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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 14 (LOVE V/S HATRED)

Thnqu as always for wonderful response. I asked in my last FF whether to finish it or no, and majority wants it to be continued and my dear reader @yashi wants it to be continued but Kabir’s chapter to be ended also suggested by @Maanvika. So I’ve decided to end Kabir’s chapter soon and then Continue with RiAnsh, marriage ceremonies, first night, pregnancy and everything! As it is Love For Eternity! Please tell me your valuable views on upcoming episodes 👆👆 @jayashree sorry but I need to end Kabir’s chapter but I hope u like this one.

Episode starts with:

(Vansh and Riddhima standing near the car in parking of planning Bells after the interview, and Vansh says…)

Vansh: Well done Sweetheart. Let’s go now, as I told you I’ll take you somewhere.

Riddhima: Yeah, where?

Angre: Boss, Bhabhi it’s time to leave.

Vansh: Be seated Sweetheart and come with me.

(They reach VR Entreprises, Vansh opens the car door and forwards his hand towards her, She holds his hand, gets down the car and goes inside with him..)

VR Enterprises:

( Vansh, Riddhima and Angre enter with other Raisinghanias, employees Welcome them clapping after watching the interview, while Vansh speaks..)

Vansh: I would officially announce that I’m committed for life time to Miss Riddhima Shroff! My Sweetheart, my love, life and everything ❤️

(Vansh and Riddhima smile looking eachother, while Kabir looking at the interview says..)

Kabir: Today’s the day for your failure and my victory. This old enemity will end tonight itself. (Smirks)

At night, Author’s POV:

Vansh and Riddhima are in Car, and going to Anugrah Villa to drop Riddhima safely, Riddhima says..

Ridhhima: The day was long, but a good one. Honestly Vansh we’ve actually been dating since 3days but it seems like we were together from ages.

Vansh: Love is actually this Sweetheart! You can’t even imagine what you’ve become for me🥺❤️

(She keeps her head on his shoulder and says…)

Riddhima: I love you Vansh.

Vansh: I Love you too Sweetheart ❤️ but see we’ve reached your Villa. (sighing)😞 now you have to go. But before going

(he leans ahead to kiss her lips, but she keeps her hand between and kisses his cheeks saying..)

Riddhima: Need to wait Mr Raisinghania. Till then Byee. Good night.

Vansh: Not fair Sweetheart! (Kisses her forehead) byee. Good night.

(As Ridhhima enters her house, she finds a note under a water glass from Suman..)

Suman: Didi I’m leaving early as my son isn’t well, so I’ve kept water on the tabke drink it, I’ve also prepared the food for you. Good night, Sunita.

(Riddhima read the letter and fainted, Kabir sneaked inside and kidnapped her, on the way, he called Vansh, from Riddhima’s number..)

At VR Mansion: 

(Everyone was sitting at the dinning table and suddenly Vansh’s phone rang…)

Vansh: Sweetheart!

Kabir: Yes, your Sweetheart is with me, sorry, I’ve kidnapped her. Save her if you can.

Vansh: (shouted) Kabirr! Dare you even touch her. Free her right now.😠😠

Kabir: Sshh! Your Sweetheart is sleeping, don’t disturb her, if you want her safe then come and fight me, it’s time to put this enemity to end with both of you dying. Her because you love her, and you because seeing her die, you’ll die yourself 😌😏😏 and that will be my victory. First find us if you can!

(Vansh secretly signs Angre to track the number..)

Vansh: Kabir!😠 If anything happens to Riddhima,then you can’t even imagine the kind of things I’m gonna do to you. You are a coward. I thought you’ll finish it Man to Man! But no you don’t have guts to face me, that’s why you kidnapped her, and believe me it’s the biggest mistake you have done. You’re gonna regret. I’m coming!😠

Angre: Congratulations Boss! I can’t imagine Kabir is such a fool, he contacted with Bhabhi’s number. We have the location. Let’s go!

Vansh: (smirking) Angre log aksar over confidence mei maat khaa jate hain, and Vansh Raisinghania waits for that golden opportunity to capture his prey. Come fast.

(Kabir takes Riddhima to his Dark room and as he tries to tie her up, suddenly she hits him on his back and ties him up and says laughing 🤣)

Riddhima: Such a fool😂😂 you really thought that I fainted. I’m Miss Riddhima Shroff, you should have actually gained complete information about myself 🙄

(Suddenly Vansh’s voice is heard from behind..)

Vansh: Interesting..Very interesting! Sweetheart. Proud of you.

(Kabir was hell bent shocked when he heard the Flash Back..)

FlashBack starts:

Riddhima saw a note in table with a glass of water kept by Suman.. she read it and got suspicious, and messaged Vansh immediately about the on Going..

Riddhima: Vansh this note is definately not by Suman, coz she doesn’t know how to write English and she very well knows that after returning in the evening I never drink water first. There’s something wrong.

Vansh: Riddhima listen to me carefully. Just pretend drinking that water and act as if you are and don’t panic with whatever happens. Just keep your phone location on. You trust me na Sweetheart?

Riddhima: Ofcourse Vansh. I’ll do as you say.

(Riddhima enables her phone location and pretends drinking water and acted of fainting..)

FlashBack ends!

Angre: Then boss told me to keep tracking Bhabhi’s number…

Vansh: I knew Kabir that you’ll be so blinded by revenge that you’ll commit a mistake and you made a blunder by contacting me from Riddhima’s phone..

Riddhima: And as I sensed you are going to tie me you, I had hit you with my elbow and see now you are tied up 😌😆

Kabir: I won’t leave you all! 😤😠😠

Angre: look at yourself, you can’t do anything now. Boss just order me, he’ll get what he deserves.

Vansh: I’ll handle him myself Angre because he kidnapped Riddhima, though like always he failed miserably but still touching my Sweetheart is his biggest sin he has committed till Now.

(Vansh pointed gun towards him, while Kabir said..)

Kabir: I’m not that loser that you’ll kill me I’ll not do anything, he takes out his gun and points on his head, I can’t go From here and before I shoot you, you’ll shoot me, and I can’t die by your hands, this enemity will never get over, even if one of us dies 😠😠

(Kabir shoots himself, while Riddhima, Vansh and Angre stand stunned. Riddhima hugs Vansh immediately, Vansh kisses her forehead and comforts her, while Angre takes Kabir’s body. Riddhima was scared, when Vansh cupped her face and said..)

Vansh: Why scared now, when my sweetheart already did such a bravery act?

Riddhima: Vansh, to protect us I was strong infront of Kabir but I can call weak in your arms, cause here I feel the safest. Please be with me.

Vansh: (hugging her tight) calm down Sweetheart! Let’s go home and you’ll also stay at VR Mansion tonight, so that we can’t be separated even for a moment. (Naughtily)

Riddhima: Stop it Vansh (blushes hard) ofcourse I’ll come to VR Mansion and I’ll sleep with Siya, or Ishani or in guest room! Right?

Vansh: Naa..

(They both gigle and drive back to VR Mansion. Siya, Ishani, Aryan and Chachu asked about what happened, they narrated everything and Ishani said..)

At VR Mansion:

Ishani: Bhai and Angre keep doing such dangerous things but Bhabhi you actually proved that no one can be more perfect than you for Bhai.

Aryan: Yeah, full on Lady Mafia hnn😆

(Everyone wish Each other good night and Riddhima goes with Siya to sleep..)

At VR Mansion: Late Night;

(Riddhima got from bed and came towards kitchen to drink water, when she found Lights of the study on, she went and saw Vansh and Angre discussing something serious.. she enters asking permission and Vansh says..)

Vansh: No need for permission Sweetheart, but you’re awake till 2:00 am?

Riddhima: I should ask you the same? You again started working late at nights 😩

(Angre excuses himself bidding then good night)

Vansh: No, was just discussing something serious.

Riddhima: Okay! But if you don’t mind me asking please tell What’s your enemity with Kabir?

Vansh (held her hand): My parents were killed by his parents and when I killed his parents in name of revenge, he wanted to destroy me. I tried making him understand but you know na when emotions are involved in enemity then it takes the ruthless form. That’s it. But now he killed himself. Kabir’s chapter is over. You don’t stress about it and sleep peacefully.

Riddhima (hugging him): Yes! Now we can be happy and focus on our lives. But I was scared for a second when he kidnapped me that we can get apart but you were, are and will always be there with me! Right?

Vansh: Exactly. Forever Sweetheart. (To himself, hugging her) I can’t afford to loose you Riddhima, I can’t even tell, now What have you become for me, my life, reason to breathe, I’ve become obsessed to you! None can tear us apart, and for that I’ve to do something Really important.

Riddhima: (hugging him, hits him) Vansh were are you lost? (He nods negatively) I love you Vansh!

Vansh: (lookin in a thoughtful way) I Love you too Sweetheart ❤️


Episode ends! 

Hope you all liked it! Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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