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Riansh Os- pregnancy new and mood swings by attractiveuser

I got to know that our dearest writer sweety’s brother and sister in law passed away🥺🥺! May they rest in peace🥺🙏!This os was requested by dear Stuti ❤️. So here we go! If you want me to write any os of your choice do comment! So let’s start:(one note to aditi(a fan of Riansh username) dear please tell me what you actually want in the story actually I have started writing it but I am not able to get what you actually want me to write. You don’t want any shock,memory loss or trauma then what do you actually want in the story please tell me so that I can fulfil your wish). And aayu will be posting your demanded os soon😁!


Riddhima’s pov:

I woke up in the morning and don’t know what happened to me but I felt nausea. I was feeling like dizziness. I took some medicines. I was then also not feeling well so decided to go to the doctor. I informed to dadi and sat in the car. I reached the hospital. I went to the doctor. She checked me and came to me and gave a wide smile. I was confused.


Doctor: congratulations mrs. Raisinghania.


Me: congratulations….for whattt??


Doctor: mrs. Raisinghania you are pregnant!!


Wait..whatt..I am pregnant…I am on cloud nine.. yayyy..I have to inform to vansh..he will be the happiest. I thanked the doctor and headed to VR mansion. As I entered I saw everyone in the hall giving me angry looks. But what happened?


Me: what happened to you all?


Vansh: seriously Riddhima…dadi told me that you are not well and went to doctor!!


Ishani: bhabhi we have told you to take care of yourself.


Sia: yes bhabhi!! Did you eat anything??


Aryan: I don’t think so!! Bhabhi you should take care of yourself.


They all just bombarded me with their questions and talks. How to give this good news to them..but first I have to talk to vansh.


Me: vansh I have to talk to you please come with me!


Vansh: no I am angry on you because you don’t take care of yourself.


Me: I am sorry! But please I have to tell you something important.


Vansh: ok come!


We both went to our room.


Vansh: yes?


I kept her hand on my belly.


Vansh: whatt??(confused)


Riddhima: vansh I am pregnant!! You are going to become a father.


He was shocked. He was not able to react. He shedded happy tears from his eyes. He hugged me and lifted me in his arms. He kissed my belly and forehead.


Vansh’s POV:


I was angry on Riddhima because she was not taking care of her. Then she asked me to go with her. I was in no mood to go with her but she said it’s important so i went. As we reached the room she gave me the best news ever. My happiness has no bounds. I have no words. I am going to become a father. I hugged her and lifted her up in my arms. I then kissed her belly and forehead.


Riddhima: let’s tell to all family members.


I nodded. We both went downstairs. They all were looking at us with a confusing way.


Riddhima: we want to tell you something.(happy)


Me: yes something very special!


Anupriya: what happened?? Tell (excited)


Ajay: let them speak na!


Anupriya: yes beta speak.


Riddhima: mom dad I am…I am pregnant..(happy)


She said everything. They all were just numb for a second but then they all were the happiest. They all congratulated me and Riddhima.


Ishani: I am going to become bua yayyy(excited)


Sia: yes me too(happy)


Aryan: I will become the best chachu ever!(happy)


We all smiled at them. Then I announced a party to be held today on this special occasion. Everyone rushed to their rooms to get ready. We invited not many guests but only some close ones. I made Riddhima ready and we both came down. Everyone came and the guests too. They congratulated us. Then we celebrated the moment. We both cut the cake on which ‘to be mom and dad’ was written. Aryan made me and Riddhima wear a banner of ‘to be mom’ and ‘to be dad’. We celebrated for a while more and then left to our rooms. One month passed. I took care of Riddhima. But now she started getting mood swings. And I have to tolerate it but I get into grave danger because of it. She is sleeping right now so there is peace in the house. Then I head her shouting ” Vansh….” She woke up! I rushed to her and asked her!


Me: yes sweetheart??


Riddhima: vansh I want ice cream. I am craving for it.


Me: but sweetheart.. you just ate two Cornetto icecreams!


Riddhima (angry): yes yes..now you will count my food.


I was shocked.


Riddhima (crying): vansh you changed..vansh you don’t love me now.


What was the need of crying in it?? God please save me!


Me: no sweetheart! I love you so much! I will bring more ice cream for you wait!


I went away and brought ice cream for her. I gave it to her.


Riddhima: now I don’t want this! Keep it away from me(annoyed)


Oh god!! Now she doesn’t want this also!! I want to die!! I then decided to bring her favourite dish Manchurian for her but I think god also don’t want me to live today!


Me: see sweetheart your favourite Manchurian!!


She started coughing at a sudden.


Riddhima: vansh…keep this away from me..it’s smell is making me to vomit.


Me: but sweetheart you loved its smell!


Riddhima: but I am pregnant now !! Keep it away!!


She started hitting me and pushed me! I ran from there and kept the Manchurian in kitchen. I don’t know what is happening!! I am already dead!! Her mood swings are just…what can I say. I went to the room and she hugged me. She was laughing and smiling. Now what happened to her. Her mood changed in a second. But suddenly she parted away from me.


Riddhima (angry): vansh which perfume you have used??


Me: sweetheart..it’s your favourite one.


I got close to her but she pushed me and I fell on the ground.


Riddhima: stay away from me!! This smell is very bad.


Oh god!! Please god I want to cry!! 9 months of her pregnancy passed like this. I took care of her and our baby. I used to handle her mood swings. Now it was the time for her delivery. I was waiting outside while doctor was treating her. Then I heard cries from the room. I sheeded happy tears from my eyes. The nurse came out and handed over a baby boy to me. I kissed his forehead and went to see Riddhima. I kissed her forehead. She took our baby in her arms and kisses him. Dadi welcomed us at home and did aarti of us. We named him “ridhwik”. Everyone had quality time with him. Together we were a perfect family with our child.


.                   THE END!!


I hope it was upto your expectations stuti 😊! Hope you all like it. Do comment your reviews. Silent readers are requested to comment.








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