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Mood swings during the end of the pregnancy. #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here is the awaited os. Here is the mood swings of pregnancy that you all were waiting for it. Do tell me your feedback on the comments and do comment so much comments here guys.
So let’s start.
Vansh’s POV starts:
This is the first time to see Riddhima being that angry and in a terrible mood swings.
She is being very upset and looking so angry.

I’m trying my best to calm her down, but without any result.
She is trying to get away from me while being very very angry.
I have heard a lot about the mood swings that the pregnant girls face it during pregnancy, but I didn’t have expected to see such a mood swings from Riddhima during her pregnancy.
I was understanding her mood swings and the hormones that aren’t being stable during the pregnancy.
Especially that she is very near to give the birth to our baby so I know that she is now isn’t in the mood that I could talk to her with it in a logical way.
So I have just came closer to her.
Then I holds her hand very tightly.

I was trying to make her feel that she isn’t alone and that I’m with her and understanding what she is feeling.
Me( in a caring way): I understand what you own it sweetheart. I understand your pain, worry, and the abnormal feelings that you are feeling it nowadays. I do understand everything sweetheart and I promise you that I will do my best to calm you down and be with you.
I have looked at her in a caring way.

Me( continuing): Just a very short time left and all this pain will vanish and you will be able to be relaxed and calmed down once again. Just chill sweetheart as your husband is with you and will never leave you.
Riddhima has given me a very strict face reaction that I didn’t have seen it from her before.

Then she has gotten away from me.

Vansh’s POV ends.
Vansh was being surprised and shocked from Riddhima’s behavior.

Riddhima wasn’t understanding what is happening with her own self.
She was just feeling that she isn’t good and she isn’t comfortable.
Riddhima: Please Vansh, I don’t need any words like that. I have really gotten bored from such words that keeps being repeated since I have got pregnant. Everyone is keeping telling me that it is just a short time and when you will deliver the baby everything will be fine and you will get back to your normal rate, but guys I’m really not able to handle that. I’m not able to handle my own self. I’m worried and stressed about that new journey. I don’t know if I will be able to be responsible of a another soul or not. I’m not able to be sure if I will be able to raise that soul or not. I’m worried of that huge responsibility. I..I..I…I’m just sad and I want to cry so much.

She was very upset and she has left Vansh and starts walking near a nearby chair.

Then she has seated on a chair while she was being very upset and angry.

Riddhima: Yes I’m so happy for the arrive of the baby. It is the best thing could happen to me. I really wish to see the baby very soon. I wish to always care about my lovely baby so much. I’m super excited to shower my baby with so much love and happiness. I’m sure that my baby will be so cute and lovely like you Vansh.
A smile starts to appear on Riddhima’s face.

She has forgotten that unstable and the complicated feelings that she was feeling it when she starts talking about her upcoming child.
Vansh was smiling seeing that smile that was appearing on Riddhima’s face.

This smile didn’t has lasted for a lot of time.
As Riddhima has turned to be upset once again.

She has putted her hand on her face in a very upset way.

Riddhima: But I don’t know if I will be a good mother or not. I don’t know if I will be able to raise a stable child or not. I don’t know if I will be able to handle this huge responsibility or not. Oh God! My brain is going to blast from all those thoughts that are being at my mind! I’m in a very bad mood Vansh. I’m just being not able to think in a good way. So many irritating stuff being scattered  inside my mind. Vansh, I want to cry so badly without any reason.
Riddhima starts crying so badly.

She wasn’t understanding the reason behind her crying.
She was just feeling so bad.
The pregnancy was playing with her mood so much more than that it is already isn’t stable in the normal moments.
Vansh was being surprised seeing Riddhima’s no reasoning crying.

Vansh to himself: Oh God! She has started the crying scene without reason also today! Her pregnancy mood swings will drive me crazy!!
He has came closer to her.
Then he has surrounded her by his hands while hugging her closely to him.

He was trying his best to calm her down by hugging her that tightly.
Vansh: Just relax sweetheart. Calm down Riddhu. I’m with you my dearest wife and everything will be fine. Just try to take a deep break and try divert your mind.
He has came very close to her by grabbing her towards him.

Then he starts making her do the breathing exercise.
Vansh: Just breath in and breath out and keep doing this exercise for some time. I’m sure that you will feel a little bit better.
Riddhima starts doing this exercise.
She was feeling a little better.
She was trying to calm herself down and control her mood swings.
Vansh was just staring at her while she was trying to have the control on this no reasoning anger and frustration.

He has just surrounded her by his hands.

She also has surrounded him by her hands and she was holding him very closely to her.
She was being happy that she is near him.
She was feeling comfortable and relaxed.
She got a little bit able to forget her terrible pregnancy mood swings when she is that near to him.
Vansh has putted his finger on Riddhima’s nose in a cute way.

Vansh: I can observe that I got to have a cute child before even my baby could be able to come to life. Momma is more childish more than the baby itself!
He has said those words in a hilarious tone.
So he could calm Riddhima down and make her feel happy.
Riddhima has smiled a cute smile after hearing Vansh’s words.

Then Riddhima has thrown herself in Vansh’s arms.

Vansh has made her very close to him.
Vansh( in a caring tone): Just calm down Riddhima. I really understand what you are suffering from now. Just calm down. I’m sure that you will be the best mother ever. You are just worrying because of this pregnancy mood swings. Just relax sweetheart. I do understand.
Riddhima was trying to be very close to Vansh and to feel every single detail of him.

She was trying to calm herself down by being on his arms.
But her pregnancy mood swings was more powerful at that moment and has made Riddhima behave rudely once again.
Riddhima has gotten irritated and upset once again just because of those mood swings.
She has gotten out from Vansh’s arms.
The anger was very noticeable on Riddhima’s face.

Riddhima: You aren’t understanding anything Vansh. Don’t keep saying that you are understanding as you will never understand what is going on with me. You had never became pregnant before so how you will know what I’m feeling now?! So please it is better to be quite as your words are making me more irritated and angry.
Vansh was just staring at Riddhima in a surprised way.

He wasn’t giving any reaction to her.
Vansh to himself: Oh God! I know what she will say now!! She will turn so dramatic now! I have to try to handle her before the pregnancy mood swings could turn into a very high level and it could be out of my control.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh in an speculating way.

Riddhima: How you are saying that you are understanding me Vansh?! As me myself isn’t able to understand my own self. I’m not able to understand what is happening with me since I became pregnant. From that day and I’m just behaving in a weird way that me myself is being surprised from it. Actually look at me, I’m just looking as a football! I can’t get out from home while looking so fat like that!
She starts looking at herself in front of the mirror.
She was being upset from what she was seeing at the mirror.

She wasn’t liking seeing herself being that fat after the pregnancy got to be very noticeable on her as her tummy is being very increased due to that she is very near to deliver the baby.

Riddhima: I’m just so fat Vansh!!! I don’t know how you are still able to love me while being in that state!!!! I’m not your sweetheart anymore as I’m just a snowball!!!
Vansh wasn’t liking what Riddhima was saying.
So he has just came near her and he has putted his hands on her face in a very caring and loving way.

Vansh: I could tolerate from you anything because of your pregnancy mood swings, but I can’t tolerate hearing from you that you look fat and all those silly stuff because you aren’t fat at all sweetheart. It is just a normal thing. All the pregnant women face some changes in their bodies during pregnancy so it is a very normal thing and actually you are looking so hot and beautiful during pregnancy. I will always see you beautiful Riddhima whatever the changes that will happen in your body. You are the most beautiful woman in the whole world and I will always see you like that. So please don’t repeat those words once again otherwise I will be upset from you.
She has putted her hand on Vansh’s face in a cute way.

Then she has looked at him in a cute way.

Riddhima( a kind of relaxed): I can’t make my dearest husband upset from me especially when he is so caring like that and he is tolerating that pregnancy mood swings that much. Actually, I’m really blessed to have that understanding and caring husband.
He holds her hands so tightly.

Then he gets on his knees and he kisses her tummy.

Vansh: So you could be sure that I’m so okay with the size of your tummy sweetheart.
She has smiled a tiny smile.

Afterwards, he has putted his hand above Riddhima tummy to feel the presence of the baby.

Vansh: Please my baby don’t irritate your mom more than that as you aren’t seeing how she is irritating your father so much and she is just getting all what you do with her on me so please feel a kind of sympathy on your poor father.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh in an irritated way.

Riddhima: Oh really?! So now I got to be the one who does all the trouble!! Okay Vansh I will not forget it to you.
Vansh has looked at her in a cute and speculating way.

Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! So now you are trying to get any excuse for your pregnancy mood swings! But no sweetheart I will not allow you to do that. No more mood swings because your pregnancy for now. It is just pampering time Mrs. would be mother.
He has surrounded her with his both hands to make her very close to him.

Then he gets to be very very close to her.

Moreover, he has kissed her a very romantic and special kiss as her cheek.

Riddhima was silent and she was just leaving herself to Vansh.
She was being very relaxed while he was getting that close to her.
Then they have hugged each other a very long and warm hug.

Vansh was enjoying a lot while he was looking at Riddhima and being that close to her.

He was happy that he has got succeeded in calming her down for sometime and stopping that mood swings for a little bit.
Afterwards, he has lifted her.

Riddhima: Vansh, you will not be able to lift me like before so please get me down. I told you I got fat now so my weight isn’t like before.
Vansh: And who tells you that I’m annoyed from that?! I’m enjoying while lifting my wife and my child all together.
She has smiled a cute smile.

Then he has made her sit and he has got to her milk to drink it.

Vansh: So after the stress and worry that you have created it just because of your mood swings because of the pregnancy, you have now to drink this milk to have some power.
Riddhima: But Vansh you know that I don’t like milk.
Vansh: There is no excuses Riddhima. You have to drink the milk for me and for the baby otherwise both of us will be upset of you.
Riddhima: Oh Vansh! You are always able to blackmail me very well!!
She has got forced to drink the milk.
So Vansh holds her hand near to him.

Then he has kissed Riddhima’s hand.

Vansh: That’s my sweetheart. Of course now the baby is saying thank you momma.
She has smiled.
Then she has hugged Vansh very tightly.

He has whispered at her ear.
Vansh: I could observe that the mood swings is no more for now, Am I right or am I right?!
Riddhima has smiled then she has also whispered at his ear.
Riddhima: When I have an amazing husband like you, the mood swings will be afraid of you and will run away.
He has smiled.
Then he has gotten her near the bed and he has made her above him.

He was wanting to take the advantage of her good mood and be very very close to her.
He starts touching her face and near her lips in a very cute and romantic way.

Riddhima was understanding what Vansh is near to do.
She was shy, but she was happy.
She was being happy while being that close to him.
They were very near to kiss.
Then Riddhima has gotten away from Vansh and she wasn’t in a good state.
Vansh: What has happened Riddhima?! Don’t tell me that it is the mood swings once again?!
Riddhima: No Vansh, it is something else.
Vansh: What?!
Riddhima: I think that I’m going to deliver the baby now. I’m paining so much.
Vansh: What?!










The end of the os. I hope you have liked it guys. Do tell me your opinion on the comments. So I have done this os for all the ones who were wanting it since I have published the mood swings os. I hope that I got able to entertain you all. So do tell me how it was. I will be waiting for all of yours comments. So please guys do comment so many comments and please break the previous record of mine. As all of yours comments and support is the thing that encourages me to write more os episodes. So your respond on this os is what will make me know if I will write another os or not. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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