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The nights we spent together (Chapter 3)

Episode starts with Riddhima looking in her bag,she founds a bottle,she reads,
“Energy drink for jiju by Rashmi”..
RIddhima: Woww,,Rashmi,she stupid girl,she had not kept even a single dress which I can wear now,and she is keeping energy drink for jiju…how mad…
Riddhima was getting frustated,then she got dizzy…
Riddhima:No Riddhima,hold on…this is just 50 kg lehanga,remember,you can even hold much more weight,
She then saw that energy drink bottle and herself drank it.She ook a sip and made yukk face,
Riddhima:What sort of drink is this..so bad taste…
Riddhima then drank it more,because she was feeling very tired and dizzy,after all,for a bride,marriage day is most tiring,all throught the day she remains to be the most important focus of everyone.
She then sat and felt more dizzy after that drink,she then started laughing,and looked at Vansh’s wardrobe.
Riddhima:Should I take clothes from this wardrobe?Ofcourse ,I should,after all he is my husband now.I have full right over his things,
With then she opened the wardrobe and took out a black shirt.She looked at the jeans,pants and all,
Riddhima:He is so tall….leave it.I will wear this shirt,and let the lehanga skirt .I can sleep in this.
With this she went,laughing,falling ,dizziness was most,it seemed,as she,as she had drunk. She came in black shirt and her wedding lehangs skirt,and swirled all around and then her eyes got stuck outside wndow.
She screamed: Rainnnnn…wowwwww
She rushed…but she couldn’t open the sliding window panes.
Riddhima:I have told mom,its such a big mansion ,I am unable to even open the window here.
She got sad.
Riddhima:Come on Riddhu..you have to go to rain ,stupid,its your marriage day.Rain will come in future too,but rain on wedding day,you have to be in the rain.
She got an idea,and rushed downstairs,and opened the main gate and rushed out,she started swirling in rain,dancing.
Vansh on the other hand was in his rom,changing his shirt,he heard the main gate’s oepening sound,and got shocked…
Vansh :Riddhima?Did she get out?
He rushed,and saw the gates open and rushed out and called :Riddhimaaa
He then saw in lawn,where Riddhima was dancing in rain ,to the core of her heart.He bacme amazed,smiled,laughed a bit,and then got lost in her beauty.
Riddhima stopped and came to him,and held his hand and started taking him in rain.
Vansh denied.
Riddhima:How boring,its your marriage day stupid,and it is raining.
Water drops from her dripping hair fell on Vansh’s face as she swirled,Vansh smiled and felt them.
For the first time in his life he had encountered such liveliness.
Riddhima sneezed.
Vansh got worried,
Vansh:Riddhima..please,its already cold.Come inside the house ,you may get sick.
Riddhima:No..I will stay here for whole night…and youuuuu…Mr Vansh Rai singhania,my husband now,you go and sit with your friend Angelina.
Vansh laughed.Riddhima became frustated and came to him but before she could say anything ,she fainted.
Vansh got shocked,and lifted Riddhima and took her inside,
Vansh:Riddhima…get up,,get up…
He smelled alcohol from her.
Vansh got more shocked,alcohol?
He contacted doctor over call,
Vansh:Ya doctor..(he explained).
Doctor:No need to worry mr Rai sighania,she is sleeping,it may be due to first time alcohol consumption.
Vansh then looked at Riddhima,she was wearing his black shirt with wedding lehanga skirt.He laughed at her innocence.He then lifted her up and took her to room.
Vansh tried to wake Riddhima up,so that she may change clothes as she would get cold,but she was just murmuring in sleep,
Riddhima:I have left everything for you Vansh,I don’t kno anything about you except your name,please don’t cheat..
With murmuring this she slept,Vansh felt sad,
Vansh:Sorry Riddhima,I ,.,,just thought to make fun by Angelina’s name,I didn’t think that you will get hurt.He then looked at the bottle,
And read,
“Energy drink for jiju”,He laughed really hard and understood that Riddhima might have drank it without knowing that this is alcohol.he then looked at her and kept staring at her sleeping,
Vansh: Now ,its my right ,atleast I can look at you for whole night without your consent.
he then looked,shirt’s last button was not buttoned ,her belly was little visible.he smiled and buttoned it ,and then covered her with blanket and left.

Precap: Riddhima wakes up ,vansh comes and offers her lemon water,
Riddhima:What happened?
Vansh:Nothing,just the night was beautiful.
Riddhima got shocked.

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