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Simple Beautiful Life Kaira Epi 4

Hey all , sry for being late and not updating . Here is the next episode . No images and a simple episode.

After bidding goodbye to Naitik.

Akshara – Kartik , I think so we should start the tilak rasam.

Bhabhi maa – Nobody nazar should come (kisiki nazar na lage )

After the rasam .

Kartik – Radhekrishna . (Goes)

Goenka Villa ,

Keerti – Luv kush c’mon let’s make a surprise for Kartik and Naira .

After 1 day ( What to do when nothing is on yesterday ,as the main is today)

At 4 a.m

(Gayu came at 12 p.m known to all except naksh )

Gayu – Bhaiya ji

Naksh – Gayu to kam se gayi hai na .

Naira – good morning bhai

Gayu – bhai , gift .

Naira – Come , wake up .

Naksh – Naira ,Gayu be quite .

Naksh – one minute , Gayu is not here ,how her voice is coming. 007 is your plan with gayu .

Naira -No mere buddhu bhai .

Gayu – Surprise !!

Naksh – What a surprise gayu !!

Gayu – And ,I win the trophy 🏆 .

Naksh – Congrats Gayu .

They share a group hug .

Goenka Villa ,

Keerti – Kartik , wake up .

Kartik – I will not wake up sherni .

Keerti and Mansi laugh 😂.

Keerti throws water 💦 on his face .

Keerti – I am not Naira . Nor Mansi .

Mansi- Wake up . Naira has waked up also .

Kartik – what .

He gets ready .

Keerti – come ,let’s go to luv-kush.

They wake up luv-kush and a

Share a group hug.

Buadadi – My grandson is not well , so I need to go . Take care bahu , kaveri aur devyani .

Buadadi goes .(if you want her to re-enter tell in comment , )💤

Naira – bhai ,gift

Naksh – you will get at your sasural .

Naira is excited.

Kartik – Everywhere ams seeing you, when you will come sherni .

Naira (in her mind)

Naira – I am so excited mendak .

Gayi comes.

Gayu – Naira , naira , naira . Can you come with me before rakhi .

Naira – umm , no di .(trying to make her think something another topic )

Gayu – ok naira . Come let’s go to Goenka Villa.

Goenka Villa,

Singhania’s come .

Singhanias – Radhe Krishna !(give gift)

GoenkA – Radhekrishna .

The kids goes .

Suhashini dadi – Come , the muhurat will start after 1 hour . Till let’s sit .

Naitik – I need to tell you 1 thing , my didi is also coming .(naitik came with gayu,)

Manish- Ok Naitik jee.


You would be thinking it is same like serial . Ya ! It is almost same so skip raksha Bandhan


After celebration ,

Suhashini dadi – There is a rasam ,in which the girl should change the name .

Naira – But I don’t want to change the name.

Dadi – It will not be good ,so for our family you should change name which Kittu will decide .

Naksh – She told na she doesn’t want to change name .

Keerti – I think so Naksh is right.

Suhashini dadi -keerti be quiet 🤐.

Suddenly a guy enters . (Guess and tell in comment)

Episode Ends

Precap – Kaira haldi , Engagement. Who is the guy ?

Guys , should I do seperation track or continue it to be simple and little bit like serial .


Hope you like it. Don’t forget to comment your views.

Stay safe

Bye .




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