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#Riansh Born to be united.. Episode 32!!

Hello everyone..


I know you all will be angry with me that I am giving you short updates..but I am busy with my assignments.so I can’t give you long updates..


Idea..you can choose should I give long updates or regular updates?? Do comments…


Episodes start…


Vansh been in his room…

Tears were continuosly flowing from his eyes..


Vansh pov

Phir se udd chala

Ud ke chhoda hai jahaan neeche main tumhare ab hoon hawale

ab door door log baag meelon door mil waadiyaan


(I flew up again,

I have flown and left the world below, now I am all yours,

now people are miles away and all the valleys are away..)


Phir dhuaa’n dhuaa’n dum bhar har badli chali aati hai chhoone

Par koi badli kabhi kahin kar de tan geela ye bhi na ho..


(again some cloud, filled with smoke (steam), comes to touch

but some cloud might get my body wet, it never happens..)


Kisi manzar par main ruka nahi

Kabhi khud se bhi mein mila nahi

Ye gila to hai main khafa nahi

Shehar ek se gaa’nv ek se

Log ek se naam ek ooo..


(I never stopped at any scenery,

I never met even myself,

I have this complaint but I am not angry,

all cities are same, villages same,

people are same and same names..)


Phir se ud chala

Mitti jaise sapne ye kitna bhi palko se jhaado

Phir aa jaate hain

Itne saare sapne kya kahoon kis tarah se maine

tode hain chhode hain kyun

Phir se tichhle michle nikude ye kyun


(I flew up again,

these earth-like dreams, however much you dust them from eyelids,

they come back..

So many dreams, how should I say I have-

broken, left, and why..

Now why are they stirring again..)


Kabhi daal daal kabhi paat paat

Mere saath saath phire dard liye

Kabhi sehra kabhi saawan

Banu raawan kyun mar mar ke

Kabhi daal daal kabhi paat paat

Kabhi din hai raat kabhi din din hai

Kya sach hai, kya maaya hai daata


(sometimes from branch to branch, sometimes leaf to leaf,

with me, it goes, in pain,

sometimes desert, sometimes rainy season,

why should I become Raavan (villain) bearing with so much trouble,

sometimes from branch to branch, sometimes leaf to leaf,

sometimes day is night and sometimes day is day..

what is truth and what is a mirage, oh God..)


Idhar udhar titar bitar

Kya hai pata hawa le hi jaaye teri ore

Kheenche teri yaadein

Teri yaadein teri ore


(Here and there, scattered,

who knows may be wind takes me in your direction,

your memories draw me,

draw me in your direction..)


Rang birange mehlon mein

Main udta phiroon

Rang birange mehlon mein

Main udta phiroon


(I fly in colorful palaces..

I keep flying in colorful palaces..)


Vansh:- Why life has done this scam with me…


All things are shattered..and the reason is none other than VR..


Ishani don’t want to face me..she scold Aksh if he ask her to meet me..

Aryan Siya broke up..

Siya hates me..

Dadi now doesn’t talk me with that much love and concern..

Riddhima is in London.. leaving his brother whom she met after a long time..

I hurt her to the core..

I was so helpless..


Scene shifts to Angre and Kabir..


Angre:- Kabir I can’t see bhai’s condition..he was so strong but today no one will say that this is our old bhai..

After Riddhima left..he is in depression he is taking anxiety and depression pills..

He can’t control his anger..and end up with suffocating himself..

In this one year everything is scattered..and I can’t correct it..


Kabir:- I think we should tell Riddhima before things get more complicated…


Angre:- I can’t..Vansh has given me vow..I can’t break my promise..


When Aryan knocks..


Aryan he hugged Kabir as soon as he entered…


Kabir:- Aryan what happened?


Aryan:- Nothing just wanted to..


Angre:- You met Siya??


Aryan:- No why I will meet her..


Kabir:- Aryan don’t lie..


Aryan:- Yes Insaa her with Aksh in mall..

Aksh waves me and Siya told her not to talk with strangers..🤗🤭 That’s it..(being Normal)


Angre hugged him to support him…


Scene shifts to Riddhima…


Man:- Riddhima no you can’t do this..


Riddhima:- I have to…


That’s it…


What is Riddhima upto…

I know this is small but can’t help with it..hope you will understand..


Do comments.. In previous episode you all didn’t complete the target..but after that also I am uploading..

So this time you have to complete it🙃..




Bye take care…

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