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Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#41

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Chapter 41: “A Deadly Chase!!!”

The episode starts with Riddhima and Vansh putting their luggage back into the car and preparaing to leave. Aditya was also preparing to leave for his work. But from inside, he was waiting for Vansh and Riddhima to leave.
R: Aditya! Don’t be late Ok? Complete your work ASAP and reach Mumbai.
A: Yeah sure! Have a safe journey guys!
Aditya searched something in his pockets.
V: What are you searching for?
A: I think I have left my car keys in the room I was sleeping last night.
Vansh remembers seeing Aditya coming out with the car keys in his hands. He spoke,
V: It was with you when you came out. Look properly. It will be in your pocket.
A(covering up): Oh No no! They are my house keys. Car keys will be in the room only.
Vansh gets confused but ignores it.
R: We are getting late Vansh!
V: Yeah sure! Lets go.
R: Aditya! You get the keys from the room and then ask the guards to lock the mansion.
A: Ok Riddhima!
After that, Vansh and Riddhima leaves for Mumbai. As soon as they were gone, Aditya went inside the mansion and instead of going to his room, he went in to Riddhima’s room. He opened her cupboard and searched for something. After searching for a while, he got a box out of the cupboard.
A(smirks): Found it!
The box had a display screen on its top which was demanding for fingerprints. He removes out a transparent sheet from his pockets which seems to be imprinted with someone’s fingerprints. He placed that sheet on the display box and the box opened. He smirks evilly.
A: Welldone Aditya!
He remembers how he had taken Riddhima’s fingerprints from the coffee cup in which she had drunk coffee last night.
He opened the box and took some papers from it. Those were the property papers of Riddhima’s Mansion and it also had the papers of all the property Riddhima had including her hospitals and other stuff.
A(smirks): Just one step away from being the owner of the property worth 100 crores. This mansion will be mine soon.
He also took other papers saying,
A: Thanks Riddhima! I will take these hospital property papers and all your belongings as a bonus for my hardwork and intelligence. Now, I just have to get them signed by Riddhima.

He took all the papers and leaves from the Mansion.

The scene shifts To Riddhima and Vansh in the car driving on the highway. Riddhima was driving the car as Vansh still had pain in his arms injured by bullet shot and Vansh was continuously persuading her to let him drive.
V: Riddhima! Let me drive Yar! I let you drive when we are going to Delhi so now its my turn.
R: Shut up Vansh! From the past one hour, you are eating up my brain with the same thing. Your wound is not perfectly healed alright till now.
V: Its absolutely fine. I can drive. Its not even paining.
Riddhima while driving, pierced her index finger of left hand in his wound, Vansh cries out,
V: Owwwww!
R: Look! Its still paining! Just stop being stubborn and sit quietly.
V: Is this the way to treat patients? Do you check their injuries like this? You are so cruel.
R: Thanks! But the stubborn patients like you need the special treatment of this kind only.
Vansh makes a face.
R: Why are you so hell bent on driving by your own self?
V: Because I am getting bored sitting idle in this place. You are driving so I dont want to divert your attention and there is no one except you in this car to whom I can talk with.
R: Arrange some online bussiness meeting but please stop eating up my brain.
V: Riddhima! I swear I am going to snatch the steering from your hand and start driving!
R: And how will you do that?
V: By sitting in your laps!
He smirks. Riddhima eyes widened in surprise and she glares Vansh with mixed angry, shy and cute expressions.
They both were having eye lock. Soon, The car passes over some nails and the tyre gets punctured. Riddhima stops the car.
R: Oh shit! Obviously! How can this be possible that Vansh RaiSinghania is travelling with me and I dont face any problem.
V: The same I can say too.
R: Go change the tyre.
V: Why would I? You punctured it because of your good for nothing driving. Change it yourself.
R(making a face): Fine! Just keep quiet here.
She was about to open the car door when from the back some people sitting on their bikes and some in the car appear on the highway and start firing on Riddhima’s car. Vansh shouted,
V: Don’t open the door!!!
Riddhima immediately closes the door and closes all the windows too.
The bikers and Cars were approaching close to their car. They were continuously firing but the car being bullet proof was able to bear the impact. Riddhima thought for a while and looked at Vansh. Vansh understood her glares and put on his seat belts.
V: Drive!!! Now!!!
Riddhima immediately puts on the engine of their punctured car and the car, stumbling and jerking starts running on the road.
Riddhima presses the accelerator with full force and Vansh started loading his gun with bullets. Their car was running with full speed but creating high bumps and jolts as it was punctured. The goons were continuously firing and chasing them.
R: Vansh! There are two shot gun under your seat. Load them both too and you know what you have to do then.
V: Ok!
Riddhima was driving rashly but with extreme perfect skills handling all the jolts skillfully. But the speed of their car was still less than the goon’s car speed and they were approaching close. Vansh loaded both the guns and took both of them one in each hand and when he was done, he said,
V: Do it now!
Riddhima presses a button of her car and the roof window of the car opens. Vansh stood up in the car, making half his body come out of the car and started shooting the goons with guns in both hands while Riddhima was focused on driving. Vansh shot the tyre of one car and it gets turned over and blasts immediately. He shoots some bike riders too making them fall from their bikes. They managed to be at some distance away from the goons. One of the bike came very close to their car but Vansh was not able to shoot him as the bullets in his gun ended. He sits again in the car to reload the gun. The bikers holding gun in their hand approaches the car from Riddhima’s side. He was driving very close to the door of driving seat. He was about to shoot when Riddhima suddenly opens the door of her running car with a jerk and the door hits the biker and they fall on the road far away. Riddhim smirks but her victory was momentous as a wide pit came in the row making their car to flip with a jerk. Riddhima shouted,
R: Jump!!!
And in no time, Vansh and Riddhima jumped out of the car and got saved luckily. Their car after getting some jolts and flipping blasted a distance away from them. It created high black smokey clouds of fire rising above in the sky. Riddhima and Vansh got up.
R: You Alright? Are you hurt?
V: No Sweetheart! I am absolutely fine.
Vansh saw the goons’ car approaching again and he looked at Riddhima,
V: Now What? Got a plan?
Riddhima looks here and there and finds the bikers lying unconcious on the road with their bike. She smirks,
R: Yeah!
V: What?
R: You wanted to drive na? Lets go then!
Saying so, they both ran towards the bikers, Vansh punched them hard on their face making both of them unconscious and picks up their gun. Riddhima makes their bike stand. Vansh comes and hands over the guns to Riddhima and sits on the bike. Riddhima sits behind him wrapping her arms around his chest and holding him tightly and Vansh started driving. They were again being chased by the goons but Vansh was driving so perfectly that they were not able to aim perfectly on them. He was driving in a perfect zig-zag manner missing every bullet being shot on them. Vansh shouted,
V: My driving skills are not enough to save ourselves. Your skills are also required!!!
R: Why not!!! Can I remove your belt?
V(smirks): Seriously Riddhima??? We are being chassed by goons who are firing on us continuously and you want to romance by removing my belt?
R(shouts): Just shut up! How cheap Vansh! Only you can think rubbish in this moment also! I want your belt for a purpose.
V: Just go ahead what you want to do.
Riddhima makes her hands reach his belt and removes it. This gives chills across Vansh’s spine and he smiles.
Riddhima takes his belt in one hands and carefully adjusting her posture and balancing herself on the moving bike, turns back and sits in an opposite position with her back touching Vansh’s back. She wrapps the belt around her belly and Vansh’s belly and ties it making both of them fused by their back. After that, she stopps holding the bike with her other hand and taking guns in both her hands, she started shooting in the direction of the goons. And aiming some perfect shots towards the goons, she knocks down all of them. And finally with the perfect driving and shooting skills of RIANSH, they got rid of the danger chasing them from the past half an hour. Riddhima unties the belt and turns over again towards Vansh and makes him wear his belt around his neck.
V: What is this? Tie it again!
R(annoyed): You are getting so many high hopes these days! Tie it yourself! I am not going to tie it as your useless mind will start thinking useless things again.
And then, Vansh and Riddhima both blush thinking of the so called USELESS things in their mind and they drove away to Mumbai.

Meanwhile, In the VR mansion, everyone was waiting eagerly for Vansh and Riddhima’s arrival. Ishani was continuously looking towards the entrance holding some holi colours in her fists excitedly. Aryan found it the right time to pull her leg,
A: The holi has not even started and this mad girl has gone out of order!
I: You got a problem with that? I am not a cheap person like who knows nothing except eating continuously all day. I am going to complain about you to Riddhima.
A: What will you complain about me?
I: That you are a good-for-nothing idiot stupid Man!
A: Even in that case I am better than you.
I: Oh wow! So, you agree that you are a stupid idiot man??
A: Sometimes we have to agree with psycho persons to stop them from arguing further.
I(anger): Did you call me psycho?
A: I didn’t say anything to you. I was just telling a fact. You yourself assumed it.
I: Dad! Look he called me a psycho!
Ajay: Oh God! Don’t you both involve me in your useless arguments. I am fed up of being a judge between you too.
Ishani angrily throws all the colours in her hands on Aryan’s face amd starts laughing.
A(pissed): Don’t you know anything except throwing things on other’s face?
I: Haha! I love to do this!
I have got something for you too. A speacial holi colour!!
Saying this, he removes a paper ball out of his pockets and fills up his fist with the colour inside it and smashes it on Ishani’s face. It was black colour! Everyone starts laughing and Ishani angrily runs behind Aryan chasing him. Aryan runs in the hall. They were continuously throwing everything whether its a pillow, a shoe or whatever comes in their way, on the other.
A: Ishani!!!! You can’t catch me with you barbecued face!!!
I: Shut up Aryan!!!
Everyone was fed with their nonsense as they were bearing it for a long time. They all shouted together,
Everyone: Get out both of you!!!
Sejal and Sia: Stop it yar!!!!!
Kabir and Angre: Nothing good could be done to these two. Only Riddhima and Vansh knows how to get them on the right way.

And soon, Riddhima and Vansh entered te hall with some bruises on their face and everyone panicked. But they told them that they had a minor accident and they are perfectly alright. After having a good family time together and having lunch together they went into their rooms. Riddhima informed Aditya about whatever happened in the way and Aditya was furious. He was driving towards Mumbai. He again received a message from an unknown no.

“This 100 crores property will destroy you Aditya! By now, You would have become sure of what I am capable of doing!”

A(himself): So, this unknown is behind that attack! I am sure he is none other than Rehaan. He is trying to play a foul game with me!! I surely know well how to teach him a lesson.

He angrily called Rehaan suspecting him to be behind the attack and those messages,

A: How dare you do this? I told you that nothing should happen to Riddhima before I complete my plan.
Reh: What did I do now?
A: Should I tell you now???
Reh: Stop beating around the bush you bastard!
A: Just shut up!!
He told everything to Rehaan and Rehaan was shocked too.
R: What rubbish!! If I want to kill Riddhima that doesn’t I am behind every attack happening to her!! So, stop blaming me you useless piece of sh*t!,
A: Dare you use that language with me again Rehaan! You don’t know what I am capable of doing! You are the only person who wants to kill Riddhima and Vansh right now! Whom should I suspect except you?
R: That unknown person can also be behind it! For one last time, I am telling you that I didn’t plan this attack! So, stop blaming me and focus on your mission.
A: I will find it out who that unknown person is. And I swear if that person is going to be you then you will face the worst of me!!! You know very well where I belong to!!
R(gritting his teeth): I assure you that nothing will happen to that girl until you get those property papers signed by her.
A: I don’t trust you anymore!
R: I don’t care!
A: You are not in a position to betray me! You know well that your plan cannot be successful without my help!
R(furious): So, tell me! What I have to do to prove my loyalty to you?
Aditya smirks,
A: You have to die!
R(shocked): What!!!





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