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RadhaKrishn 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Finishes Laddus

RadhaKrishn 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Hanuman in his mini avatar reaches laddus and thanks prabhu Ram that he could reach laddus again from Tretayug to Dwaparyug. He says he will consume laddus as his prabhu’s prasad and thinks which plate he should have first, then thinks laddu size is big, so even he should return to his usual size. He returns to his usual size, finishes all laddus, and thinks he finished them all but his hunger hasn’t calmed down yet. He finishes remaining laddus and gets emotional thinking mata Seeta used to prepare him laddus with so much love, similarly Devi Radha prepared laddus for him and he will touch her feet and thank her.

Radha tells Balram that she will go and bring laddus. Balram agrees. Krishna walks to them and says he has already informed servants to bring laddus thalis and even he is hungry, so he needs laddus. Balram says when whole Dwarka will get laddus, even Krishna will get 2 laddus. Radha says she will go and bring laddus. Krishna smiles thinking he is full when Hanuman is satisfied, now he will see the drama. Radha thinks why he is smiling. Hanuman finishing laddus thinks he is satisfied after a long time and should thank Devi Radha, but before that he should rest. He falls alseep. Radha walks in and is shocked to see laddus missing, thinks Krishna must have done something and walks away fuming at him.

Krishna insists Balram to give him laddus soon. Citizens also insists to give them Radha’s prepared laddus after a sumptuous feast. Balram says everyone will get laddus. Krishna burps. Balram asks why did he burp as if he ate something. Krishna says real satisfaction is in devotee’s happiness. Balram asks if he said something. Krishna says nothing, he is still waiting for laddus. Radha returns empty hand and informs that all the laddus thalis are empty. Krishna acts that Balram joked on them and will not give them laddus. He walks away. Balram doubts Krishna. Radha says even she doubts him. Sam hearing all the conversation alleges that Vanar must have eaten those laddus, so they all should search and punish him. Balram with soldiers goes in search of Hanuman. Krishna returns to his swinger and rests on it thinking he is in peace when his devotee Hanuman is in peace. He falls asleep while Hanuman is alseep in his mini avatar behind a thali/plate. Laxmana asks Sam why is he behind a vanar. Sam says when a vanar can defeat suryadev and Garud, he must be very powerful and they can use him against Krishna. Laxmana says they will make vanar attack Krishna.

Radha, Balram, and all soldiers search vanar, but don’t find him. Balram walks to store room and thinks where did he go. He hears Hanuman’s snornings and yawns and asks soldiers if they yawned. Soldiers deny. He walks out confused. Radha meets him and they both fume thinking how can a strong built vanar who finished so many laddus be missing, they need to ask Krishna about him. Krishna sees Hanuman falling from table and protects him with his magical hand. He thinks how can he let his dear Hanuman fall down. Radha walks to him and asks where is his guest, if he met him. Krishna says how will he know as he was with citizens and her. He asks her not to disturb him as he has a lot of work pending after waking up. Radha asks how can he sleep after his invited guest is missing. Krishna says he didn’t call his guest, his guest came on someone else’s invitation. She asks if he means she invited his guest. He says he didn’t say that directly and asks her to let him rest now. Radha thinks even she forgot to rest trying to search the special guest.

Precap: Hanuman sees Krishna in Shiv temple and thinks he is the only person who is praying Mahadev early morning, he needs to meet this person. He meets Krishna and greets him Jai Sri Ram.

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