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Riansh-love between police officers episode 12

So the most awaited moment is here Ridhyan meet!! I am posting this episode today just because of Mahira. She commented 10-12 times yesterday!! I am really overwhelmed to see her love to my ff! Yesterday she made the comments 100+! Lots of love to you Mahira dear❤️❤️! And in the previous episode you all didn’t tell me how were riansh moments??🤔

The episode starts with:

Riansh drift to sleep. Aryan came late at night and went directly to his room without talking to anyone.


Riddhima woke up and found herself in vansh’s arms. She was shocked. She tried getting away but vansh’s grip was very tight. She saw that vansh is making moments so she closed her eyes and acted that she is sleeping. Vansh woke up and saw her in his arms. He was shocked for a moment but then he made her away from him.

Vansh: Riddhima wake up..

Riddhima opened her eyes.

Vansh: let’s go and have breakfast so that we can get rid of this.

She nodded. They both went down and saw everyone on table. Riansh started eating breakfast. like yesterday Riddhima fed vansh. Then Aryan came down.

Uma: Aryan beta!! When you came!!

Aryan: I came late at night badimom.

Uma: ok !! Come have breakfast.

Riddhima found the voice familiar so she looked at him. She was shocked.

Riddhima: Aryan..

Aryan looked at her and jumped in excitement.

Aryan(happy): riddhu…

Riddhima got up from her seat and pulled vansh along. She hugged Aryan and aryan reciprocated. Vansh was looking at them in jealousy.

Vansh(thinking): what was the need of hugging him?? She never hugged me like this.. wait wait..why am I getting affected! (Someone asked me to add jealousy of vansh from ridhyaan so I added it)

Vansh: Riddhima you have pulled me along.

Riddhima parted away from Aryan.

Riddhima: oh so sorry!

Aryan: but riddhu how come you here?

Ishani narrated the whole incident to Aryan.

Aryan: oh I see my acp!! Finally we met after a long time. She is my bestfriend whom I told about to you all.

Everyone: ohhh.

Riddhima smiles.

Vansh(jealousy): Riddhima don’t you think that we need to leave and get rid of this handcuff.

Riddhima: hmm. Let’s go!

Then they heard a voice.

Voice: no need!

They saw the commissioner coming with the key! He came to them.

Commissioner: I guess now you both must have learned your lesson so I came here to free both of you.

Vansh(thinking): why so early..

He opened their handcuffs with the key and left.

Riddhima: ahhh(pain)

Aryan(concern): what happened riddhu..

Riddhima: I think because of that handcuffs. I was wearing them from a long time so my hand is paining.

Aryan: come here..

He makes Riddhima sit. Vansh just looking at both of them with jealousy. Aryan saw marks of handcuff on Riddhima’s hand.

Aryan: mom bring ice..

Chanchal: yes beta one minute.

Riddhima: I am ok!! No need of ice. I will go home and do myself.

Aryan: shut up riddhu! I know you don’t take care of yourself.

Vansh(thinking): and you want to take care of her..I never knew that Riddhima will be Aryan’s bestfriend.

Aryan does icing on her hands while she looks at him.

Vansh(thinking): huhh..how affectionately she is looking at him..

Riddhima: thankyou!

Aryan: shhh.. and today you are not going anywhere..come with me..

Riddhima: but Aryan…

Aryan: no ifs and buts I am telling you not asking you!

Vansh: Aryan!! She has to go to police station!!

Aryan: bhai if she takes one day leave then the police station will not break.

Vansh: fine do whatever you want.

He leaves. Everyone was amused to see vansh like this. Everyone left while ridhyaan went to aryan’s room.

Riddhima: by the way Aryan I wanted to ask you something.

Aryan: ask!

Riddhima: who was the person whose number you gave to me?(pehle khud ko unknown rehna tha ab janna hai😂😂😂)

Aryan: umm..don’t kill me after this…but but..that person was vansh bhai..

Riddhima (shocked): whattt….

Riddhima: oh no!!!

Aryan: whatt??

Riddhima tells him about they both being unknown friends and how she bad mouthed about him to him only.

Aryan(laughing): wow Riddhima!

Riddhima: you shut up! Now I get to know why he was behaving that strict with me !! Because he got to know about all that.

Aryan: vansh rai Singhania will not leave you(laughing)

Riddhima: if I tell him that you gave his number to me then vansh rai Singhania will also not leave you!!

Aryan: riddhu..I was just joking..don’t take it seriously..you are very sweet..don’t tell that to vansh bhai..

Riddhima laughs.

Precap: Riddhima gets a clue about her parents.

Done for today! Hope you all liked vansh’s jealousy and ridhyaan meet😁😁!

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