

Tit:What happened to him?

Nan:You know him na. Don’t het upset. Come.

They all leaves for VR Mansion.

Scene 6:

Sia: Riddhu di soon you will get married.

Riddhima blushes.

Ish:See she is blushing.

Someone:Baarat came. All of you come down!!!

Sia:Let’s go.

Ish:You sit quitely.

Sia and Ishani leaves.

Precap: Riddhima:I don’t believe this. 

End of this update. Thanks for supporting me and giving love. I have completed 20th episode of my ff because you all are beside me. Thanks a lot to my dear readers. Also to my silent readers please do comment. Atleast give a heart so that we can understand that you are loving our ff and support us. We can understand that you may be busy but think about us also. We write this long ffs for you all. So please please support us. Btw for my 20th episode can I get 25+ episodes. Love you all💝💝. Stay happy and stay safe. 

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