Hi guys , I am back with part 10 of my FF . I can’t believe that I completed 10 episodes of my debut FF . Its all because of you readers and your unending support. Thanks for supporting me. Response in part 9 was awesome thankyou all, please keep supporting me like this.

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Here it starts……..

Vansh was asking Ridhimma why she fainted just then sejal spoke

Sejal: wait Vansh , I will tell you. Ridhimma won’t say anything . Actually Vyom is the one who molested Ridhimma.

Vansh was shocked, he looked at Ridhimma with shock on his face.  Ridhimma starts crying. Vansh immediately hugs Ridhimma tightly.

Vansh: because of  me this happened .Vyom targeted Ridhimma because of me. He knew Ridhimma is my weakness.

Sejal: this can be one  of the reasons but now listen carefully what I am going to tell you . Don’t judge before listening everything . Ridhimma and Vyom have a  past. Vyom is ex- boyfriend of Ridhimma.

Vansh got shocked he looked at Ridhimma and expected her to say something. He was hurt and that was visible on his face. Ridhimma just clutched his hand stronger

Sejal: 3 yrs ago  I was working in Vyom company as official party planner.  Ridhimma used to come there to visit  me. That was when  Vyom saw Ridhimma. He fell for her beauty . He just wanted to use her for his benefit. He started getting close to Ridhimma. ( inhales a deep breath) after sometime Ridhimma also started liking him.

Vansh got shocked . He was not able to understand how to react to this sudden revelation. Sejal looked at him with moist eyes and Vansh nodded indicating her to continue.

Sejal: everything was going good  Ridhimma was happy with Vyom. Then suddenly one day Ridhimma came to meet Vyom  she saw him kissing another girl . She was shocked , she went and slapped Vyom hard . She shouted at him for cheating on her . He told her that he was just using her and doesn’t love her . When Ridhimma threatened him about exposing him in office he defamed her and called her a characterless girl in front of whole office. Ridhimma went into depression after this . It took 2 yrs for her to come out of it. Infact when  I saw  her at VR mansion that day I saw she was truly happy after 3 years . (she paused and then looked at Vansh and spoke)

Look Vansh I know too much revelation right now is too much to digest for you but Ridhimma just told me last night that she will tell you everything . Please understand Vansh.

Ridhimma was looking at Vansh with expecting eyes . Vansh stood up and started towards door. Ridhimma looked down and started crying when Vansh turned and said

Vansh: why are you sitting and crying don’t you want to punish Vyom for his mistake yourself

Ridhimma after listening to his words ran towards him hugged him tight . Vansh also reciprocated and hugged her back.


At a isolated place

A person wearing hoodie was waiting  for someone . Another person came and hugged her and said

Man : mom I missed you so much .

Lady: I missed you too my son . I was not able to meet you because of that Vansh.

The faces revealed to be Vyom and anupriya .

Vyom: don’t worry mom once we finish him everything will ours .

Anupriya: I will not leave that Vansh for sending you to jail.

Vyom: calm down mom , I already attacked him by targeting Ridhimma . That day I  bribed the constable got out . I attacked Ridhimma even tried to molest her she was again saved, but now she will not be saved and you know mom  I have scared her so much it was so fun.

Anupriya: but she may create problem for us.

Vyom : its okay mom I will handle her.

After talking for sometime they left. Vyom was walking on road someone hits him a rod on his head and he faints down.


At basement

Vansh and Angre came to basement  . A man was tied there. Vansh removed the mask with a jerk and the man face was revealed to be Vyom.

Vansh: put cold water on him

A man came and poured cold water on him. Vyom woke with a start and noticed Vansh. When he tried to move he noticed his hands were tied with chains. He looked at Vansh and smirked.


Vyom: back to old ways Vansh ?? Don’t you remember what happened with her??

Vansh grabs his neck

Vansh: I will not let you repeat the history this. Nothing will happen to Ridhimma or any of my family member until I am here. ( looking at Angre) Angre give me the strings please.

Angre gives him strings and he revolves it around Vyom’s hand and then suddenly tightens the grip making blood ooze out of Vyom hands . Blood also comes out of Vansh hand but still he tightens his grip more making Vyom shout in pain


Vansh: A lot more is yet to come Vyom . He dared to touch my Ridhimma  I will make you witness hell for this.


Precap: Vansh tortures Vyom . Vansh and Angre talk about Ragini


so here part 10 ends. hope you liked it. This part had a lot of revelation and I was not feeling like writing but anyways wrote what came in my mind. if you find it boring pls tell me . Please comment and tell me your views. Thanks Pragya for commenting and many other silent reader who commented . pls keep commenting like this as it means a lot to  us.


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