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It’s Not About Me It’s About Us (Chapter 1)

Author’s Note
My ff is about love.but my defination about love is not like that of bollywood. It’s different hope you like.

Story begins—-
In America,a girl is found to be fainted in the washroom because of taking excessive sleeping pills. She is taken to hospital.

While in Mumbai
A handsome guy in his twenties is getting for his concert.He is famous singer and also helps his father in business.

Yaa you are right the girl is none other than Riddhima and Guy is Vansh…

In hospital
Kabir(Her Brother) – Doctor is she fine??
Doctor- Ya but please take care of her.Now you can meet her

While Sejal her best friend arrives

They went to meet her..
While in Mumbai,
The concert was going great until Vansh’s mother receives the bigg newss. She was disturbed.

Inside hospital room
Kabir and Sejal- What’s this Riddhu??
Riddhima – You know very well why have I done it?
Kabir- But is Mumbai more important for yu than your life?
Riddima- Ya it is because your so called dad is not allowing me to go.
Kabir – He is your dad too.
Riddhima – Ohh please don’t start again.He is not my dad. He is only my guardian.
While Kabir left in anger , Riddhima started crying remembering her past.
Sejal condoles her.

Hope you like it it’s just a start and what do you think will happen next. What is Riddhima”s past????

Byee take care 😍

By one and only Miss Writer😇

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