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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi gets sick

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Jaya says to Raghav enough of your stubbornness and arrogance, Kirti we will leave this hoise forever after Pallavi comes back from shop, Jaya leaves. Raghav says Kirti you talk to Amma, Kirti says she is right you forced Pallavi, I feel ashamed to call you my brother and you have a sister how can you treat other girl’s this way.

Pallavi says to Jaya and Kirti, leaving house is not the solution, Jaya says you are saying this, Pallavi says yes because I know the pain of living with out the family and sorry to say but it was your fault your intention was pure but Raghav did this for your love, Jaya says I agree, but Sharda is right why didn’t you tell us, but I am still sorry and won’t leave you alone and promise me you won’t be scared of Raghav’s blackmails and sacrifice to his actions promise me that, Pallavi promises Jaya says I won’t let Raghav win in such intentions, and I was always lucky, first Sharda now you.

Milind asks Sulochana not to sit on Pallavi’s chair, Sulochana says she is not in this house, Vijay says Sulochana is right, that girl won’t come back, take the chair Sulochana and Nikhil have food before you leave, Nikhil says I won’t sit here without Pallavi didi, Vijay says first learn to stand on your feet then talk, Nikhil says sorry to say but you too arent doing anything, so first sort your life, Sharda says Nikhil enough, Nikhil says you guys have problem with Pallavi so you deal with it, I know what to do and what not to do, I know Pallavi was right and always will be, Mansi says offcourse you will find her right because she has money and respect, Nikhil says better than being Sulochana’s puppet, Mansi says stay in your limits this house runs on my fathers money, not on Pallavi’s money, Nikhil says very good I see Sulochana in you, I will speak here only when I become something and leaves.

Sharda thinks my house is breaking.

Raghav asks Farhad to get car, Farhad asks what about pooja, Raghav says Pallavi again opened her mouth infront of Amma, Jaya walks to Raghav says I changed my decision, I will stay here, Raghav says thank you Amma, Jaya says thank Pallavi and what you did was wrong and I am here because Pallavi is in this because of me, Raghav says why you favour her, Jaya says because she isn’t cheater like you, Pallavi will come soon, don’t go office we will have pooja.

Kirti tells Jaya that Pallavi has high fever, Jaya says why didn’t she tell me, Kirti go call doctor. Raghav on call with client says I will deliver south africa rare diamond’s. Raghav tells Farhad that we will have to go to shop and need vault keys, Farhad says keys are with Pallavi, Raghav says I won’t leaves her, and goes to Pallavi’s room.

Doctor tells Jaya she jas chicken pox symptoms and isolate her and make sure only those people get in contact with her who had chicken pox. Raghav sees Jaya at door, Jaya tells Pallavi is.unwell, Raghav says its her new drama, Jaya says everyone is not like you, Raghav says okay I will ask staff to take care, Jaya says you will take care, and you had chicken pox too, you forced to marry now take care, go inside apply oinment if she has blisters and if you want me here do as I say, Jaya leaves.
Raghav says this Pallavi god.

Raghav walks into Pallavi’s room, and tries to wake her up and asks her for vault keys and says here is oinment apply it, Raghav starts looking for keys in the room, Raghav finds all drawers are locked, Raghav sees Pallavi’s hands have blisters and applies oinment on it, Pallavi hugs him in sleep, Raghav slowly rests her hand and says there is no.chance of romance between us and says she might be having body pain let me help her and massages her leg and then says I am Raghav I won’t do this, Pallavi keeps him in sleep, Raghav says I will tell you later.

Farhad trying to make duplicate keys for vault tells Raghav duplicate keys are not possible, and Shiekhs order is urgent Raghav says I will handle, Pallavi has left Raghav voice message, give me my shop keys and take your vault keys, Raghav gets angry and goes to Pallavi’s room, Jaya shouts at him, says why yell dont you know she is unwell, and tomorrow get neem leaves for Pallavi’s blister, Raghav says I will tell staff, Jaya says you get it or else, Raghav says I will do everything but don’t leave the house.

Pre cap: Farhad sees a man with neem leaves and torn clothes and asks to leave and finds its Raghav, Kirti and Amma laugh at Raghav’s Condition.
Raghav finds Sulochana is behind the photo scam.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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