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Riansh Os- vansh’s possiveness by attractiveuser.

This os was requested by 1234aayu❤❤. So here we go! If you want me to write any os of your choice do comment! So let’s start:


Riddhima’s pov:


Today is the best day of my life!! Vansh proposed me and I accepted it! I can’t wait for our relationship to start!! Tomorrow he has called me to meet at XYZ restuarant. So let me sleep.


Author’s pov:


Riddhima drifts to sleep. She wakes up the next day and freshen up. She gets ready and leave to meet vansh. Vansh also gets ready and leave to the restuarant.


At XYZ restuarant:


Vansh and Riddhima get seated at the table. They talk and vansh orders food for both of them.


Riddhima: wait one minute vansh! I will just come after using the washroom.


Vansh nods. She goes but don’t find the way. So she decides to ask a waiter. He tells her the way. She thanks him and he smiles. This was noticed by vansh. He became jealous. He went there.


Riddhima: what happened vansh??


Vansh: why was he smiling with you??


Waiter: sir I was just telling the way to washroom to ma’am.


Riddhima: yes vansh.


Vansh: wow then why were you smiling mr.


Riddhima: vansh stop being so possesive. Let me go to washroom.


Vansh: let me take you.


He holds her hand and takes her to the washroom. She goes in while he waits outside for her. She comes out and they both go to the table.


Riddhima: vansh he was just a waiter and he was telling me the way!! What was the need to overreact!


Vansh: I didn’t overreact !! You are mine so I have the right to be possesive for you.


Just then a man approches them.


Man: hello vansh! How come you here?


Vansh: oh hi Aryan!!


They both hug each other.


Vansh: Riddhima he is my bestfriend Aryan!!


Riddhima smiles.


Vansh: and aryan she is Riddhima my girlfriend.


Aryan: wow bro!! You made a girlfriend too!


Vansh: yeah!! Oh wait let me bring our food.


Aryan: yes go!


Vansh goes to bring food and when he comes back he sees Riddhima and aryan laughing and talking. He was burning in jealousy. He kept the food on table.


Aryan: oh you came!!


Vansh: yes and I think that you should leave now(jealousy)


Aryan: wait bro! Ms.riddhima would you mind being friend with me(forwarding his hand)


Riddhima was about to handshake with him but vansh held her hand.


Vansh (anger): how dare you Aryan!! She is mine and only mine!! You don’t have the right to handshake with her or do friendship with her.


Riddhima was shocked.


Riddhima: vansh…


Vansh: shhh..


Aryan: bro!! What happened to you!! I am not making her my girlfriend I am just trying to be her friend.


Vansh: but I said no!! You can’t be a friend of her!!


Aryan leaves.


Riddhima: vansh see again you overreacted!


Vansh: no Riddhima I was right!! No one has any right to talk with you other than me!! Now you are only mine and forever mine.


Riddhima looks at him being shocked. He finished his food and fed Riddhima too. Then they left in their car.


Next day VR mansion:


Riddhima comes to VR mansion. She greets everyone and goes to vansh’s room. She don’t find him there. She see Kabir in the middle so she decides to ask him(Kabir is vansh’s real brother and loves him a lot).


Riddhima: Kabir do you know where is vansh?


Kabir: actually bhabhi..


Riddhima: don’t call me bhabhi please…


Kabir: then what should I call you?


Riddhima: umm something unique.


Kabir: ms.pretty?


Riddhima: perfect!!


They both smile. Vansh comes out of his study and see Kabir and Riddhima smiling seeing each other. He had jealous and angry expressions on his face.


Kabir: so what were you asking ms.pretty?


Vansh(think): what the hell…ms.pretty…i will kill Kabir.


Kabir notices a bug on Riddhima’s hand. He quickly holds her hand and makes the bug away. Vansh saw Kabir holding Riddhima’s hand.


Vansh(shouting): Kabir…


Riddhima and kabir looked at him. Vansh caught Kabir’s neck.


Vansh: how dare you touch Riddhima.


He holds Riddhima’s hand and takes her with him without even listening to Kabir once. He takes her to the washroom and started washing her hand.


Riddhima: what are you doing.


Vansh: I can’t tolerate anyone touching you. I am just removing his touch.


Then he kissed on her hand.


Vansh: now there is only my mark. And you are mine.


Riddhima was shocked. Then he pulled vansh’s cheeks.


Riddhima: aww my possesive Raisinghania.


They hugged each other.


.                 THE END!!



I know it was a short one but I tried my best to write this😊! I hope it was upto aayu’s expectations 😍😍! Do comment your reviews. This is my third update of the day and it takes me time to write these articles so please do comment!!



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