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Regretting my decision #riansh #ff (episode 9)

Hi guys.  Hope u are fine. Finally am back 😂Sorry for being late but my sim was getting port so couldn’t . So let’s start .
At Malhotra mansion
Ar:- yes I know her and more than u . Bcs she is my bestfriend yes she is my bestfriend.  Now many questions would be in ur mind so let me clear them. U think I am irresponsible hate u right but it’s wrong for ur life I let my bestfriend life at stake.  So it was all 1 year ago . I though didn’t liked u but can’t forget the things u did for us. 1 year ago many attacks  false cases and all the things were happening in ur life and I saw how with all this things u managed but still gave us all happiness.  This continued for months and u made a soft corner in my heart. And one day I got to know that inspector kabir was behind this I didn’t knew why he was behind u but knew this that someone from the family is helping her. I spied but everytime failed(ridhima se coaching lo😂) and I was very tensed and one day ridhima asked me so I told her and we contacted her friend who was in a spying agency but we needed someone who will be sweet but also clever who can make a space in this family so we can do our work. And for this work ridhima was perfect clever and sweet both. And I asked her for the help and somehow she accepted.  We only then planned the orphan girlfriend of kabir working as siya psychotherapist.  They both thought that they plaaned all the things but it was us . We were the real mastermind.  She was attacked many times the coal room by ishani and anupriya.  Naips by maa and anupriya.  Raavan dehan hiw can I forgot this one maa made a plan and we both were the one who putted her in there to get burn but after sometime I got her out so that maa also don’t have doubt and she is also safe but ishani again putted her inside
Aryan getting her out of raavan and got her on the side but someone called him so he lied her there and went but ishani came and seeing her like this she made the plan to burn her and dragged her to ravan .
Flashback ends
Aryan continued
Ar:- she got shot two times just to save you but what u did . Because of my plan she married you destroyed her life I was the one who assured het that you are a gentleman and she is safe with you. Firstly she hated you but then she started developing feelings for you after the first gunshot and then she loved you she wanted to confess but ragini ur fake death all the things happened she went into depression but still stand like a shield for the family who never cared for her. Then you came as vihaan she knew that you are vansh but still didn’t say anything thinking you will be happy after that and her guilt will also lessen . She two another bullet for you but again you didn’t trusted.  Hiw can you think that she wanted to harm sia. Can’t you see the love care she had for siya. She always thought siya like her little sister.  Ater that second gunshot she wanted to tell you everything but aahana came and she thought still one person is there so after she will handle aahna she will tell you but what did you do. U all don’t deserve her no one NO ONE MEANS NO ONE(Shouted)
All rai singhania were shocked with the confession . No one was able to say anything words were not coming out vansh went numb he was shocked.  He didn’t knew that aryan can be so mature and ridhima dis so much for hin but what did he do just broke her nothing else. All were ashamed of their deeds.
Ar:- now also you are standing here just get out of her life and let her live peacefully (angry)
R:- they can’t they are here to spend a small vacation right bhai(scarstically)
V:- If you want we can go (still not looking in her eyes )
R:- no need mr. Vansh u are bhai’s special guest so don’t go stay na bhai made so much arranging like giving u the room next to mine getting u here for a small vacation (stressing small vacation) so he will be upset so don’t go. Aryan let’s go
Ak:- and yes mr vansh don’t dare to harm her or else it won’t be good for you(warning tone)
Akshay ridhima and aryan went inside.  Adiya(aditya+zoya) also went inside.  And after that all rai singhania also went inside with a guilty face.
Both vansh and ridhima broke down in their respective room.

Aah that’s it . Hope there will be better response in this one 🙂Wear mask and use all precautions.  Till then take care luv u all

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