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Love or hate – IMMJ2 FF – chapter 4

Hey guys if you haven’t read the other chapters before then please go and check them out by clicking on #it_all_started_with_hate ! Chapter 4
Here I go..
Boss : any last wishes….
( he removed the tape from her mouth)
Riddhima : who are you? And why are you doing this ?
Boss : you deserve to know the truth before you die so I will tell you everything Your mother and I were in love with each other in our college days but her father didn’t allowed me to marry her so she had to marry your father! Our bond was not that weak but she fell in love with your father too! So I just kicked myself out of her life riddhima : how can I believe you?
Boss : that totally depends on you whether believe or not
Riddhima : tell me what happened next and why did you kidnapped me ! I don’t think that you wanted to take revenge because you said that you had kicked yourself out of my mom’s life!
( look guys here riddhima is believing him because she could see the pain which he had in his eyes )
Boss : everything was fine until when my son fell in love with you! Everything changed! The boy who gave everyone the advice of being happy turned himself down and became sad! He suffered depression not a common one but a major one!
Riddhima : what are you saying? He fall in love with me?
Boss : yes! Some seniors started ragging of him. But one day he lost his hope. He came back from school and went inside his room without saying a word. We thought that he was a bit tired so we left him inside but when he didn’t came out then I went to his room and you know what I saw there.
Riddhima : what?
Boss sighed : the boy who told everyone to be strong and taught everyone that suicide is not a solution, he himself committed suicide by Hanging himself to the fan . (tears came in the eyes of boss and he screamed akshit my son)
Riddhima : w-what? A-a-akshit!!!

*( flashback )*
10 C
Akshit ,an introvert fell in love with riddhima ! He always acted friendly infront of her. One day he decided to propose her but many seniors came to know about that and they started the ragging of akshit! They bought him in the chemistry lab, mixed some harmful chemicals and thrown it inside the pant of akshit.
Akshit was crying due to the pain he was suffering at that time
Then the seniors took him to the boy’s toilet , made him drink the water from the toilet! They made him drank their urines!

Akshit was broken till then But he didn’t lost his hope ! He proposed riddhima infront of the campus when all students were there
Akshit : riddhima I don’t know how to say this but today I have to tell you that I love you so much! I can’t be your perfect boyfriend but I promise I’ll make you happy just by my small deeds! I can give you those physics and chemistry notes again and again I love you! Riddhima!
( whole campus started whispering and cheering for him!
Unaware of the fact that he is a patient of depression she rejected her)
Riddhima : sorry akshit! But I think this is not the right time ! I like you but not more than a friend also we are the stars which will shine in our future so why not focus on our studies right? Look akshit I know how it feels but I guess you understand me
Akshit : no problem riddhima ( he ran away from her as fast as he could)
He was broken now and many seniors told him that he is a looser ! He finally lost his hope and committed suicide
( after this incident the school officials suspended those seniors, and told riddhima to leave as it was now difficult for her to study there and hence Mrs. Bansal sent her to the down valley so that she can continue her studies )
*end of flashback*
( look guys I feel sad for him! Uski koi glti nhi thi Like seriously chemistry lab wala incident kisi ldke ke sath hota toh Kya vo dobara ane ka man krta nhi na! Introverts ke liye bhot mushkil hota h apni feelings share krna isliye keh rhi hu every smile needs not to be true! Behave well with each and everyone)

Riddhima started weeping : he was your son?
Boss : stop it! Now you’ll pay for the things you’ve done to my son
Riddhima : can I call vansh once and then you can kill me! ( no guys no riddhima is strong I know pr she was feeling guilty! Use lgta tha ki akshit ne uski vajah se suicide kiya tha)
Boss : never!
( he then again closed her mouth by the tape and told his men to take her back to the basement)

On the other side
Tara : guys hme pta kaise chalega ki vo kahan hai!
Harshit : exactly vahan na hi koi CCTV cameras the na hi koi clue Mila hme
Vansh : harshit khuch toh hai jo hmare samne hai pr hme dikh nhi rha.
( socho vansh socho)
Tara : yaad hai vansh riddhima ne hme btaya tha ki uske earings me clufflinc hai that means ki uske earring me GPS chip hai kyunki aksar use raat me kahin travel krna pdta tha toh miss bansal ne uski safety ke liye use diya tha
Maybe vo khuch help kr paye
Vansh : very good Tara ! That can help us a lot harshit “cluff circle” se uski location track kro
Harshit : haan just wait a minute Pr tum log Akele nhi jaoge uncle se bolkar team bulva leta hun
Vansh : harshit! Suno vo log jayenge toh vo khuch bhi kr skta h lemme handle this
Tara : are you mad? This is all non sense yaar mtlb Akele kaise usko bachaoge
Vansh : fine pr Mai unka wait nhi kr skta. Police team ko location pe bhej Dena or turant location bhejo
( harshit tracked riddhima’s location )
Harshit : vansh riddhima ki location track ho gyi h. Tum jahan Ho usse 600m pe hi hai vo kahin
Vansh : good good just give me directions
( harshit gave him the directions and he reached in front of a large bungalow ! He cut the call and somehow sneaked inside)
Vansh to himself : pta nhi in Logon ne riddhima ko kahan rkha hoga
( then he heard two strangers convo)
Stranger 1 : vo ldki bhagni nhi chahiye vrna boss hme mar denge
Stranger 2: chinta MT kro Maine use basement me ache se bandh Diya h or hmare 2 sathi vahin hai

Vansh went to the basement and tried to distract those two security guards
First he threw some marbles in the opposite direction and when one guard went to check there, he threw some balls on the other side.the security guard called the other one and went for checking. In between he went inside and closed the door

Riddhima was slept
Vansh : riddhima riddhima wake up.
Riddhima woke up and vansj removed the tape from her mouth
Riddhima : kyu aaye Ho yahan ? Nhi ana chahiye tha tumhe . Ye log tumhe bhi nhi chhodenge
Vansh : chup rho ! Chlo phle yahan se niklte h
Riddhima : nhi mujhe nhi jana! Maine uski jan le li
Vansh : chup aisa kyu bol rhi Ho
( vansh opened the ropes but she was panicking and was not at all ready to leave so vansh closed her mouth again so that she couldn’t make any noise and he can easily take her away but she was panicking and just when she was to make any noise vansh kissed her on her lips I mean on the tape which was above her lips )

( ruko zara sabar kro! Lips pe nhi he kissed on the tape 😂😂 got it? )
And riddhima had to agree with him as she knew that vansh can do anything
( riddhima 0 vansh 1 )
( he opened her mouth)
Riddhima: are you mad? You kissed me! How dare you?
Vansh : don’t tell me that you didn’t enjoyed! I know you were thinking that tape shouldn’t be there in between 😂😂
( riddhima 0 vansh 2 )
Riddhima : shut up chlo ab kaise bahar nikle ye socho
Vansh : look at that window! Vahan se jump kr logi na
Riddhima : no vo kitni upar hai
Vansh : please abhi or koi option nhi h jb tk team nhi ati
( she agreed and went outside and vansh too but but but one of the guards saw them and started shouting and pointed a gun towards them but the team and harshit came at that moment and boom firing started .
The police team managed to control the situation but suddenly one guard Pointed the gun towards riddhima but mistakenly he shooted vansh)
Riddhima : vansh ( okay ye thoda melodrama types ho gya )
( ambulance came
hospitalized vansh
The bullet at his chest
Loss of blood
Fear of losing riddhima)
Everything happened too fast!
At the hospital everyone was worried for vansh

Mrs. Bansal and Mrs. Singhania reached there. Harshit and Tara explained all the things and
*operation started*

……to be continued

Will he survive? Love at stake? Will this incident create riddhima’s feelings for ankit? Will that kiss change everything? Bullet on the chest? Successful operation or something else? Will riddhima lose him?
‎what will happen next?

I tried to show the readers that suicide is not a solution ! Just trying to motivate some people! 🙂

Hey everyone !
If you have any doubts or questions about it you can ask me in the comments section itself!
Do tell me if you liked this part or not!
And yes I would love to take your suggestions as well
Your well wisher
Mysterious storyteller ♡


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