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The handsome hunk: Our King Rrahul Sudhir aka Vansh Rai Singhania. #Rrarmy Part 9

Hello guys. Here is a new part about our hero Rrahul sir. I hope you all could like it and please do comment a lot for him not for me.

So let’s start.

Rrahul sir is just a very huge and amazing inspiration for all of his fans.

When he becomes happy and chilled, all of us feel happy and chilled and when bad thing affects him it also affects us.

Because we are his army and family who will always support him and love him the way he deserves it.

Maybe that is the thing that makes him a very special actor and he is in the top because he owns that special place in all of his fans’ hearts.

This previous week wasn’t easy on our hero at all because like we have said in the last part that he has lost his uncle because of covid19 and he has stopped being on anything related to the social media and that what was making all of us worrying about him a lot.

Because we are always getting used of the funny Rrahul who has that unique smile that makes all of us also smile with him as well.

No one was thinking that the one who always smile and be funny could own that sadness and hurt.

He is a very strong person who could hide his sadness and just show his funny side.

This thing is what makes all of us love and respect him more and more for his unique and special personality.

We all were missing Rrahul sir’s activity on social media and we were worrying about him a lot till our lovely dadi has published a picture with him and that what has relived our hearts for a little bit.

He was looking so handsome and attractive as usual.

He is always able to take our hearts very quickly by his stunning looks and attitudes.

He is always able to amaze us with his amazing talents and how he is always able to get into a deep level while portraying the role of Vansh Rai Singhania.

Even while he was being very sad for the death of his uncle, he still has nailed it by his character Vansh Rai Singhania.

I will always say that Rrahul Sudhir sir is a legend who will never be repeated once again.

After he wasn’t being active on social media for some time, he has returned once again with a status on instagram.

But unfortunately this status has made all his fans very upset as he was searching about a plasma for his mother who got to suffer from covid19.

None of his fans has got satisfied without spreading the news so much.

Twitter, instagram, and all the other social media were spreading on it this news.

4 hours didn’t has passed until Sunita ma has gotten a plasma and now she is taking her treatment.

That shows how Rrahul sir has so many fans who care about him and love him so much.

Rrahul sir must know that we will always be with him and we will support him so much.

All our prayers with Sunita ma.

I’m sure that very soon she will be fine.

I know that God is with her and he will make her get well soon very fast.

We know how much you are attached with your mom so much and you love her very much sir.

Don’t worry sir God is with her and our prayers are also with her.

So please guys all of you pray so much for Sunita ma. She really needs all of your prayers. I do believe the strength of the prayers and how it could change so many stuff so please guys keep praying for her.

I know how Rrahul sir is in a very critical state while his lovely mom suffering from corona along with that he is away from her and he isn’t able to be with her.

I could understand your pain sir and I’m sure that God will spread so much happiness in your life and will make you be happy very soon while seeing your mom got cured and in a good health.

Actually, all Rrahul’s immj2 team were supporting him a lot.

From Helly Shah till Mansvi who has putted a status discussing on it the situation.

During the Mother’s Day which was on 9th May, we have gotten another status from our hero that has really made me very emotional.

We will keep praying for her sir and I’m sure that she will be fine very soon.

Just be strong sir and I’m sure that you will be able to keep having the strength because you are the most strong person who we all learn from you so many stuff.

God bless you sir you and your lovely mother.

Our worry about Rrahul sir got to be more and more high.

We were needing to see any picture of him that could relax us for some time.

Then our lovely Helly is the one who has given us the most amazing surprise yesterday at her vlog.

It was a picture of the awesome team of immj2.

This is what people see.

And this is what Rrahul’s fans see.

So happy to see a new picture of you sir.

I hope you always be happy and we could always see this lovely and heart breaking smile of yours our handsome hunk.

I hope that the next week during the next part of mine I could tell you all that he is now absolutely happy and Sunita ma is fine.

So let’s talk about some other stuff about Rrahul sir so we could be more aware of so many stuff about our handsome hunk.

He would choose eggs more than toast.

He could choose weights more than cardio.

When he got to choose between facebook and twitter, he has chosen nothing from them as like we have said before that Rrahul sir enjoys instagram and YouTube more then other apps.

This what he has said during one of his old interviews.

He loves ice cream and enjoys it.

If he will choose from mobile games or consul games, he will choose consul games.

While he is walking, he will prefer listening to music during that.

He choose iPhone more than Android.

As actually he owns iPhone.

When he has chosen between cake and pie, he has said that it depends on his mood and he has chosen for that time cake.

He loves and enjoy swimming.

He prefers more small gatherings than big parties.

If he will choose between new clothes or new phone, he will choose new clothes.

If he will choose between football or basketball, of course he will choose basketball.

As we have talked before about how Rrahul sir is master in playing basketball.

He chooses jogging over hiking.

He chooses sneakers over shoes.

He chooses burger over taco.

He chooses online shopping over shopping in the stores.

He loves letters more than emails.

Actually, this is a very lovely thing about him because yeah of course letters are most lovely than emails and it makes you feel nostalgic and that what he also has said.

He enjoys laptop as a technology so much.

The most important for him in a partner is intelligent more then being funny.

When he choose from blue or red, he has chosen blue.

While watching a movie, he will choose popcorn as snack over candy.

He loves pancakes.

He is always grateful and happy for all the love and the support that he gains it from the fans.

He is being happy that the fans have liked the character Vihaan and the legend Vansh.

He is being happy that the fans is liking the show immj2.

And we all promise him that we will keep supporting him and we will keep be amazed while seeing any shade from our legend Vansh Rai Singhania.

Keep rocking and nailing it sir.


A message from the author of the saga of truth unfolds: Aisha wants to inform you all that she will not be able to publish for some time because of the death of her cousin sister. 

There is also a message from the author of the fairy tale love story: Pomu wants to inform you all that she will not be able to post for some days because her hand got a little burned. 





So let’s end this part on this point. I hope that you have liked it and enjoyed it guys. Do tell me your opinion on the comments. I will be waiting for all of yours comments and support. Because all of yours comments and support is the thing that encourages to write more. So please comment so much comments and please break the record of my comments here. Please comment a lot for Rrahul sir not for me. Wait for more parts about our hero stated on it another stuff about our handsome hunk. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below. 

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