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Molkki 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sakshi and Purvi keep Karvachauth Vrat for Virender

Molkki 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Purvi has rested her head on Virender’s shoulder and is holding him close. Virender asks her if she is feeling bit better now. Purvi says it isn’t deep. I will be fine soon. He knows she is saying this to make him happy. I know that the wound on your heart is deeper than this one. We can nurse the wound on hand but what about the wound on your heart? She breaks down. I swear on Kanha ji. I am very afraid that I might lose you. I don’t want to lose you. I know that Sakshi ji is your priority. She is your wife, your world but how do I pacify my heart. I am unable to break our bond and go away from you. I cannot understand anything. He says I am feeling the same way right now. I am in equal pain. I don’t know what to do now that Sakshi is back. I cannot see either you or Sakshi in pain. I cannot leave either of you. I can share your and Sakshi’s pain but who should I tell what’s in my heart? I am suffocating. I cannot do this anymore. I have decided to tell the truth. Atleast we will know whose Virender Pratap is – Sakshi or Bawari’s! She requests him not to do this. He says I wont be able to tell her ever again then. Let her know the truth now or I wont be able to tell her ever! She tries to stop him but he holds her hand and heads to his room.

Doc is checking Sakshi. Prakashi, Anjali and the kids are also there. Virender walks in calling Sakshi’s name. He stops in his tracks upon noticing everyone. Juhi asks them if they are fine. Virender asks doc why he is here. Doc says I told you her condition is critical. Any shock can be dangerous for her. Something happened today which has worsened her health. I have written a prescription for her. Get those medicines and don’t give her any stress. Doc leaves. Prakashi asks Virender if he is fine. Sakshi called me earlier and told me that you and Purvi left in the bus while she got left behind with the kids. She was crying by the time she reached here and then passed out. I told you to spend some time with her and to look after her. How can you be careless? You left her alone? You should have thought about Sakshi. What if something had happened to her? How can you do this even after being so smart? Virender looks at Sakshi in shock. He let’s go of Purvi’s hand and sits next to Sakshi. Title track plays. Virender caresses Sakshi’s head. He tells his mother they should head home now. Anjali says that will not make a difference. You guys can be anywhere but Bhabhi should not be under any stress. She passed out when you left her alone for some time. God forbid what if she finds out something else too! Don’t know what she will go through. Forget everything and look after her! Virender asks her if she will teach him what he should do. Purvi suggests getting the kids ready and packing their bags so they can head home. Kids go with her. Purvi and Virender look at each other. Virender mentally apologizes to her. Situations have yet again forced me to keep quiet today. I wish I am able to be honest with Sakshi asap so I can get out of this dilemma.

Virender is holding Sakshi’s hand as they reach home (Goa) and everyone else follows them. Purvi keeps something on the table. They are fixing a cushion when their hands touch. Sakshi tells Virender not to worry about her. I am fine. Where are the kids? Purvi says they are in their room. Kids and Mukhi ji were very worried for you. Sakshi holds Virender’s hand. It is natural as he has lost me once in the past too. Mukhi ji and kids love me so much after all. Sakshi says it is good that you (Purvi) are fine too. You are our responsibility too. Virender nods. Every member who lives in this haveli is my responsibility. Sakshi says you take care of everyone equally, be it a family member or a servant. You care for everyone. Virender and Purvi are taken aback. Purvi says this is the reason why we worry for Mukhi ji and his family too. She tells Sakshi to get well soon for her family. Virender thinks Bawari is very naive and pure hearted. You forgot your pain and started taking care of Sakshi’s wounds. Don’t know what you are made of. Prakashi and Anjali come there. Prakashi says Sakshi looks so happy when you are sitting next to her. This is the magic of having your husband around you. That’s why I told you to be with her. Don’t leave her alone. Anjali says I told you that Bhabhi does not need any medicine. She only needs Jeth ji’s love. Purvi feels bad. Anjali says Bhabhi looks fine. She can keep Karvachauth fast tomorrow. Sakshi readily agrees. Virender tells her against it citing her health but she calls it her right as a married woman. I am fine. God gives strength to every married woman on this day. I have been waiting for this day since 5 years! Please don’t snatch this from me. Please let me keep this fast. You have my swear. He tells her to do it if it makes her happy. Anjali says we will keep this fast together tomorrow then. She tells Purvi to help Sakshi make preps for the fast. Bhabhi will keep this fast after 5 years. Make sure everything is fine. Purvi excuses herself to check on the kids. Anjali keeps talking about the fast while Purvi is still in the room. Prakashi and Anjali leave.

Purvi runs to the garden. It is my first karvachauth after marriage. I cannot keep fast or celebrate it. What will I say to Sakshi ji if she finds out anything? Kids come and tickle her. They enjoy chasing each other. Purvi asks them if they are enjoying here. They nod. It will be a lot of fun tomorrow as we will get yummy food. We are already tempted. Juhi asks Purvi if she will also keep fast for Babbar Sher. Manas requests her to keep it. Purvi agrees. Manas asks her how Baba will break her fast as he will be with Ma. It is a secret between the four of us. Juhi says it will be a problem. Purvi says it will be fine. I will sleep on an empty stomach if Babbar Sher wont break my fast. Virender says haathi wont sleep on an empty stomach till the time Babbar Sher is here. They ask him how it will happen. He says you can achieve anything if you set your mind to something. He looks at Purvi. Kids tell him a plan in his ears. Purvi wonders what he is up to. Virender thinks I wont give you (Purvi) a chance to complain.

Next morning, all ladies have woken up early for sargi. Purvi wonders how she will eat sargi now. Sakshi asks her why she woke up this early. This fast is to be kept my married women. You aren’t even married. Purvi says I woke up because of the commotion so I thought to help you. Sakshi agrees. Purvi turns to go when Sakshi asks her why she is lying to her. Purvi gets confused. Sakshi says you filled your and my hairline with vermilion on Holi. You were also wearing a mangalsutra that day. I think that it was the same one that I found in Mukhi ji’s room the other day. Juhi told me that it belongs to Anjali. Why? Purvi says Juhi isn’t lying. She told you that Bhabhi gives old clothes and jewellery to me to wear. I also wore the mangalsutra that day and mistook me as a married woman. You applied color on my hairline. I dint stop you as you were happy that day. Sakshi calls her a kid. I was in a fix. Please bring my sargi to my room. Purvi agrees. She heaves a sigh of relief as Sakshi leaves.

Purvi is preparing sargi for Sakshi. Virender comes and hugs her from behind. She smiles but then gets worried that someone might see them. He says I will also keep a fast for you if you will fast for me. She tells him to fast for Sakshi. She will like it. He says it is your first karvachauth too. It is as important for you as it is for Sakshi. She denies. Sakshi ji is more important here. I had a bad start anyways. I don’t know whether I will be able to keep the fast. Everyone is awake so I cannot even have sargi. He tells her she will be able to do it. You will eat sargi from my hands and I will also break your fast. He tells her to sit and feeds her with his hands. Her eyes well up. She feeds him as well.

Sakshi is waiting for Purvi. I think she must have gotten busy. I will get sargi on my own.

Virender and Purvi continue feeding each other. Sakshi heads towards the kitchen. Virender wipes Purvi’s tears. Virender hugs Purvi as she starts crying. Sakshi comes downstairs. Virender has disappeared. Sakshi asks Purvi if it’s ready. Purvi nods. I got busy so I got late. It’s ready now. Sakshi says no problem. Have you seen Mukhi ji? Virender is hiding behind a pillar nearby.

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