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Hi everyone! This is a short update because I am working on very interesting OS on RIANSH.

Episode starts with Vansh tracking the number.
Angre: It’s very far.
Vansh: We have to reach there. Send me the location I am going.
Angre: I am coming with you.
Vansh: No, stay at home with everyone.
He leaves
The place where Riddhima is
Kabir: You made me feel… Something special. Look at the blood, it’s your fault. You shouldn’t shout. Now see you are going to be punished.
Riddhima: Please…. Leave me….
Kabir: I cannot. Now you have to see what a man could do.
Kabir kicked the chair and Riddhima fell down tied to it. She was so scared that she fainted. Kabir pulled the chair back up. Kabir was going close to her when he felt a tight punch on his face that he fell down. (zor Ka jhakta haye zoron se laga😂) It was Vansh.(or kon ho sakta hai). He was fuming in anger. He kept beating him until he heard Riddhima‘s
Riddhima: Vansh….
Vansh stopped and opened her up. She stood up and hugged him tightly. She was still not conscious.
Riddhima: Tum aa gye? (You are here?)
Vansh: Yes Riddhima. I am here. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you.
Riddhima: Never leave me alone again.
Vansh: I will never ever leave you.
Back in the VR Mansion
Vansh and Riddhima reached back. Riddhima was still behind Vansh and tried to cover her lips so no one could see that injury.
Ishani: Are you ok? How did this happen?
Vansh: IshanI, later. Let me take to the room.
In the room
Vansh took the first aid box and opened it. He didn’t see any antiseptic. He looked at Riddhima. She came closer to him. Vansh kissed her.
Riddhima: I am really tired.
Vansh: Let’s sleep.
Riddhima: Hmm
They both slept in each other

Precap- Nitara’s letter

Hope you like it. Please comment your feedback. Keep reading keep loving

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