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LIFE OF MYSTERY- Episode 4 (strange move)

hi everyone!!.iam back with 4th episode ☺️. Hope you all will like it..

goenka villas:

sirat is seen crying while kartik comes to her and wipes her tears and consoles but suddenly sirat punches him which makes kartik fall down and he looks her shocked…

kartik: what is this kind of behaviour?? You have acted as crying to punch me huh??

Sirat: it’s just a return favour because you made me wet. Did you like my punch???

telling this sirat acts to punch again and she laughs while kartik looks at her and he too laughs….

kartik: I really liked your punch but don’t punch me again keeping this as reason..

suddenly sirat sees her time and gets shocked..

Sirat: what did I do?? I wasted my time here…now my mumma will search me and Ranveer too will wait for me….ohh noooo…

Kartik: dint you inform your mother and come?

Sirat: actually I told her that I will return soon but now it’s time up and I was going to my boyfriend’s mother final rites but I landed up here due to that ghost…

sirat sits worriedly while kartik laughs of her which makes sirat furious..

sirat shouts: how dare you laugh at me??iam seriously worried but you are making fun of me huh??

kartik controls his laughter and..

Kartik: no no.. actually I laughed because still you are in same hallucination of seeing a ghost..

Sirat shouts: I know you won’t believe me but there is a ghost that’s it….

Kartik: ok..cool down I accept that there is a ghost..fine now?

sirat sees kartik in a different look and makes a plan…

Sirat: now you should only drop me at my house and this is your punishment for your laughter…

kartik gets shocked…

Kartik: actually you can’t go home for three days..you have to stay here only…

sirat gets shocked..

sirat (in shocked tone): why??

kartik shows the news from his phone to sirat and sirat gets shocked…then sirat gets worried about her parents and Ranveer in which kartik notices her sad face and…

Kartik: if you are worried please inform your mother through my phone and don’t be sad and it doesn’t suit your face… only your face is suitable for smiling and anger and not sad. And kindly use my phone to inform them..

telling this kartik forwards his phone to sirat while sirat sees kartik and feels something..

Sirat POV: I never felt this much happiness and fun with ranveer and also he never cared me this much . though kartik is stranger but he is really a nice man…

thinking this she smiles seeing kartik and gets his phone..

sirat phones and informs her mother and then she phones ranveer but ranveer doesn’t pick her calls and she gets angry with ranveer and finally she gives his phone to kartik…

Sirat: thank you…

Kartik: it’s okay. Now you go and change your clothes and come down and I will introduce my family to you and you can sit with them and have food with all of us…okay?

Sirat: ok thank you…but I don’t have any dress here…

kartik thinks..

Kartik: wait a minute..I’ll give you my cousin dress who is there in London now and you can wear her dress..

telling this kartik goes and takes a dress and gives it to sirat and sirat feels happy and she takes it to washroom and closes the door while kartik waits for her sitting in sofa in guest room atself and sirat who goes inside the washroom gets shocked seeing the bath tub..

Sirat POV: how much big bucket this family have!!! I think these people are India’s richest family next to ambani..but how will I bath in this big bucket???


in some place a voice tells to ranveer and sheshe that today sirat won’t come and that person is said to be yamini…

ranveer: what are you saying mom?

Yamini: yes..I saw it through our magical ball. I saw something stopped sirat from coming here and she is now in Udaipur with Goenka family .this magical ball showed everything of how sirat went to Goenka family but I couldn’t see how that cab met with an accident and I couldn’t see who did that accident but there is something fishy..

ranveer thinks and..

Ranveer: give that magical ball to me..I will try to see who did that accident…and if I see that person then I won’t spare him as he spoiled our plan…

yamini gives the magical ball to ranveer and Ranveer takes the ball and recites some mantras holding that ball and..

and the magical ball shows everything of how sirat went to Goenka house but it gets invisible when something came in front of the cab and made accident and it also gets invisible when sirat is taken out of the car by ghost and other than that everything is shown…..

Ranveer angrily: there is something which is stopping us to reach that ancestral stone….and I can sense that it will stop next time also but before that we should do something ……

Shesha: I think we should not kill sirat..

ranveer: without killing her then how will we get that ancestral stone?? And don’t talk rubbish..

Shesha: you don’t be foolish devil. I think someone is stopping us from reaching ancestral stone by protecting sirat but we can get that ancestral stone by making sirat as devil…we can’t make her come here and kill her but we can bite her and make her devil so that she will bring ancestral stone by herself…

ranveer and yamini likes this idea and..

Ranveer: you are great..I think by we can also find out of who is protecting sirat and then we will kill that person also..

Yamini: yes…

Ranveer : first we must make her weak and then I will send shesha to Goenka villas and then she will bite her and then everything will become fine for us….

yamini: how you are going to make her weak?

Ranveer: I can make her weak by my devil mantra’s but it works only when sirat removes ancestral stone from her neck…

Shesha: until then we will watch her through this magical ball till she removes her ancestral stone…

telling this yamini ranveer and shesha sees sirat through magical ball..


sirat thinks how to bath in the bath tub bit suddenly she finds a glass and she opens it and goes inside and finds a bipe and gets happy…

Sirat POV: thank god…atleast a small bucket and a small bipe is here….now I can bath happily…

telling this she opens the tap and the water flows on the bucket and sirat was about to bath but suddenly she sees her necklace and..

Sirat POV: I should remove this necklace or else it will lose its shining when water touches it and I will wear it back after bathing…

telling this sirat removes her necklace and keeps near the washbasin and she starts bathing..


ranveer yamini shesha sees sirat removed ancestral stone and gets happy and Ranveer closes his eyes and starts reading mantras…and the mantras starts to work…


sirat is bathing and suddenly a red patches comes all over her body and sirat starts to feel heavy pain on it and she starts stumbling and she shouts in heavy pain and the red patches becomes heavier and it spreads all over her body…

Sirat: aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…

kartik who was sitting outside hears her scream and he immediately opens the washroom and sees sirat falling down and goes immediately and catches her ..

kartik sees dark red patches on sirat and gets shocked and sirat with heavy pain all over her body loses all her balance and holds kartik tightly and sees him with pain…

sirat(in scared tone): kartik…please take me out..I can’t able to bear this pain…it is paining too much…please….

kartik is shocked and he slowly takes her out and makes her sit in the bed but sirat hugs kartik and starts to cry inconsolably due to heavy pain…

sirat cries and says: I don’t want to die kartik. Please save me..please..like how you saved me from roadside .it is paining too much..please save me kartik..I can’t able to bear this pain anymore…

kartik is shocked and thinks how did red patches appeared on sirat and he tries to console her by hugging her back..

kartik: nothing happened to you…please don’t cry.you won’t die and it is just red patches and I will bring medicine for it and apply on you okay?

he caresses her face and makes her lie down on bed slowly and he goes out to take medicines for her..


Ranveer: now it’s time to bite her..

Yamini: did she became weak?

Ranveer: yes.. before red patches disppears we should bite her…

Shesha: then shall I leave to bite her?

Ranveer: yes go fast and bite her and then she will automatically bring that ancestral stone to us…

telling this he laughs evilly while shesha opens her arms and two devil wings appears first..

shesha then converts her human form into bat and flies to Goenka villas to bite her..


new delhi:

rhea and akash are standing and talking while..

Rhea: now it’s time to execute our plan..

Akash: are you sure that prachi would have known that she is pregnant..

Rhea: yes..iam sure.my chemical would have made her to know it..

akash: then give her phone number and I will start the plan…

rhea gives prachi’s phone number to akash and akash phones prachi and prachi who is distraught and is seen walking on the road sees someone calling and she picks it..

prachi: hello..who is it?

akash laughs evilly and..

Akash: iam parth. Iam your current boyfriend right?? And you know one thing now you are pregnant right??

prachi gets shocked and tensed..

Prachi shouts: who are you?? How can you exclaim me as your girlfriend??how do you know me and what do you want?? How do you know that iam pregnant??

akash: you are asking too many questions at a time and how will I answer my love??

Prachi shouts: stop your nonsense..iam not your girlfriend

Akash: you know what?? You will be thinking how you became pregnant right?

Prachi: now what does it matter to you??

Akash: it matters to me because you are pregnant because of me and not ranbir.

prachi gets shocked..

Prachi: no..you are lying..

Akash: it’s true that iam lying but you have to tell your family that you are pregnant because of me..

prachi is utter shock and gets angry..

Prachi shouts: how dare you?? I will complain you to police then..

Akash: do you think that you will succeed me??if you don’t tell your family that you are pregnant because of me and if you go to police then you will see your sister dead…

prachi gets shocked while Rhea who is near akash ties her hands and tapes her mouth herself and then she signs akash To phone prachi in video call and show..

Akash: if you don’t believe me then I’ll show your sister tied here…

akash phones prachi in video call and shows Rhea tied up while Rhea too acts as if scared which makes prachi believe that he kidnapped Rhea and..

Akash: if you want Rhea safe then go and tell your family that we are lovers and tell them that you are pregnant because of me..

Parachi: but..

Akash: no buts..if you want Rhea then go and do my work or else see your sister dead..

Prachi(in scared tone): no.. don’t kill her. I will tell my family..

telling this both cuts the call and akash does hifi with Rhea while prachi walks crying..


precap: abhi announces prachi must marry parth. Prachi drinks poison.rhea Sharma takes ancestral stone kept in washroom. Shesha reaches Goenka villas.heavy wind blows..

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