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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 82

The episode starts with Riddhima looking at Vansh eyes and putting her hand on his shoulder.

Riddhima: Can you please relax? Please calm down. I understand your anger. I really understand it and actually I’m happy for it.
He has looked at her in a surprising way.

Riddhima has smiled a cute smile.

She was smiling seeing that he still care about anything she says.
Riddhima: Yes Vansh. Don’t be that surprised and don’t look at me with those lovely eyes and this cute expression as I can’t fall more for you. Of course I’m not happy seeing you that angry, but yes I’m happy that you are being that jealous about me. I’m happy to observe how you can’t just allow anyone to be near me. I’m happy for the secure and safety that I feel it when I’m with you. I just want you to calm down and then I will tell you everything and I’m sure that you will relax more when you hear what I will say.
Riddhima has made Vansh sit on the sofa.

While she was standing from his back.
She was just making massage to him to calm him down.
Vansh was silent.
He wasn’t able to be angry on Riddhima and at the same time he wasn’t able to forget the way Rudra was treating Riddhima with it.
He was very jealous and angry.
Riddhima was understanding his anger and jealousy.
That’s why she wasn’t insisting on talking with him at that moment as she was just focusing on calming him down.
So he could be able to understand what she will say.
At the same time, Rudra has came to Ahana to celebrate their victory.
He has told her everything has happened.
Ahana was smiling so much while hearing Rudra’s words.

Ahana: Perfect Rudra. You have done a very outstanding work. I’m so proud of you. I’m sure that now there is a very huge fire being spread between Vansh and Riddhima. I’m sure that Vansh will not be able to listen to anything Riddhima will say it to him after what you have said. As his anger will prevent him from understanding anything.
Rudra: That’s true. As from what I have known about Vansh Rai Singhania that his anger is very high and no one could be able to stop it if it got started. I have also known how he loves Riddhima so much and be very jealous about her. So that’s what I have used it today. I have said incomplete words in an irritating way to just make him burn in anger and jealousy. I’m sure that Riddhima and Vansh’s relationship will be destroyed now.
Ahana: And that is making me very happy Rudra. Now, I could be relaxed and feeling that I have started to take my revenge and my right from that stupid girl. Now, I could feel satisfied and comfortable when I will see Riddhima’s life get destroyed. I was really wishing that I could be able to see their reactions when you have came in front of them and have said those words. I want to see the face reaction of that Vansh Rai Singhania who was being very confident while talking about his love to Riddhima and their relationship.
Rudra: Don’t worry this confident and trust will not last for more time. He will never be able to get out the doubts that I have putted it inside him.
Ahana: Actually, I’m happy from how you have said what has happened at the past as what you have said will make Vansh feel as if you and Riddhima were in a relationship before and that will make him burn from inside. Even if this isn’t the truth, still it will help us a lot.
Rudra starts to be a kind of angry when he has remembered the past.

Rudra: I can’t forget how she has refused my love. I can’t forget how she didn’t has shared the same feelings as me. I can’t forget how she has broken my heart in that hard way. I will never forget what she has done. Yes I admit that I still love her and that what is making me isn’t accepting that she could love someone else and not me. Why she has loved Vansh and not me?! What Vansh is having that I’m not having it?! So she could love him and refuse my love!!!!
Rudra starts to be very emotional and angry.

Ahana has came near Rudra.
Then she has putted her hand above his shoulder.
Ahana: Just relax and calm down Rudra. You have to chill now as you start to take your right from that girl. Now you got to have the chance to give her the same pain that she has given it to you at the past. Just be strong and think about our next move.
Rudra: I have already started my move that I feel that we will not need any other moves after it. Very soon its result will appear. I’m sure that it will increase Vansh’s anger so much.
Ahana was looking very evil while she was excited for the next move of her plan to destroy with it Vansh and Riddhima’s relationship.

Ahana: Those love birds will not be aware of how and when their relationship will get destroyed just because of the misunderstanding that we have implanted in their relationship.
Afterwards, Vansh still wasn’t talking to Riddhima.

He was just giving her that strict face reaction.

Actually, his anger starts to be a kind of minimized after Riddhima’s message.
So Riddhima decided to take an advantage of that moment and get to clear the misunderstanding that has occurred between them
She starts to come closer to him.

Then she has seated on his lap.

Vansh has gotten surprised from her behavior.

Vansh: Riddhima, what are you doing? I’m still angry from you so don’t think that if I’m silent that my anger got vanished. What appears from outside isn’t like what is being inside me. I’m just burning from inside. So please leave me alone.
Riddhima has looked at him in a cute and innocent way.

Then she has immediately kissed him in his cheek.

She was trying to calm him down and make him relax.
Vansh didn’t has given any reaction to Riddhima.
He wasn’t wanting to make her away from him.
He was just want her to be very close to him, but at the same time he was being very upset from what has happened today.
He was just staring at her without saying anything.

She gets more closer to him.
Then she has putted her hand on his face in a very caring and romantic way.

She became very close to Vansh to feel his breathes.

Riddhima: Vansh, I love you and I will never love any man other than you. You already know how much I love you so much. I don’t care about how many men have loved me as this is something that it isn’t in my hand. What matters is whom I love the most and the only one who I love him the most is you Vansh. You and just you my husband. So please try to listen to me. Your Riddhima would never hide anything from you and if there was something like that has happened at the past I would have if course told you about it not just because you are my husband and the only man who I love him, but because you are my best friend before being anything else. So please give me the chance to tell you the story from the beginning.
Vansh starts to be relaxed after hearing Riddhima’s words.

Vansh to himself: I know how my Riddhima is very innocent and she would never hide anything from me. I’m just being jealous on you Riddhima. I love you and that’s why I can’t bear seeing any man near you. I love you Riddhima, but I’m jealous and I will not be pleased that easy.
Vansh was listening  to Riddhima carefully with a hope that his anger and jealousy could be vanished from her words.
Riddhima has putted her hand around Vansh’s head to make him closer to her.

Riddhima: Yes that guy’s name is Rudra Singh Rathour. We were teacher mates at the school and we were close friends. This time I was still fresh teacher and I was just connected to my mother, Kabir bro and Angre. Ragini and I weren’t that close, but we were just sharing the same working place and the same neighborhood. I was still didn’t have met you or met that stupid past that I had it. Rudra and I were close and we were good friends. I was feeling that he owns special feelings to me and he was trying to make me notice that in an indirect way, but I wasn’t sh…
Before Riddhima could be able to complete her words, someone has nocked the door.
So Vansh has gotten away from her.
Then he has gotten from his place to go to open the door.

He has found a parcel being putted in front of the door.
He has taken it and he has gotten inside the room.
He has gotten very angry when he has opened the parcel.

Riddhima has got worried when she has seen Vansh’s anger.

Riddhima to herself: Oh no! He has gotten angry once again!! That means that there is something new has happened to cause problems between Vansh and I!! I have to solve this problem.
She has came near Vansh.

Riddhima: Vansh, what has happened? Why you have gotten angry once again?!
Vansh’s anger got to be very very noticeable when he has started talking.

Vansh: I will not leave that guy. I will not leave him at all. What he is doing will cause problems to him a lot. You have to tell me everything about that guy. Don’t you dare to hide anything of me. I want to know how you are saying that nothing has happened between you both and how this is logical?!
He has showed her the picture that he has received it at the parcel.
Riddhima has got surprised when she has seen that picture.

At the same time, Rudra was putting his hand on his face while being happy after hearing what is happening between Vansh and Riddhima while he was standing outside their room.

Rudra to himself: Enjoy the drifting that will be between you both now.
He has left the hotel and went back to Ahana.
Who has got to be very happy and looking so evil while she was hearing what Rudra has heard.

Ahana: Perfect. Now our plan is moving on the way we want.
Rudra: I think that we don’t need anything else. We just need to enjoy while watching them being apart from each other.
Ahana: Their relationship will not take much time until it will be broken very much.
Rudra: Let’s wait for that.
At that moment, Kabir along with Angre, Ishani, and Ragini were talking all together.
They were worried after what Rudra has said.
They weren’t able to go to Riddhima and Vansh.
So they could give Riddhima the chance to calm Vansh down.
Angre, Kabir, and Ragini have told Ishani everything about Rudra.
Ishani: So guys, do you all think that this Rudra has really came to just break Vansh bhai and Riddhima bhabi’s relationship. As actually from what you all have said about Rudra doesn’t shows that he is an evil person. He could really has been madly in love for bhabi, but does he could be able to be that evil?
Angre: No Ishani. I’m sure that Rudra has came for a motive. Yes he wasn’t evil, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t turned evil now. I know how he was loving Riddhima. I know that he could do anything just to take his right from her for not choosing him.
Ishani: So what we will do now?
Ragini: We have to think about something very quickly.
The 3 of them have looked at Kabir.
They were waiting for his suggestion.
He was just putting his hands on his mouth in a surprised way.

Ishani: What has happened Kabir? Why you are being that surprised?
He has gotten out from his place while he was still surprised.

Kabir: Rudra didn’t has returned from his mind. There is someone who has called him to do that. Both of them are joining hands together to take their revenge from Riddhima and now I have known that person.
Angre has got very angry.

He has reached to the same thing that Kabir has reached to it.
Angre: Do you mean that stupid girl?
Kabir: Yes. Ahana is the one who is behind Rudra’s entry to destroy with it Vansh and Riddhima’s relationship.
Ishani and Ragini at the same time: What?!!!
At Vansh and Riddhima’s room, Vansh was standing in a far area.

A very huge anger was noticeable on Vansh’s face.
He was so jealous and upset.
Riddhima was just silent while looking at that picture that was showing her being surprised seeing Rudra proposing to her.
She was also looking at the other pictures that was showing the strong bond between Rudra and Riddhima.
Riddhima to herself: I was sure that Rudra will use anything to cause problems between Vansh and I. I will not leave you Rudra. I will not allow you to destroy my relationship with Vansh.
Riddhima has came near Vansh to face him.

Riddhima: Vansh, let me complete my words then you will understand everything. Trust me, I didn’t have hidden anything from you.
Vansh: I don’t want excuses. I want the whole truth. I’m very hurt Riddhima. I didn’t have imagined that you could give me this hurt. I want you to clear everything to me now. Don’t make me feel that what I’m seeing to you and thinking about you is just an illusion.
Riddhima has gotten angry from Vansh’s words.

Riddhima( being angry): Don’t repeat those words once again Vansh. You aren’t understanding what are you saying. So be silent better than hurting me. I’m understanding what you are feeling right now Vansh, but this doesn’t mean that you say anything. Don’t say words that could make you regret afterwards.
Vansh and Riddhima were being hurt.
They were being very angry.
Then a huge debate has started between them.
Vansh was being jealous and Riddhima was trying to comfort him, but she also was being angry from what he was saying without noticing.

Because of the huge love that both of them own it to the other, the jealousy and anger was also high like it.
They were being in that debate while both of them were just needing to be at the other’s arms.
Precap: Injured.






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