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#Opposites Attract Each Other #11 Savoury Sangeet

Before starting, 

I recently heard Sweety’s brother and sister-in-law (bhabhi) passed away..Dear Sweety, if you’re reading this take care of yourself, you need to be strong..May their souls rest in peace..

Episode begins as..,

After the mehndi ceremony, everyone got ready for the sangeet, the theme was kept as “Blush Pink” The guests were welcomed warmly. Riddhima comes down and sits on the chair, then Vansh comes and sits besides her. 

Vansh : Congratulations! A couple of hours more..Get ready

Riddhima : I’m already, can’t you see?

Vansh : Mentally

Riddhima : Oh that! I can’t be..

Vansh : You’ve to..

Riddhima : No, Never

Vansh : Yes ever!

Riddhima : Listen, don’t mess with me..

Vansh : Same to you!

Riddhima : Just shut up! 

She was getting up but he held her hand.

Riddhima : What?

Vansh : It’s inauspicious..

Riddhima : Huh!

She sits on the chair again. 

Vansh : I think you should read about auspicious and inauspicious things, it would help you a lot!

Riddhima : I don’t believe this all..

Vansh : You’ll..

Riddhima : Just STOP okay?

Vansh : Okay..

She took out her phone and started scrolling it, Vansh also puts his eye on the phone. She notices it and keeps it aside and looks at Vansh.

Vansh : What?

Riddhima : Let’s have a dance..

Vansh’s jaw drops. 

Riddhima : Close your mouth..Don’t wanna dance? It’s-

He pulls her to the stage. Everyone gets aside. The spotlight falls on them. Vansh puts his one hand on her waist and holds her hand with the other. He twirls her around and lifts her up. Everyone claps seeing their dance. 

Rajat : Woah! Riddhu, I didn’t know you dance so well..

Neighbourhood aunt : Arrey Rajat! Yeh toh aapke jamai raja ka jaadu hai..jaadu..

(Rajat, this is the magic of your son-in-law) 

Vansh smiles while Riddhima blushes a bit. He takes her aside.

Riddhima : What?

Vansh : From where has the sun risen? You danced with me and then when that auntie teased us, you blushed too?

Riddhima (in her mind) : Yeh toofan ke pehle ki shanti hai..

(This is the silence before the storm)

Vansh sliding his hand in front of her eyes.

Riddhima : What?

Vansh : Answer..

Riddhima : What is the question?

Vansh : That..

Rajat : May we have your attention please, everyone! 

Anushka : Thank you! 

Rajat : We’ve planned an interesting game for everybody present here

Anushka : And we assure you, it’s gonna be enjoyable

Rajat : In this game, all the couples will take part..

Anushka : Couples are – Mr. and Mrs. Mehra, Mr. and Mrs. Sharma, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rai Singhania , Veer and Bani, Vansh and Riddhima..

Rajat : And ofcourse, Rajat and Anushka..

Anushka : The game won’t be simple, it’s gonna be a savory one!

Rajat : So, all the male participants will stand near the table and the female members will stand on the opposite sides of their respective partner..The male members will be given chillies to eat and as they’ll eat chillies, the female members will move a step forward, those who reach first, they win!

(The game is copied from Choti Sardarni and the happenings too!)

Vansh (murmuring) : Chillies? I’m allergic to them and no one knows! God, please save me

Anushka : All ready?

Everyone : Yesss..

Rajat : Let’s begin now! 

The men took their place in front of the table while the women stood in front of them at a distance. The buzzer buzzes and everyone starts eating chillies.

Vansh : I’ve to eat this, I can’t lose..

He starts eating chillies, while tears roll out from his eyes.

Riddhima : Oh no! Now? 

She quickly runs to the kitchen and brings, water bottle and sugar candies. 

Riddhima : Vansh..stop it!

Vansh : N..o..

She runs to him and feeds water and sugar candies and then softly hits on his head.

Vansh : What? Why did you hit me?

Riddhima : Because you’re a fool, why did you eat them knowing you are allergic? 

Vansh : But-

Riddhima : Stop! No word now..It’s ok if we lose..

After a while, results are to be announced.

Rajat : So, the winners are Riddhima and Vansh!

Anushka : Why? 

Rajat : Two reasons, 1st we’ve come to their sangeet and 2nd that we saw them caring for each other while none of us did..And Anu you too! You lemme eat chillies..

Anushka : If you wished, why shall I stop you?

Rajat : Vaise toh you keep blabbering blah blah blah and today you just kept quiet..

The men in unison : Yes, Rajat is right..

The women in unison : Oh accha! Now you come home..

Men : We were joking..

In this way, they kept on quarreling till the spotlight fell on VaNi. 

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena

Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum

Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena

Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

Everyone claps seeing their amazing chemistry. The spotlight further falls on Neil and Devyani. They dance on “Phir Mohabbat” , continuing, it falls on RaNushka who dances on “Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hai” and finally, the spotlight falls on RiAnsh..

“Surkh wala, Sauz wala, Faiz wala love

Hota hai jo love se zyada waise wala love

Ishq wala Love”

Then, Vansh bends on his knees, taking a rose from his pocket.

Vansh : Pyaar krna tumne hi sikhaya, Pyaar ka matlab bhi tumhi ne btaya; Aaj ka har ek pal khoobsurat hai, dill mein mere sirf teri hi soorat hai, kuch bhi khe yeh duniya gm nahi , duniya se zyaada mujhe tumhari zroorat hai..

(You’ve made me learn to love; you’ve told me the meaning of love…Today’s every moment is beautiful, there’s only your picture in my heart, let the world say anything, I won’t be sad, I need you more than this world)

 {These shayris were compilation of mine and some words were from Google}

That’s all for this episode..I hope you liked this..I’ve not rushed this time and written with patience..By the way, why was Riddhima behaving well? And what will be her reaction to Vansh’s action?? Don’t forget to comment! I think I’d post two more ffs today but let’s see..Stay safe! Stay at homes!!


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