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Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Avinash reveals to Indu about his student

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Aarav telling Vivaan that if he messages her then he will sound desperate. Vivaan asks if he is doing business deal. Aarav says no. Vivaan says if you treat love as govt job then file will not pass, and asks him to do love with heart. Aarav messages her. Simar takes Reema to side and says taxi is liking you and you are playing games with him. Reema says she just takes her dreams seriously, other things are game for her. She messages him that they will meet tomorrow, confirm in the morning. Simar says he will wait for you. Vivaan tells Aarav that he is 21sy Century Ram and no girl can reject him. Aarav thinks how to find out if she is accepting me or my surname. Roma comes to Simar and Reema. Reema says she was eating my brain. Roma laughs and says you both shall get the same sasural. Simar calls Avinash, but he rejects her call. He comes to Tanu’s house and tells that he wants to tell something about her. Tanu’s mother asks what he wants to say. Avinash shows the love letters given by Tanu to him. Her mother gets shocked. Just then he picks Simar’s call accidentally and gets tensed. Simar couldn’t hear him. He ends the call. Indu gets worried. Roma tells Indu that they have to leave. Lalit says we shall wait. Indu says she will pack the cake. Roma asks her to cut cake with Papa. Indu says she will pack the food. Tanu’s mother beats her. Avinash tries to stop her. Her mother asks him to go and thanks him for telling her. Avinash gets Simar’s call again.

Dakshi tells Reema that Maa is worrying unnecessarily and says he will make eat kachori. Reema stops him. She goes to Indu and asks why are you worrying, Papa got late for the first time. Simar prays that Papa shall come. Door bell rings. Simar thanks Mata Rani. Reema says we called you many times. Avinash says I will call tomorrow. Indu asks Simar and Reema to go to their room and sleep. Simar says Maa is angry today. Reema says he will convince Maa. Indu lies down on the floor and thinks he has forgotten Anniversary and came late. Avinash comes to bed and recalls Tanu telling that she loves him. Simar prays to God to get their patch up done.

Aarav is sitting outside and smiling. Simar comes there and teases him. Aarva says he feels blessed that he got a loving family. Simar asks if he talks to girls about family. Aarav says he don’t meet girls often, as that dept is of Vivaan. He says girls are complicated. Simar says girls are won by talks and says she is not asking him to be a poet. She says talk by heart, just like my Prem ji do with me. She says even we have a misunderstanding, but we talk and sort out everything, as our relation is heart to heart. She takes coffee cup from him and goes inside. Simar wakes up and finds Aarav’s call again. Reema asks her to talk to him. Simar picks the call. He asks if we are meeting today. Simar asks Reema to say what to tell him. Reema asks her to ask him to meet at Taj in an hour. Simar asks him to meet her in Taj and says she will tell di…Reema ends the call. Later Reema calls Vivaan. Vivaan says welcome on board, you called to agree. Reema says she is into international modeling, but thought about his offer. She asks him to meet her in Taj and tells that she has some other meeting there, but will manage. Simar asks Reema not to take her to adventure today. Reema insists her to come. Simar thinks how to leave maa upset.

Next day, Avinash holds Indu’s hand and asks her to sit. He calls Simar, Reema and Gagan. Simar asks what happened? Avinash asks Simar to bring his office bag. Simar brings his bag. Avinash wishes happy anniversary to Indu and says he had bought it last month, but forgot to gift yesterday. Indu takes it. Avinash tells that yesterday something happened that he couldn’t meet Lalit and Roma. Indu asks what happened? He says my student is forgetting her limits so it was necessary to tell her parents. Indu asks what did she do? Avinash says being her teacher, it is my responsibility to guide her. Reema says you have done a right thing and asks Simar to come for shopping. Avinash stops them and asks them to see what he is showing. Indu checks the I love you card, and says it is written by blood. Avinash says that student wrote this for me, says your aged girls do this. He says being father of you both, I have decided to get you both married soon.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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