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Pratigya 2 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratigya chooses Adarsh over Krishna

Pratigya 2 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Meera comes to Krishna’s room but he is not there. She comes to the pond and sees him sadly sitting there. Meera smiles and goes to him, she asks where are you lost? What are you looking for in the pond? Are you looking at your worries in the water? You love Pratigya and she didn’t come to meet you? Krishna says don’t talk about things you don’t know, you don’t know how much she takes care of me, she does everything after a thought process, she is angry with me so there might be a reason behind it, it’s my fault. Meera says then why did she throw you out of the room? There must be a reason behind it. She sits beside him and says you love her so much but she keeps showing you a red signal, you never show anger to her. Krishna says I can’t be angry at her. Meera smiles and says what do you see in her? Why do you love her so much? Krishna says I don’t know, she is so talented, she always makes sure that I eat and sleep on time, she takes care of me so much. She is always calm and gave me stability in life. I used to be a goon and would have ended up in jail but she has changed me a lot. Meera says you said she worries about your food so you should stop eating food, she will come to you and then you can pacify her. Krishna says that’s a great idea, she will come running to me. He thanks her. Meera says thank me when you have her back. Krishna smiles.

Pratigya makes Garv eat and says you can go to the school picnic tomorrow. Garv says no, I don’t want to go anymore, I want to stay here with you. Pratigya says why not? Garv says someone told me that my mom takes care of me so much so can’t I listen to her once? He gives a thumbs up to Meera. Shakti asks where is Krishna? Meera says I tried calling him but he said he won’t eat anything, he doesn’t listen to anyone except Pratigya. Shakti says he can’t stay hungry, he will come here soon. Komal says we all know who gets hungry, Pratigya must have done something that’s why he didn’t come, she asks her to take food to him. Pratigya says he can stay hungry for a day. Meera says it’s my duty to make everyone eat here, I will doing a sin if he doesn’t eat today. Adarsh says it’s wrong that he is hungry, Pratigya should take food to him. Sumitra says anyone can do anything they want. Pratigya makes a plate. Krishna is hungry in his room. Pratigya gives the plate to Meera and asks her to take it to him. Meera says why me? He is angry so I am not going to him. Pratigya says you don’t know what will happen if I get angry so just go and take this food to him. Meera looks on and takes the plate. Pratigya acts indifferent. Meera thinks Krishna’s heart will break if I tell him about her behavior.

Krishna is waiting in his room and thinks the food is coming soon, my wife won’t let me stay hungry. Meera brings food for him and says Pratigya sent this, she said you can eat this or sleep hungry. Krishna is stunned? Meera says she looked very angry, you should eat this food, she leaves from there.

Adarsh tells the family that this food is very good. Pratigya says I will show you how to eat this. She makes a plate for him. Krishna comes there. Pratigya tells that I will show you how to eat this. Krishna thinks she will make me eat with her own hands. Pratigya ignores him and makes Adarsh eat with her hands, all are shocked. Krishna is confused. Adarsh coughs so Pratigya gives him water and puts hand on his back. Komal shouts what is going on? Your husband is hungry and you are making some other men eat with your hands? Adarsh says so why does it matter to you? She can do anything she wants. Shakti laughs and tells Komal that you liked this man? This Adarsh has an affair with Pratigya. Krishna grabs his collar and says I can’t hear a word against my wife. Shakti says I know you can’t but can’t you see what’s happening here? We are not making some stories, why don’t you beat this Adarsh? Are you blind? I am saying what I am looking at. Samar says this is a triangle love story. Krishna asks him to get lost. Sumitra tells Krishna that he should be angry at his wife. She tells Pratigya that aren’t you ashamed? You are having an affair in front of your husband? A man can’t see his wife being with another man, you spent a night with Adarsh, spend time with him and now making him eat? Can’t you see my son? Pratigya says you always have to teach me lessons, I am tired of your lectures so don’t bother anymore. Krishna shouts enough, you have said enough, you can insult me as much as you want but don’t insult my mother or others. He leaves from there.

PRECAP – Pratigya is romancing with Adarsh in front of Krishna, he is angry. Sumitra tells Krishna that Pratigya is like this only but you have just started seeing everything now. Krishna comes in Pratigya’s room to see her with Adarsh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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