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Vansh goes to his office and finds angre waiting for him , he goes near him and they together go to attend the meeting in a conference call as the client is from other country


MR.CHRIS : ola , MR.VR

They end the meeting on a successful note

Ramya gets a call

Ramya : yes MR.SHEKAWAT , Yah , ok , I will inform sir about this , ok

Ramya ends the call after speaking

Vansh : who is it ramya??

Ramya : sir , It was MR.SHEKAWAT’s call , he arranged a party , for his huge success , and yah , he invited you.

Vansh : ok , I will attend it , and the time .

Ramya : sir , 7:00pm

Vansh : ok

At Khanna Mansion :

Riddima comes to meet karan

Riddima : nani , nanu , how are you everyone

Rajdheer (riddima’s nanu) : we are fine beta , how are you , and how is our daughter in law

Riddima : I am fine , she too is fine

Karan : riddu beta , can you do me a help ??

Riddima : tell me papa , what can I do for you ?

Karan : can you go for MR.SHEKAWAT’s party?

Riddima : did he arranged a party ??

Karan : yes , for his success

Riddima : ok and time ??

Karan : it’s 7:00pm

Riddima : ok

At 7:00pm SHEKHAWAT’s Residence :

Mr.Shekawat is greeting the guests and riddima came

Mr.shekawat : how are you beta??

Riddima : fine uncle , and yah papa is going to one of his relative’s wedding , so he sended me to the party

Mr.shekawat : it’s ok beta , enjoy the party

Riddima goes near a person and calls him

Riddima : rohan bhaiyya !!

Here , rohan is MR.shekawat ‘ s Son

Rohan turns back to see

Rohan : (delighted ) hey sweety , how are you??

Riddima : I am fine , where is aunty ??

Rohan : she is talking with her friend

Riddima and rohan started talking and vansh comes to the party , MR.Shekawat welcomes him

Vansh : hello Uncle !!

Mr.Shekawat : hello vansh , how are you and how is your family ??

Vansh : I am fine , even they are fine .

Mr.Shekawat and vansh have some talks and vansh’s gaze falls on riddima , she is facing her back to him

Her dupatta is flying in the air , it’s looking too beautiful to see

Mr.Shekawat gets a call and leaves from there

Vansh is looking at her , he then started listening her talks

Rohan : so , why doesn’t uncle attended the party ??

Riddima : as one of my cousin is getting married , so he went goa to attend it .

Rohan : oh , ok

When they are talking a stranger interrupts their conversation .

Stranger : (in a flirting way) hello beautiful , will you share a dance with me ??

Riddima : I’m not interested , no thanks .

Stranger : then , give me your number

Riddima is burning in anger , as she is a diya , but when we add fuel to the fire , then it will burn like anything .

Vansh is observing what she will do ??

Riddima (controlling her anger) : **********

Stranger : thank you

Riddima : but yah don’t call to it now , as we need a privacy talk . Now just leave .

Stranger nods and leaves

Vansh and rohan are shocked by her move

Rohan (shocked) : what did you did ?? You gave him your number , seriously ??

Riddima : just wait and watch , ad you just saw the trailer and speaking , now the real movie starts , watch it , and then speak (smirk)

Rohan : I doesn’t understood what you are going to do ?? (After recalling once again what happened when the stranger asked number from her ) just a second , I doesn’t feel  that what number you gave to him is your number only .

Riddima : (smiling) yes it’s not mine

Vansh doesn’t understand her words

Rohan : then whose number it is ??

Riddima : it is the number of a place where , abandoned dogs are kept , and yah if he calls to the number , then they will ask , is there any dog which is abandoned , he will be confused , so what I asked him to call me later .

Rohan : but if he again meets you and ask your number , then ??

Riddima : you fool , I met him for the first time , he doesn’t even know who I am , and when party gets ended ,then we will leave am I right or am I right ?? , then how can he find about me??, If he found about me also , he can’t do anything . Understood ?

Rohan understands , and riddima gives a hi-fi , even Mr.Shekawat comes after attending his call .

Mr.Shekawat : sorry vansh , as I got a important call , so what I went .

Vansh : it’s ok uncle , (gazing on riddima) and who is that girl (pointing his finger towards riddima )

Mr.Shekawat : oh , she , she is RK , Riddima Khanna , she is one of the most famous doctor’s in the world , she is the daughter of Mr.KK .

Vansh : oh , thank you .

Later , the party gets finished , and everyone leave to their respective houses .

Precap : a good news

Stay tuned to know , what is it ?

Bye buddies 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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