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Roommates with the CEO (episode-9)

Riddhima was shocked by seeing him, carrying a women in her arms.

Vansh make her sleep on the couch and tried to wake her up but she didn’t then he came a jug of water in his hands. He splash it on her. She wake up.

Girl :- what the…… Why did you do this?

Vansh :- how many times did I try to wake you up. But you didn’t. Then I don’t find another option.

Girl :- cut the crap! You begged me to come with me but now, you are treating me like this. If you behave with this type of attitude then I will leave.

Riddhima :- he begged you?

Girl :- yes! he was! By the way who are you? Are you his……..

Vansh :- before saying anything, just think twice.

Girl :- come on vansh! Stop acting! I know everything. You naughty! (She smiles very teasingly)

(She pulls his cheeks and went to his room)

Riddhima Stroms away from their very angrily, vansh go behind her to stop but it’s late. She shut the door on his face.

Vansh :- riddhu! Please open the door. Just listen to me once.

Riddhima :- what else, do you want to talk with me. (Crying)

Vansh :- please, listen to me. Just open the door once.

Riddhima :- I am not gonna open the door. Just say what you want to say from that side.

Vansh :- it’s fair enough.

She is my sister Sia!

Riddhima :- sister?

Vansh :- yes! She had drunken too much, the bar owner called me and informed to take her away. I went to the bar. She was out of state, so I begged her. Before she get home. She fall unconscious. So, I picked her up then I portrayed wrongly to you.

Riddhima Inner feeling :- oh god! What did I had done?

Their is a silence for few seconds…….

Vansh :- good night riddhima!

Next morning, Sunday……..

Riddhima was working in kitchen.

Sia :- Good morning!

Ridhu :- morning!

Sia :- you are riddhima. Right!

Riddhima :- Sia! Vansh sister.

Sia :- yes!

Riddhima :- can I ask you something?

Sia :- of course!

Riddhima :- why did you come to hear and why you had drunken too much?

Sia :- I came to visit this place but unfortunately in my account the balance is over. So……. I came to hear.

Riddhima :- you are really such a little brat! (Brat-spoiled kid, behave badly)

Sia :- say something new!

Can you do me a favour?

Riddhima :- what?

Sia :- can you prepare me breakfast?

Actually, I don’t know cooking. So……

Riddhima :- hmmmmmmm. Ok! But on one condition.

Sia :- what?

Riddhima :- clean the living room!

Sia :- no way!

Riddhima :- then, I don’t cook for you. Just think, vansh also went to office. He was already very angry with you. If you think, he will help you out from this, then it will be a dream of yours.

Sia :- ok!!!!!

She start preparing her breakfast and she was cleaning.

Sia :- you and my brother like each other right?

Riddhima didn’t say anything.

Sia :- have you ever kissed him?

Riddhima start coughing…….

Sia :- that means yes!

Riddhima :- your breakfast is ready.

Sia :- thank you.

After some time……..

Sia :- riddhu! I am feeling very bore, do you have any ideas?

Riddhima :- shall we play video games?

Sia :- do you know, how to play?

Riddhima :- yes!

Sia :- will you teach me?

Riddhima :- sure!

After 2 hours. They both stuck at first level.

Riddhima Inner feeling :- she is not a fast learner like her brother.

Sia get frustrated and threw the controller aside.

Sia :- disgusting! It’s really very hard.

Riddhima giggles.

Sia :- what about a movie?

Riddhima :- but…..

Sia :- come, we will take a dvd from my brother’s collection.

Riddhima :- do you know about that room?

Sia :- after all, am his sister right.

Riddhima tried to stop her but she didn’t listen.

Sia entered into his room and take the key from the cupboard.

Sia :- how about this one?

She shuffled some DVD’S.

Sia :- oh god! When Bobby met Sam!

Riddhima get angry.

Riddhima :- I told you, not take anyone.

Sia :- ok fine! I will keep it back.

She slipped that and it broke.

Sia :- oh no! What we have done?

Riddhima :- not we! You!

Sia :- vansh bro will kill me, if he knows this. Please help me! Please! Please!

Riddhima :- ok!

Sia :- I will go and search for another one, until I return back, please manage.

After some time……..

Riddhima tried to call her but she didn’t pick her calls. Sia messages her.

Sia :- I am leaving this city. If brother ask about me please say something and manage. And one more thing, I had thrown the broken pieces out.

Riddhima :- what the hell!

Vansh entered into the secret room like a thunderstorm.

Riddhima was shocked and get tensed.

Precap :-

person -1 :- I will give you money.

Person -2 :- ok then!






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