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Santoshi Maa 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati plans to Liberate Babli fooling to bring her at Mata Santoshi’s temple.

Santoshi Maa 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Swati asking Babli that why are you harassing all these people but I am your enemy then I am available for you but she instead tells her that I am not going to leave anybody unless my motive isn’t completed. Swati keeps on insisting Babli to leave everybody while Babli pushes her & Indresh comes out of the car to help Swati shouting Babli & warning her that you won’t get what you wish.
Devi Polomi comes to inform Babli that they all don’t know the powers you have in yourself hence show them the example of it & Babli uses her powers to light fire around the people of hotel warning all of them that she’ll kill everybody if nobody listens to her hence all get scared about her powers.
Dev Rishi telling Mata Santoshi that Devi Polomi is using her powers wrongly to instigate Babli while Mata tells him that’s why it’s Swati who has to do something as soon as possible.
Swati is insisting Babli to leave hotel people who hasn’t done anything wrong to her instead keep her in custody & Swati goes to release them but Babli stops her saying that unless my motive isn’t completed I won’t leave anybody.
Devesh tells Babli that I haven’t done anything hence to leave me because I had left you long back as per your wish itself. Rinky also tells her that to release both of them & if she wishes to take revenge then take with Swati while Indresh & Swati are shocked hearing Rinky’s words.
Babli thinks about Devesh &b Rinky but catch holds of Lovely saying that I may leave others but not this woman who has harassed me a lot & she holds with her neck tightly while Lovely screams getting scared of her.
Swati tells Babli that to release Lovely & the hotel people & I am ready to do anything whatever you wish while Devi Polomi clears the fire around the hotel people & Babli also leaves Lovely’s neck.
Dev Rishi tells Mata that it’s Devi Polomi who is mis-using her powers to do all this while Mata tells him that she is taking undo advantage of it I know but Swati has to make her moves quickly.
Babli tells Swati that I am ready to leave everybody only if Indresh applies Sindoor on my forehead.
Dev Rishi comes to meet Devi Polomi telling her that this is wrong whatever your are upto but she tells him that it’s my wish what I have to do & you have no rights to interfere. Dev Rishi tells her to come with him because he needs help & she asks him that why you need help from me while he reminds her that one day I had helped you if you remember & now when I need help you are ignoring & she tells him that I do not keep anybody’s obligations hence to tell where to go but he tells her to come along & will tell you & they both leave.
Mata Santoshi intimates Dev Rishi that this wasn’t the right way but he tells her to not to worry as this was had to be done to make her leave the place.
Swati tells Babli that whatever you wish will be completed but you also have to listen to me & she accepts hence Swati tells her that your wish will be completed with all proper rituals performed in front of Mata Santoshi including you wearing marriage costume like earlier & Babli happily agrees.
Mata Santoshi appreciates Swati for using her brains which was expected while Devi Polomi asks Dev Rishi where he is taking her but he is calming her to wait & watch.
Babli goes to get ready dreaming about Indresh while Swati informs everybody that Babli has to be taken to Mata Santoshi’s temple anyhow so that her soul will get liberated by Mata’s powers which is the only way out hence all agree accordingly.
Swati & all are ready arranging everything in Mata Santoshi’s temple while Lovely asks her doubt that only Babli should not understand what ever planned while Swati also falls in confusion.

Precap: Swati is drawing circle with powder of Mata’s powers saying that only Mata Santoshi will help us in this situation to make Babli’s soul Liberate. Swati calls Babli to come forward for completing the rituals but Devi Polomi intimates her to stop as they are using trick to fool you. Babli screams watching the powder containing powers of light & gets wild on everybody.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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