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Pandya Store 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi blames Dhara

Pandya Store 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raavi saying Dev and you didn’t tell me the truth, when I told that I love Dev, I wanted to marry him, everyone would be laughing on me behind my back. Raavi says I trusted you a lot, you should have not cheated me, Dhara says I didn’t intend to cheat. Shiva asks Dev why is he upset, Raavi is also crying, did anything happen. Dev hugs him. He cries and says forgive me, I have ruined your and Raavi’s lives, she isn’t happy, it just happened because of me. Dhara says I got to know the truth after his haldi, I have seen Dev becoming your world, situation changed, Dev agreed to marry you, I thought relations will get better, you will get your happiness. Raavi says but I didn’t get it. Dev says you should beat me. Shiva says I really want to, don’t cry, did you see tv serial with Dhara. Dev says I wanted to say sorry since long time, I was feeling sorry, what could I change saying sorry, I m ashamed. Dev says don’t be ashamed, forget what happened, you are my brother, I want to beat him, but I calm my anger, I love you a lot, Dhara and Gautam say that a morning comes after every night, let this happen, we will see.

Dev says that morning will come soon. Shiva says yes, its better, Raavi is waiting for morning more. Dev smiles. Dhara says you were helpless to accept this world, but try to move on, you will find happiness. Raavi asks what shall I do, shall I lock myself in room, I had made a mistake to love Dev, Rishita always doubts me and taunts me, you are elder, you understand everything. Dhara cries. Raavi says its good Rishita came on right time and stopped the marriage, I could have not stayed happy with Dev who doesn’t love me, at least Shiva hates me. Shiva says I feel bad for Raavi, whatever happened with her was not right, she was getting a gentleman like you, she got me, its a torture to have me as husband. Dev hugs him. He says my brother is amazing, you are really like Shiva, you are clean hearted, person is beautiful by heart, not face, she will see your beauty. Shiva says I don’t want to show her, Gautam got lucky after marriage, we both became donkeys, come, I will show you another donkey. They go.

Suman gets stopped by the policeman. He says this route is blocked, we can’t do anything, you have to go back. Suman asks what. Prafulla asks how can you block the road. Suman taunts her. She asks driver to take them back to the hotel. Krish sees Gautam. Gautam says I m asking you since one hour, tell me the matter, do you feel hungry and thirsty. Krish says yes, I had 8 rotis today, I drink 8 litres water every day. Gautam asks do you feel lonely. Krish says no, my life has become awesome. Gautam asks do you get sleep. Krish says yes. Gautam beats him. Shiva asks Dev to see. Gautam says focus on studies. Shiva says Krish is in love.

Dev asks what, doesn’t he understand seeing my condition that there is nothing in love. Shiva says don’t know what will happen of him. Krish asks how are they smiling, did they forget that they got married. Gautam says you tell me about yourself. Suman reaches the hotel. Prafulla doesn’t see her bag. She scolds the driver. She asks Anita to find her bag. Suman thinks she got stuck with them. Krish says we don’t take books to college these days. Gautam says like we never went to college. Krish says look at your age, things changed now. Gautam asks about subjects. Krish says I will tell you, maybe physics. Gautam says I didn’t had physics in B.Com, maybe its there now. Krish says new curriculum has come, physics and commerce have merged. Gautam gets angry and scolds him. He says you don’t even know your subjects, focus on your exams. He goes. Rishita sits scared. She goes to open the window. She looks out. She sees Dev with Shiva. She says I won’t talk to Dev now, are Dev and Shiva behind this prank.

Shiva asks Krish to take the getup. Krish takes Raavi’s cosmetics. She asks what are you doing here. She asks Shiva to see Krish, he is taking girls’ stuff.

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