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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer ousts Amrit

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Veer waking up. He asks the servant who changed his clothes. Amrit comes and says Vijender has changed your clothes. Veer introduces the servant, who really takes care of him. The servant greets her. She asks does Veer say anything in drunken state, tell me, does he tell the truth. Veer says he just listens to me, you tell me, what did I say last night. She says don’t worry, you told whatever was necessary. Veer says you went against me for the first time. Amrit says it means you say truth in drunken state. He asks the servant to go. Amrit says don’t get angry on him, why do you drink when you have no control on your tongue, don’t worry, you didn’t say anything wrong, we both lost our loved ones. Veer says you have a stain, your family loves you, my mum has given me this stain. He gets sad. Mohan sees the news and gets happy. The party chief calls Nalini and says we decided to not give you the party ticket, how will you handle the country when you can’t handle your family. Mohan comes and shows the news article. She gets shocked.

She goes to Veer and slaps him. She says I lost the election ticket because of you, what was the need to take the big revenge. Veer says I didn’t do anything. Amrit says you are mistaken. Nalini asks Amrit to stop acting. Veer asks her to stop it, don’t say a word. He says you can think anything you want. Nalini goes. Veer leaves in anger. Uday comes to meet Amrit. She says no one has asked me anything, everyone supported me, I don’t know how did this news reach the newspaper office. He says you have grown up, you lie easily, you refused to identify Vashma. She says no, she isn’t Vashma. He says leave it, I will not believe you. She tries to pacify him. He says tell me if there is any problem, Bhanu and I will handle. She says no, I have no issues. Veer asks the man who leaked the news. He threatens the man. The man says someone from the palace gave the news, Amrit. Veer gets shocked. Uday says Amrit said she is okay. Randhir says she is in some trouble, how did you think that I will leave her alone, I had promised Lala to keep Amrit happy, I will not lose so easily. Uday says that time was really great. He smiles. Randhir says everything will be like before, you have to get Vashma, you will get Vashma and Kabir, I will bring Amrit out of this mess. Veer packs Amrit’s clothes. She asks where are you going. He drags her out and throws the bag. He says Nalini and I did wrong with you, it doesn’t mean that you ruin our family respect by leaking the secrets. She asks why will I do this.

He says I m also upset with Nalini, but I don’t do anything by fear, what did you do, you cheated me, you ran away from marriage and cheated me, get out of my house and my life. She goes to other side. He asks where are you going, I asked you to leave from the palace. She says yes, I have come out of the palace, you have no right on this temple, I can do anything here, I won’t come till I prove the blame wrong, till you apologize and take me back to the palace. She warns Veer. He goes. She sees someone there. Vashma talks to a girl at her brother. She asks who had sent this gift, one who respects women can send this salwar suit, who is it. Uday comes and says I have sent this special gift.

He compliments her. He says one can forget past love seeing your beauty. She asks did you forget Vashma soon, what do you want. He says an evening with you, I will entertain you, I will wait for you. He thinks I knew this idea will work, you will come to meet me, your truth will come out.

Veer sees Nalini sleeping. He thinks I can’t see anyone making fun of you. She wakes up. He asks her to have tea. She throws the tea. Amrit looks on. He sees Amrit and gets angry. He says you said you won’t come inside the house. She says I didn’t come inside the house, I had come to show something. He says I don’t want to talk if you don’t care for my respect. She shows the newspaper guy tied up. She recalls seeing Mohan meeting the guy. The guy asks for more money. He says I have taken Amrit’s name. Mohan pays him money and says my name shouldn’t come. Amrit beats him. FB ends. She asks the man to tell the truth. The man says Mohan did this, he asked me to take your name. Veer gets shocked.

Randhir advises Nalini. Veer asks Nalini to name the palace to Amrit and give her respect. Uday tells Vashma that he is going to die. She worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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