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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayank plots evil

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mayank saying I had kept a party for you, I m upset that I wasn’t with you, but thank God Ahaan was there. Ahaan says yes, Riya and I can’t come, we are going on a dinner date, Sonu can’t go out after her mehendi, Dadi will be upset, even Sarla won’t like it, I m serious, we won’t do anything that upsets the elders. Raj says if its about Sarla, I will talk to her. Ahaan says Dadi will feel very bad, I will arrange anything for Sonu, but not this. Mayank says its just a party, we will wrap soon, I promise. Kartik says yes. Ahaan says do parties after marriage, we should respect Dadi’s thinking. Sonu gets upset and goes. Raj goes after her. Mayank thinks I won’t let my plan fail. He asks Ishqi to come, he will show her room.

Kartik says lets talk. Ahaan says my decision is final. Kartik says I can’t change it, I came to talk about Ahaan, Riya is understanding, you spent the night with Ishqi, and Riya said sorry. Ahaan says I was stuck there, she was stuck in the washroom. Kartik says you are the hero for her. Ahaan says shut up, Ishqi was angry and could have broken relation with Mayank, they are happy. Kartik says your denial is the problem, there is still time, accept your feelings, you go to solve her problems. Ahaan says for Mayank’s sake. Kartik says why doesn’t Mayank do it himself, how do you know about her problem. Ahaan says I messaged her to know if she is fine. Kartik asks why, she isn’t marrying you, you have feelings for her. Ahaan says Riya is imp for me. Kartik says you didn’t think of Riya. Ahaan says I m announcing my marriage with Riya, I have no feelings for Ishqi. He goes. Kartik says give him some common sense.

Mayank asks are you fine, you missed the train, I was so worried. Ishqi says I m okay, Ahaan was with me. She says think if he wasn’t there. She thinks of Ahaan. He says I kept a party today to relieve stress, Ahaan should send Sonu, talk to him once, Sonu should also enjoy. She says let it be, even I have got mehendi. He says I fail to keep you happy. She says don’t worry, we will party if you want. He thanks her. He spills water on her dress and says sorry. She goes to change. He gets her phone and messages Ahaan. He says Ishqi and Sonu will come in the party, the pill will go to the right glass. Ahaan talks to Dadi.

He says Riya is with me, Sonu won’t go anywhere, I already told her. Riya apologizes. He says its fine, you don’t know my family. She says I want to know, don’t you want to go for the party. He says you don’t like loud music, don’t you want to go for dinner, I will explain Mayank, we will have dinner tonight. Raj comes and says there is a ghost in this resort. Ahaan asks is this a prank. Raj says no, come with me, I will show you. Mayank says why is Ahaan not replying. Ishqi asks him to pass the pouch from her bag. Raj shows the footprints. Ahaan and Riya say we don’t believe in all this. Savitri hides her slippers.

Ahaan asks the staff to clean the ketchup prints. Kartik jokes and takes Raj with him. Ahaan gets Ishqi’s message, asking him to come and let Sonu come in the party. Savitri sees Ahaan and cries. Ahaan says I have a reason for this, my family had to bear insult for my mum’s deeds, Sonu will always be compared with my mum, Sonu can’t give a chance to anyone, she can’t make any small mistake. Savitri thinks my children will get defamed because of me. She cries. Mayank says I have to get Sonu in the party some how. Kartik gets food for her. She refuses to have it. She gets angry and says I m not having any fun in marriage. She asks did you get permission with the food. Raj talks to her and says there is no permission, but there is a solution, Ahaan will go on a dinner date, lets party, I will come to take you. She says I can’t go, Ahaan refused.

Kartik asks her to choose one side. Raj says I m there, he won’t know, wear the dress I have sent, you will look really good, love you. She says okay. She thanks Kartik. Mayank thinks Sonu is coming, I have deleted Ishqi’s messages, even if Ahaan replies, she won’t understand. Ahaan gets ready. He thinks to check if Riya got ready. He reads Ishqi’s message. He says I did a lot for her, still she is talking to me like this. He replies her and asks her not to change her thoughts. She says why is he saying this.

Raj talks to Sarla and says Sonu isn’t going in the party, good night. Kartik jokes on Ahaan and Riya. He laughs. He compliments Riya. Ishqi comes. Ahaan looks at her. Mahiya…plays… Ahaan and Riya leave. Kartik says Ahaan left. Mayank asks is everyone ready, come Ishqi, lets go. Raj says we will get Sonu and come. Kartik says she is coming, don’t tell Ahaan. Ishqi says I don’t talk to him. Kartik coughs and says yes, of course, see you at the party. Mayank thinks Sonu wanted to slap me, I have some wishes too, I will slap you in a way that the mark remains forever. Ishqi thinks will Ahaan not come in the party. Mayank and Ishqi come to the party hall. Mayank meets his friends. They ask if Ahaan allowed Sonu. Ishqi says no, Sonu is coming without informing. They joke on Ahaan’s excuse of work. Mayank asks her to sit. She thinks why did Ahaan send such a message.

Mayank spikes Sonu’s drink. She faints. He holds her and thinks you won’t get saved now. Ishqi also gets drunk. She falls in Ahaan’s lap. Kartik says Sarla can come here anytime, take Ishqi from here. Sarla comes and shouts Raj….

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