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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Strong Decision

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai gets angry on Virat and asks him to get his sponge bath done by nurse. He holds her hand and says he will not move at all now, laughs. She scolds not to, herself laughs and says he looks good lying silently. She then performs his sponge bath of his legs, drapes bedsheet over them, raises his bed, and performs his back’s sponge bath. He asks if she is doing his sponge bath as a a medical experiment, doesn’t want any other woman touch him out of jealousy, or considering him as a guinea pig. She warns him to shut up. He says he never saw a doctor performing patient’s sponge bath. She says sometimes even doctors do that and asks to keep silent now. He says mad. She says if he thinks, she she call his special caregiver Pakhi. He gets angry and says she spoke bitter than his medicines. She says she is acting to give him a bitter dose. He says he likes their nok jhok and misses their Gadchiroli fights and nok jhok. She asks if he is still angry on her that she didn’t return with him when he came to take her back. He says he is happy instead that she came to him by herself. She smiles. He asks if she return to befriend him or fight. She says his acts demand a fight. He says he realized that just like they need bitter medicine to heal, he needs to fight with her to elevate his mood. She says she can fight with him even now for kicking her out of house at midnight. He asks if she is still angry on him. She says his act hurt her the most and she is still angry on him for that. He asks why did she return then. She says to maintain a dignity of being a wife. He says to respect a relationship, they need to accept the relationship, that means she still trusts their relationship.

Pakhi returns to her room and feels shattered remembering hospital’s incident. She fumes that she can tolerate what her fate did to her, but cannot what Virat did, why did he do this to her. Karishma hearing her conversation walks to her and says she had packed her stuff, but why did she return from hospital. Pakhi fumes more. Karishma says she is asking this to lighten her mood. Pakhi says she came here to entertain herself instead. Karishma says she didn’t mean that. Pakhi warns her that she knows what she is thinking, she should stop counting her tears or else will walk out of room crying. Karishma walks towards door. Pakhi says Sai has to pay for insulting her. Karishma walks away saying when Pakhi is here, what Virat and Sai must be done alone.

Virat and Sai enjoy tea in garden. Sai tells Virat that she will take care of him until he recovers. Virat asks if she is returning home with him then. She asks not to have high hope. He says he will not recover in 1-2 days. She says not to talk about it. He thinks he doesn’t know what is going in Sai’s mind and says he thought she will not come out with him. She says she wants him to recover soon. He asks her to have something as she is hungry since morning, he will order food. Ashwini with Mohit enters saying there is no need for that as her children will have aayi’s prepared food. She hugs Virat and asks how is he. He says he is fine. Sai excitedly hugs her. She asks how is she. Sai says she is fine, how is she. Ashwini says she is happy when her children are happy, thanks god for protecting her son, and thanks Sai for taking care of her son. Mohit says Sai is taking care of her husband. Ashwini asks if she returned for Virat. Sai says yes. Ashwini jokes why did she come. Sai says Virat is her husband. Ashwini laughs and says she remembers. Virat jokes that since she came, she is telling repeatedly that he is her husband. Sai asks if she should call nurse then. Virat says she is saying even this. Ashwini says he should be thankful that Sai forgave him and is considering him as husband. Virat apologizes Sai. Sai says there is no need for that.

Mohit says its great that Sai forgave Virat. Ashwini thanks god. Mohit asks when is Sai returning to Chavan Nivas. Sai says when did she say that. Ashwini says when she just told that she forgave Virat, its obvious that she will return to her husband’s house. Sai says she already told that she came to take care of Virat and will return to her hostel once he recovers. Virat says he already told that he needs time to recover and needs someone till that, and if Sai doesn’t want to stay with him, he will call nurse. Sai says he will not call nurse. Virat asks who will peform his sponge bath then. Sai says her Aaba told they shouldn’t leave their responsibility incomplete, so she will accompany him to his home and will go once he recovers. He coughs hearing that and prays god that he doesn’t recover at all. Ashwini asks not to worry as they will not let Sai go from home at all; when Sai has taken steps forward, she is sure her son will not let her back off. Sai returns with water for Virat. Virat drinks water looking at her smilingly. Sai says she will go and complete discharge formalities. Mohit accompanies her.

Precap: Virat returns home with Sai. Bhavani says she is happy that Virat returned home, but why did he bring Sai along who boasted she will never return here. Virat tells Sai its her house. Sai says its not her house and she is here only until he recovers.

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