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immj2 os ‘VENGANCE’ BY: CANDID 11

hi pal’s this one is going to be short so gear up your self and enjoy reading….

‘why do you hate me’

he asked she looked at him in disgust ‘don’t pretend as if u don’t know’, ‘no i don’t care to explain’ he slammed almost loosing his patience.

‘i fell in love with a blo*dy liar’, she said almost spitting on him with the disgust she had for him.

‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN’ he shouted she didn’t get scared she was standing there

‘STOP SHOUTING AND ACCEPT THE TRUTH blo*dy LIAR.’ she fumed with rage, he tried to hold her by shoulders she jerked apart.

‘isn’t it visible enough that i HATE YOU so don’t you dare lay your hands on me.’

he looked at her bewildered,

‘what  did i do why are you angry.’

without any warning a bullet pierced through his chest ‘that’s for manipulating me’, in came another ‘that’s for killing my vansh’, another shot him ‘and that’s for harming my family.’ she pierced him with all the bullets in the pistol and broke down

‘I feel so satisfied today, for all the hurt you have caused me Kabir you deserve much worse than this you deserve to rot.’

from a distance i was watching her I felt bad, I  felt guilty for misunderstanding her all along i cursed myself mentally for being a total jerk ‘ I promise you riddhima I will give you as much happiness I can your vansh is back, and will never leave you alone.’ I couldn’t watch her crying and went towards her held her by her shoulders ‘vansh will be really happy today riddhima, trust me you are the best wife ever.’ I tried to console.

‘thank you vansh and you are the best husband.’ her answer shocked me

‘you knew all along’ I asked

she smiled at me  a placed a kiss on  my cheeks

‘how could I not.’

i embraced her into a bone crushing hug.

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