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LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 75

CHAPTER 75: Mr. Kapoor’s killer

Shivaay was sitting in his cabin still lost in the thoughts of his recent meeting with Anika…. He had to do something…. He would not let go of Anika…. He would always keep her happy….

*Flashback to the day Shivaay and Anika talked near the cliff*

Shivaay stopped the car near a cliff…. She looked around not knowing why they were here…. He got down from the car and came to her side; he opened the door and forwarded his hand towards her…. Anika however did not hold his hand and came out of the car….

Anika: Shivaay, why have you brought me here?

Shivaay: Because we have a lot to talk about and I really don’t want anyone to disturb us.

Anika: What are those things, because the last time we met, we only had a formal relation and this doesn’t seem like a place for any kinds of formal meetings?

Shivaay: Anika, I am sorry for all that I know it wasn’t right….

Anika: Shivaay, you don’t have to be sorry, it was my fault, I am sorry….

Shivaay: Anika, we need to talk, please this time let us handle it properly….

Anika thought for a while before answering…. Shivaay was stating the correct thing…. The last time she said things in the wrong way and it did not go well…. This time it could go in a better way….

Anika: You are right Shivaay; we’ll handle it in a better way this time….

Shivaay smiled thinking Anika would tell him about her love for him while Anika smiled thinking she could deny her love for Shivaay in a better way….

Anika: Shivaay, I don’t love you….

Shivaay: Anika, I know you love me….

Both of them said at the same time and looked at each other…. Anika looked at him shocked while Shivaay just smiled…. He knew he would hear something like this from her….

Anika: Shivaay….

Shivaay kept his finger on her lips….

Shivaay: Anika, I know you love me, and I don’t need to hear it from you. All I want to know is what is stopping you, why are you denying this? Tell me Anika, what wrong I have done? Talk to me Anika, tell me what is not right, and I promise I’ll make it right, for you I’ll make everything right.

Anika could see his sincerity in his eyes when he spoke the words…. She could feel that he meant each word he had said…. Tears that had collected in her eyes and she could not stop them from flowing…. Shivaay became worried seeing her tears….

Shivaay: Anika, Anika I am sorry if I hurt you, I am sorry if I said something wrong, I….

Anika kept her finger on his lips and looked at him…. He also looked at her…. Anika removed her finger and hugged him tightly…. Shivaay was shocked for a moment but soon composed himself and reciprocated the hug….

After a few moments, they broke the hug and looked at each other…. Shivaay wiped her tears…. He then held her hands in his hands and looked at her….

Shivaay: Anika, tell me what is stopping you, tell me….

Anika: Shivaay….

Anika decided to let Shivaay know everything…. She told him everything that was in her heart….

It had been more than three years to that dreadful day, the day when Dushyant had broken her heart and yet she could not gather herself up again…. Her heart that had been broken once, it could not dare to love again…. She knew Shivaay loved her truly and that he would never leave her alone, but still, a part of her was afraid…. Afraid to fall in love again…. Afraid to get broken again…. Afraid to be left alone again…. Afraid to move on…. Afraid to be happy…. She had developed this fear in her mind that if she again fell in love with someone and that she found someone who could make her happy, she would again end up losing that person and no matter what happened, she did not have the courage to face all that again…. She could not survive any of those dreadful days again….

She had forgiven Dushyant, but she had not forgotten anything….

And she would never forget anything….

She had tears in her eyes as she spoke…. Shivaay listened to her patiently…. He knew he had to be very patient when it came to Anika and her fears, now that he knew what was stopping her….

He wiped her tears and asked her not to say anything more…. He had understood what he had to know…. Anika just hugged him and he let her calm down….

*Flashback ends*

Shivaay: Anika, I’ll make everything fine, I’ll make all your fears disappear, and I’ll never let you feel the fear of losing me.

Shivaay was determined to make Anika lose her fears…. The fears that were stopping her from living her life…. He knew that she had not confessed her love for him but he did not need her words for assurance as her actions had told him everything he needed to know, now all that remained was for him to bring her out of those fears….

Shivaay’s thoughts came to a halt when there was a knock on the door…. He was surprised seeing Arjun enter along with Dushyant….

Now that Shivaay knew Anika loved him, his hatred for Dushyant had decreased to some extent however there was no change in his dislike for the Ranas….

Arjun: Shivaay, I know Dushyant and you are not on good terms but today we are here to discuss something really important.

Arjun said so that things did not take any unwanted turn….

Shivaay: What is the matter Arjun?

Arjun: Shivaay, it is about Tia’s murder….

Shivaay looked at them surprised…. Tia’s murder…. The case had been solved three months ago, what was there to talk about it now….

Dushyant: There is a lot more to Tia’s murder Mr. Oberoi, and you should be aware of it now.

Arjun: Yes Shivaay there are many things you are unknown about and today I am going to tell you all of them.

Shivaay just nodded and signed them to take a seat…. He called Ranbir and informed him not to let anyone disturb them at any cost…. Dushyant began narrating the events that led to Tia’s murder….

College reunion…. Tia and Shaantanu’s meeting…. Tia doubting Shaantanu’s behavior…. Illegal activities of the Malhotras…. Tia finding clues about Adhvik and Shaantanu being involved in human trafficking…. Tia collecting the pieces of evidence against them and blackmailing them…. Tia meeting Dushyant…. Her alliance with Shivaay…. Adhvik and Shaantanu finding of Tia and the pieces of evidence against them…. Adhvik and Shaantanu threatening Tia to stop blackmailing them and give them the proofs…. Pankhuri warning Tia to stay away from the Malhotras…. Shaantanu warning Tia to stop her plan of exposing Shivaay otherwise he would kill her…. Pankhuri and Shaantanu meeting Tia a day before the wedding and then Tia’s death….

Shivaay listened to them shocked by each revelation….

Shivaay: So, Shaantanu killed Tia, but then why did Pankhuri take the blame?

Arjun: I asked her to do so.

Shivaay looked at him surprised…. Why would Arjun ask Pankhuri to do something like this….

Shivaay: Why?

Arjun: Firstly, we wanted to keep Pankhuri safe, Adhvik and Shaantanu both knew that she could become a problem if Tia’s murder case was investigated. We hatched this plan, where she took the blame upon herself, it helped her win the trust of the Malhotras and also she would be safe in police custody and secondly, because we not only want Shaantanu to get punished for Tia’s death but also expose the Malhotras and get justice for all the innocent lives they have destroyed.

Dushyant: Yes, because since Pankhuri has given her confession and the case is closed, Adhvik and Shaantanu are not worried and they think that the threat over them is gone and soon they’ll get back to their illegal businesses, and when they will least expect it, we’ll bring out the truth.

Shivaay: Arjun, why didn’t you tell me all this earlier?

Arjun: I am sorry Shivaay, I know I should have told you all this earlier but I myself wasn’t aware of everything, that’s why I kept it from you. And that is the reason I asked Annie to fight the case for you, Pankhuri had revealed to me everything soon after Tia’s death and I had asked her to keep an eye on Adhvik and Shaantanu’s activities, so that we can find proofs against them.

Shivaay: So, Anika also knew everything, then I am guessing even Prachi knew it all.

Arjun just nodded….

Shivaay was lost in his thoughts…. So these were the lies Anika was talking to Arjun about…. This is what they were hiding from him…. Shivaay felt angry at himself for doubting Arjun’s intentions…. He should have shown more faith in his friendship….

Shivaay: What are you all planning on doing next? How are you going to prove Shaantanu is Tia’s killer?

Dushyant: We are still thinking about it.

Shivaay: Don’t worry, I’ll also help you all and soon we’ll find some way to prove the truth.

Arjun and Dushyant felt relieved now that even Shivaay was with them to help them….


Anika: Prachi, why didn’t you tell me this earlier, why didn’t you tell us that day when we all had met in Bhai’s office?

Anika asked while going through the papers Prachi showed her…. The papers that Prachi had acquired from Tej’s study the other night, the night when they had gone to find the pieces of evidence Tia had against the Malhotras….

Prachi: I wasn’t sure about anything that day Annie, plus I wanted to talk to you first before we discussed it with the others.

Anika looked at her best friend and smiled….

Anika: Actually, you are right, we should be sure before we let anyone else know this.

Prachi smiled back at her….

Prachi: I knew tu samajh jayegi (I knew you would understand).

Anika: Teri aise koi baat hai jo aaj tak maine naa samjhi ho. You are my best friend, my life Prachi, aisa kabhi nahi hoga jab main tujhe nahi samjhungi (There in nothing about you that I won’t understand. You are my best friend, my life Prachi, and it will never happen that I will not understand you).

Prachi felt sad as she heard Anika’s words…. She recalled her hiding the biggest truth about her life from her best friend…. She had never told Anika that she was Abhishek Mehra’s daughter…. Prachi felt guilty from inside for hiding it from Anika all these years…. She decided to let Anika know everything as soon as this case was solved…. She could not keep Anika in any darkness anymore….

Prachi came out of her thoughts as Anika called her….

Anika: Madam, where are you lost?

Anika asked her surprised seeing her lost somewhere else…. Prachi shook her head negatively….

Prachi: Nothing, I was thinking about these papers, can it be true? Do you think what Mrs. Kapoor had been saying all these years is right; Tej Singh Oberoi is responsible for Mr. Kapoor’s death?

Anika: Maybe, it is possible. These insurance papers clearly state that if something happens to any of the partners in the project, the entire power will be given to the other partners, while the family of the dead partner will get some compensation.

Prachi: But if not only the partner, but his family also dies, there is no need for any compensation also.

Anika: So, it is possible that Tej Singh Oberoi plotted Mr. Kapoor and his family’s death, to not only get the entire project for the Oberois but also it would save the Oberois from paying any compensation to Mrs. Kapoor and her daughters.

Prachi: Ho sakta hai, Oberois were already facing many losses during those days, they couldn’t let go of this insurance money.

Anika and Prachi were thinking about the possibility…. Could it be true that what Mrs. Kapoor had been saying all along was actually the truth…. Maybe Tej Singh Oberoi was actually responsible for Mr. Kapoor’s death….

Anika: We have to talk to Bhai.

Prachi: Annie, I think we should talk to Shakti uncle once before we come to a conclusion, maybe he’ll let us know the truth.

Anika: You are right Prachi, anyways Shakti uncle is a nice man, and he will tell us the truth.

Prachi: Chal phir let us meet him, we cannot waste any time at this point.

Anika nodded at her and the two of them grabbed their belongings and walked out of the office unaware of the unfortunate events that were going to change their lives forever….


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So, Shivaay knows about Anika’s fears now, will it strengthen their relationship now? Will Arjun and the team be able to prove Shaantanu’s crimes and his involvement in Tia’s murder? Is Tej Singh Oberoi really responsible for Mr. Kapoor’s death, were Mrs. Kapoor’s accusations right?

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