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Shakti 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeto receives a threat

Shakti 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Soumya looking at Harman from outside the room. He blows flying kiss to her. She catches it and smiles. She then blows flying kiss to him and waves him bye. She signs him to sleep. Tu hi mera khuda plays….She goes to her room and closes the door. Harman thinks of Preeto’s condition that she will break her relation with Soumya if the test comes negative. Soumya thinks of her moments with Harman after his return with a new face and smiles. Preeto comes to Harman’s room and finds him sleeping. She recalls Harman getting shot by Vedant and falling down from the cliff. She then recalls his return to their house as a neighbor. She finds him feeling cold and switches off AC and covers blanket on him. She thinks how did Soumya believe that he is Harman? She thinks if she felt the feeling which she had with Harman, thinks even she has this motherly feeling, but mind wants proofs. She thinks of feeling motherly love for him and is about to keep her hand on his head.

Harak Singh comes there and takes Preeto to their room. He asks what were you doing? Preeto says she don’t know, she felt something and went there, saw him sleeping and felt that he is our Harman. Harak Singh asks her to control her feelings until DNA report comes. Preeto says there must be a reason for Soumya’s belief. He says let the report come.

Next morning, Preeto wakes up on side of road with a heavy head. She gets shocked and finds a note on the tree with knife pierced on it. She takes out the knife and reads the note, that she has returned to bring her destruction gift and asks her to go and see in her home. Angel is shown clapping. Preeto runs towards her home.

Arjun comes out of the house and gets slapped by the money lender’s guard. He says I will give you all the money and asks them to meet him in diamond garden after an hour. They give him just an hour to give the money. Heer hears him and calls Virat. Virat thinks Heer scolding him and refusing to come there. He picks her call and asks why did she call, if she thought his words truthful. She asks him to bring Simran to diamond garden soon. Virat asks why, and asks if this is a joke that I will come behind you, saying yes maam. Heer asks him to reach diamond garden with Simran and not to interfere in her doings. Virat says you have gone mad. Heer says I will be waiting in diamond garden, come there within an hour. Virat says I will not come there.

Preeto runs and manages to reach home. She knocks on the door asking someone to open the door. She thinks where are they? Why are they not opening the door. Harak Singh opens the door and says what are you doing outside? Preeto asks where is everyone? She calls Soumya, Mahi, Veeran, Raavi. Harak Singh asks where was you? Preeto says I woke up on the road with my head heavy and says someone threatened us. She calls where is everyone? Veeran and Mahi also come there. Mahi asks what is this bad smell? Veeran says his head is heavy. Harak Singh asks Preeto to sit. Preeto shows the threatening letter to Harak Singh. Harak Singh reads it. Just then someone comes there and says Dr. Gupta has sent the DNA report. Harak Singh says DNA.

He receives it. Mahi asks him to open the report and see how Soumya is fooling them. Harak Singh opens the DNA report and gets emotional. Temple bell rings. Shakti song plays…Mahi asks what happened, and says I was proved right, DNA is not matched, Soumya proved liar. Harak Singh gets emotional.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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