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FLAMES – Lovely Evening ft Saahil

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Episode 2 – Lovely Evening

The next morning!!!

Sanam wakes up and calls for Dilshad.

Dilshad: I’m standing right in front of you.

Sanam opens her eyes and sees Dilshad. She wishes her good morning.

Dilshad: You are 24 now but still you want to see me first every morning.

Sanam: Always!!!

She hugs her…

Dilshad: Ok, it’s time for college. Go and get ready. Have breakfast and go.

Sanam: Why are you so hurry? Are you going somewhere?

Dilshad: Yes to meet my friend. Your dada is here. He’ll drop you at college.

Sanam: Ok, take care. Bye.

Sanam goes to get ready….

The scene shifts to Aahil’s room.

Rehan comes there with a sad face.

Aahil: Rehan, why are you sad?

Rehan: Bhai…

Aahil: Tell me.

Rehan: Yesterday night we had a meeting with the Indian cricket Board…

Aahil: Yeah, you went for that.

Rehan: They are planning to drop you from the team. Even some technical staff wish this to happen. But they will ask for players’ concerns, I feel all the players won’t let you down.

Aahil: Rehan, leave it, what is to happen will happen for sure.

Rehan: But Bhai, you have a chance.

Aahil: What chance?

Rehan: They told me that if you score runs and win this series, they will let you continue.

Aahil: Ok…

Rehan: So Bhai please, somehow score runs, I trust you.

Aahil nods, Rehan leaves.

Aahil thinks!!!!

The scene shifts to Raiza’s house.

Raiza welcomes Dilshad.

Raiza: Dilshad, what a surprise?

Dilshad: Why should I not come?

Raiza: No, no, you can come here anytime.

Tanveer comes there.

Raiza: Dilshad, she is my niece Tanveer, a businesswoman.

Dilshad: Yeah, I know her. I saw her at some investor meeting.

Tanveer: Hello, you are Rashid sir’s wife right?

Dilshad: Yes…

Raiza: Yes and also my best friend.

Tanveer & Dilshad smiles.

Tanveer: How are you mam?

Dilshad: You can call me aunty. No need of mam.

Tanveer: Fine aunty. You both have some time together, I’ll leave.

Dilshad: Tanveer, wait. I came to speak to you.

Tanveer: With me?

Dilshad: Yes.

Tanveer: About what?

Dilshad: I heard you are searching alliance for your nephew Aahil. I have my granddaughter…

Tanveer: Sanam…

Dilshad looks at Raiza.

Raiza: Morning only I gave Sanam’s pic to her as I know that you are also searching alliance for our Sanam.

Dilshad smiles.

Dilshad: What’s your opinion?

Tanveer: I liked Sanam a lot. I have sent all the girl’s pic to Aahil. He needs to select. But he is rejecting everyone.

Dilshad: Did he reject Sanam also?

Tanveer: No, I didn’t get his reply still.

Dilshad: Then ok, we’ll hope for the best.

Tanveer and Raiza smiles. The three ladies go on chatting…

The scene focuses on Aahil’s practice.

Aahil hits runs in the nets. The coach motivates him a lot. All other players have received a mail regarding the change of captain and dropping Aahil. They all want Aahil to be their captain. So, they also motivate him a lot. Aahil notices this and thinks…

After practice, he comes to the room. He switches on his phone and receives Tanveer’s message. He sees Sanam’s pic. Seeing her, something hits in his heart. But he is not in the mood to reply. He asks Rehan to reply to Tanveer that he is not interested. 

Rehan: Did Chachi sent you the pic directly?

Aahil: Yes.

Rehan: Always she sends it to me. But if she has sent directly then something special will be with this girl. Give, let me see.

He sees Sanam and likes her.

Rehan: Bhai, she is so beautiful. I like her a lot. You both will make the best pair. Please agree.

Aahil: Rehan…

Rehan: Please Bhai…

Tanveer calls aahil, Rehan answers her.

Tanveer: Rehan, is Aahil not there?

Rehan: Chachi, he is near only. I saw the pic and liked it a lot.

Tanveer: Even I liked her a lot. She is your grandma’s friend’s granddaughter. Now only I got to know Sanam better. I really like her. She will make the best pair for Aahil.

Rehan: Even, I was saying the same.

Tanveer: You know what she runs the art page called as AsYa creations and she is doing better in her career and studies.

Rehan gets happy!!!!

Rehan: Chachi, we’ll arrange a meeting for them.

Tanveer: Will Aahil agree?

Rehan: I’ll take care of that.

Tanveer: Ok then, we’ll come to the hotel you are staying in in the evening.

Rehan: Pakka…

Then ends the call.

Rehan thinks to play with aahil.

Aahil: Rehan, you are going to get nicely from me. Why did you tell her about the meeting?

Rehan: Bhai, if you love me truly, then you need to meet this girl at eve. Get ready.

Aahil: ok, only for you.

Rehan: Ok…

Rehan leaves. Aahil worries.

Tanveer tells this info to Dilshad. She gets happy. 

Dilshad: This is good news. I will come with Sanam in the evening.

She leaves…

Dilshad tells this Rashid and he also gets happy.

Rashid: Sanam will come in some time as her class ends by noon.

After some time, Sanam comes home.

Sanam sees them happy.

Sanam: Wow, you both look so happy?

Dilshad: When you know the info, you’ll also be happy.

Sanam: What news?

Dilshad: We are going to see…

Sanam sees them clueless.

Rashid: We are going to see Aahil…

Sanam is surprised.

Sanam: Which Aahil?

Dilshad: Your captain Aahil.

Sanam gets happy….

Sanam: Really?

Rashid: The reason for the visit is…

Sanam: Visit is?

Dilshad: For match-making.

Sanam is stunned.

Dilshad tells her everything. Sanam couldn’t even imagine being Aahil’s wife. Happy tears flow from her eyes.

Rashid, Dilshad hug her…

She gets ready and happily dreams Aahil is making her get ready. 

She sees Aahil’s message…

On the other side, Aahil is not in the mood to see her and messages AsYa that today they are seeing an alliance for her and he needs to meet that girl. Sanam smiles seeing it.

Sanam: This means you don’t know about me. Fine, you keep on messaging me. I’ll talk with you directly.

She smiles and offs the phone. But Aahil messages her…

Aahil: I’m not interested to meet that girl. I feel I have some feelings for you. I don’t know what it is, but I really do have feelings for you. You are there with me every time. you motivate me and support me. I want you to travel with me till my last breath. I don’t know who you are. I just now found that you are unmarried by seeing some arts. So, I’m asking this, Will you marry me?

He sees her offline and waits for her reply. Rehan comes and snatches his phone. He makes him get ready.

Rehan: Now you are perfect.

Aahil: Is this necessary?

Rehan: Yes…

They both come to the lobby and see Tanveer and Raiza. They all exchange greetings.

Rehan: Where is the girl’s family?

Raiza: They came.

Dilshad and Rashid come with Sanam. Aahil is smitten by her beauty.

Sanam’s face glows an extra little because she is excited to meet Aahil.

Aahil thinks why is he attracted to her. Maybe it’s her beauty. He tells himself not to get distracted by the beauty.

Rehan: Look at her, she looks like a diva.

Tanveer: You are right Rehan, she is awesome.

They come and greet. Sanam greets Aahil and he too responds. Rehan also greets her.

They sit to talk.

Rehan: Ah, let the boy and girl can have some space together.

Tanveer: Yeah sure…

Aahil and Sanam go to the next table.

Sanam is excited but Aahil is calm.

Sanam starts to talk but he interrupts…

Aahil: I don’t even know your name. Chachi and Rehan compelled me to see you. I’m not interested in you and I’m in love with another girl. So, I hope you understand.

Sanam gets broken. She holds her tears back. She smiles in pain. She gets up and leaves.

Dilshad and Rashid worry. They too go behind her. Tanveer, Raiza, and Rehan scold Aahil.

Rehan: What did you tell her?

Aahil: Ok fine listen, for the past 1 year, I have been following an art page AsYa creations. I’m in love with that girl. I wish to marry her. So, please don’t bring me alliances. It’s really embarrassing.

Tanveer: Rehan didn’t you tell him?

Rehan: I thought of surprising him.

Aahil: What?

Raiza: Arey Aahil, she is that girl.

Aahil: Which girl?

Tanveer: Aahil, Sanam is the admin of that page. She is that artist.

Aahil is in shock. He sits thinking of his words. He thinks that this is the reason he got attracted to her. He really feels bad.

Rehan: Sorry Bhai, I didn’t mean to do it purposefully.

Aahil hugs him.

Tanveer: No worries Aahil. I’ll talk with Dilshad.

The scene shifts to Sanam’s home.

She breaks things in anger.

Dilshad and Rashid try to calm her.

Sanam: Did I ask you this. If this hasn’t happened, I would have been a happy fan. Now see what has happened.

Rashid: No beta, we didn’t expect this.

Sanam goes angrily and switches on her phone. She thinks to delete all his messages. She sees his message and gets emotional. 

Sanam: This means you love me…..

Sanam cries happily. Dilshad and Rashid come in and she shows them the message. They too get happy…

Sanam smiles!!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!

Next episode – Acing Career & love will be updated on Thursday.

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