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Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh FF – Mr.Perfect

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Chapter 16: Mr.Perfect

Bani: Hearts that are strengthened by Love are not separated even by death, whilst the dead always lives in the heart of the live . The weapon of Love can never turn into a destructor.

Everyone is surprised to hear it.

Aman starts to jump in joy

Aman: The curse…it is saying about the curse

Roshini who is connected on a conference gets happy too

Roshini: This will help be create a break for it

Veer: Roshini I dont think the curse will last any longer

Bani: Exactly…Vansh and Riddhima will not be under danger for long

Gaurav: Im pleased to know it , but Vansh dont ..

Vansh: Ill not lose my caution sir.

Roshini: I guess this clue has cleared my biggest obstacle, weapon of love can never be a destructor. So its a constructive procedure

Veer: A cons..what?

Bani: Oh veer you are a dreadful potions master as you know. Vansh dont worry the curse will break soon

Vansh: Im so touched to know that all of you are worrying for us

Aman: Why wont we huh? We are all together in this Vansh

Vansh: Indeed

Gaurav: Vansh Meghnand will reach you soon, you can start the training tomorrow evening

Vansh: Sure sir

The call disconnects on a happy note

Angre: Bhai what happened?

Vansh smiles broader and holds Ridhimaa closer

Vansh: Er..nothing..now if you dont mind I need few words with..

Aryan drags Angre from there. Vansh chuckles

Ridhimaa: Whats the good news on phone Vansh?

Vansh: Its about the secret Ridhimaa inside the golden egg

Ridhimaa: Is it such a big news that your eyes are twinkling with happiness?

Vansh kisses her cheek and in mind: When its about being with you forever wont it be a good news

Vansh: It is sweetheart, now its let Ill drop you home

They leave and the scene freezes

Next Evening Vansh’s secret place

Vansh and Ridhimaa reach his cave

Riddhima: Whats this place?

Vansh: Its our place of wizardry my dear. Your wand is here and lets start the practice of charms

He leads her inside the cave and hands her the wand

Vansh: Ridhimaa you need to pay attention to what I do, one wrong thing will cause a different effect

Ridhimaa nods like an obedient student

Vansh grabs his wand , his eyes gesture her to watch him. He flicks the wand, pulls it back and flicks again

Vansh: Now repeat it

Riddhima does it but her hand shakes. Vansh gets behind her and holds her hand tightly in position

Vansh: Its like this dear a steady movement

His hand guides her through the movement . Then he steps away

Vansh: Now do it

She does it in a right way

Vansh: Thats it darling , now (he demonstrates the movement and at the same time) Lumos

Bright white light erupts. Ridhimaa imitates him and her wand lights up too. She jumps in excitement

Vansh: Awesome, daughter of Sharmas would not have taken longer undoubtedly

Ridhimaa: This is not because of any Sharma lineage

Vansh: Then how come it came out perfectly?

Ridhimaa throws her hands around his shoulder and raises her heels to meet his eye level

Riddhima: Its because I learnt it from my Mr.Perfect

Vansh: Your Mr.Perfect?

Riddhima: Yes

Vansh puts his hands around her waist and pulls her much closer to him

Vansh: I would not be this happy if I had heard it from someone else

Riddhima: Hereafter you wont hear it from anyone else, if someone dares to say

Vansh: Then they will be punished in Ridhimaa style like Ragini

Saying this he bursts laughing

Ridhimaa: Now teacher sir lets continue

Vansh: Oh yes

The session continues with other basic charms and the scene freezes

Maya’s place, Next day Early morning

Bani: What next mam?

Maya: Ridhimaa is learning her charms now

Veer: Thats great

Maya: Like her mom I bet Ridhimaa will be a great witch

Bani: Mam I have a doubt

Maya: Whats it Bani?

Bani: Why didn’t any of you bring her parents back?

Maya: Their location is not known dear

Bani: Then how are you sure of them being alive?

Maya: Thats because magic registry will know the death of any wizard by a means of highly magical ways and that still the Sharmas are alive

Bani: Who has them?

Veer: Nagesh’s follower of course

Bani: I would like to know who it is

Voice: We will know that soon

They turn to see a guy standing at the door with a wand and a broomstick

Veer: Karan?

Karan chuckles. Bani runs to him and hugs him

Bani: Its been long since I saw you bhai. How are you?

Karan: Good as usual my dear sister. Your bhabhi has been busy with her works regarding the prophecy

Bani: Prophecy?

Karan: Yes..under Gaurav ji’s instructions we were doing everything to let Vansh know the prophecy

Maya: Thats a good job . Vansh knew everything except the prophecy and now he knows it too

Karan: They are together is what I heard from Gaurav ji , that means the fight has started. We have to track down Nagesh’s follower

Veer: You know the follower?

Karan nods

Karan: Oops I forgot my purpose of visit. Full moon is nearing. We need to capture Kabir soon

Maya: Thats right

Karan: Bani and veer we need your help

Bani: Whats it?

Karan: Veer you have to change into your animagus form and start to search the forest for any activities of Kabir

Veer: Ill do it

Karan: Preeta is already with Roshini helping her to the break the curse. Bani I want you to devise ways to capture a werewolf

Bani: Sure bhai

Karan: Maya mam Im setting out with Aman in search of Shivaay.

Bani: Shivaay?

Karan: Yes . Shivaay and dont ask me why. I am telling this to you because if we aren’t back in a week you will have to alert Gaurav ji and Vansh about it. Ill take your leave

Karan leaves from there. The scene freezes

Vansh’ s office

Angre: Karan and Aman are going for Shivaay?

Vansh: Exactly. Shivaay is on that side which means he is a big lead to Nagesh’s follower

Angre: How can Shivaay be? He was Maya ji’s student right

Vansh: Vengeance can lead to such situations brother

Angre: What vengeance?

Vansh: Dont tell me that you never knew the love triangle between Veer Bani and Shivaay

Angre: Oh..

Vansh: And yeah..Veer is spying the forest for Kabir..where is Samar?

Angre: Aryan has him captured in his apartment yesterday night while you were with Ridhimaa. Out men are there

Vansh looks at Ridhimaa sleeping in his couch

Vansh: Fine then we will take Ridhimaa with us and see him off so that once we reach she can go home with Aryan

Angre: Right then

Vansh: Angre as you know she should be with anyone of us for her safety

Angre: She is strong na but

Vansh: I feel that her strength must not be wasted on matters like this. We have a great struggle ahead

Angre: Right

They leave to Samar’s place. The scene freezes

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Next Chapter: Nagesh’s follower

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