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Falling for my so-called sister (RiAns Love Saga) Episode 10

Episode starts as..,

Deep : Riddhima

Riddhima : Yes dad?

She turned to him with a wide smile on her face as nothing had happened. 

Deep : What happened just now?

Riddhima : Nothing, why?

Deep : Yo..

Riddhima rings her phone herself (smart girl) and then excuses herself. 

Deep : Did you all understand what happened?

Arohi : Yeah

Tara : She slapped that Nia 7-8 times..

Arohi : But why?

Deep : That’s the mystery..

Vansh : She was saying Abhianshu as “rapist” and Nia as “sl*t”

Deep : Also, both of them as brother-sister..

Vansh : Ughhh..I’m not able to understand anything..

Deep: Mutual feelings!

Vansh : Now, what to do?

Arohi : Ask her..

Tara : Simple!

Vansh : She won’t reply..

Deep : See Vansh, you’ve to reply and know the whole story..

Vansh : But-

Deep : Your duty, I need results till tomorrow 12 noon..

Vansh : OK Dad..

Deep, Arohi and Tara leave. 

Vansh : Because of this Riddhima, I’ve to suffer, where is she now? Riddhimaa..Riddhimaaa..

Riddhima ignores him and then goes to her room, followed by Vansh. She bangs her door but Vansh opens it. 

Riddhima : What is your problem? 

Vansh : Exactly, what is your problem?

Riddhima : You followed me, right? So, you’ve a problem..

Vansh : You ignored me, right? So you’ve a problem..

Riddhima : Oh, so I’ve a problem?

Vansh : Do I have one?

Riddhima (pissed) : Okok, I’ve a problem, okay? Now GO

Vansh : Since, you’ve a problem, lemme solve it..I love solving problems!

Riddhima : You know what-

Vansh : No, I don’t know..

Riddhima : Then, listen, you’ll know..

Vansh : Sure, start..

He sits on the chair crossing his legs. 

(Kindly ignore the stairs)

Riddhima makes a face and mutters,”What does he think of himself? I know that it’s his house also but how can someone be so Attitudistic..”

Vansh : I’ve heard..

Riddhima : So what? I’m not scared of you, ok?

Vansh : Okay but don’t divert the topic and tell me the truth..

Riddhima : Hmm…

She goes and picks the water bottle and takes some water in her hand, and secretly applies it on her face to show fake tears. Then, turns towards Vansh. 

Riddhima : h..What should I tell you now? Iannnnn

She starts crying (fakely) Vansh gets up and pats her shoulder.

Vansh : If you don’t want to tell me, it’s completely ok, but don’t cry..

She wipes her tears and sobs. Vansh leaves and she starts laughing. 

Riddhima : Good job Riddhima! Well done..I made him fool and he became too? I can’t believe it..

Then, a yellow hoodie person spies on her. 

Person : Ohh, so she is fooling everyone..Not bad ha Riddhima, now I’ll also show how to fool someone. 

He knocks on her window. She looks and sees the back of the yellow hoodie person and runs behind him. 

Riddhima : Wait..Wait..

(Kindly ignore the saree)

But the yellow hoodie person runs away. She shouts,”Stop Stop!” Then, Deep and Arohi gather  there after 4-5 mins. 

Deep : What happened?

Riddhima : Someone was there spying on me?

Arohi : Spying? Not possible dear, see so much security!

Deep : It is an illusion..

Riddhima : No, he just ran away..

Deep: He? Did you see his face?

Riddhima : No..

Arohi : Riddhu, again pranking us naa?

Riddhima : No Dad, he was there..

Deep : Come Arohi..

They leave while she stands puzzled. 

Riddhima : I’m sure it wasn’t an illusion..But why are they not believing me? Oh GOD! Help me..

Then, she notices some footprints. 

Riddhima : Means there was mud in the person’s shoes. 

The yellow hoodie person sees her from the pillar. 

Person : How did I make this mistake? Now, she’ll judge the foot size..I’ll have to get it clean..

While she is noticing the footprints,the maid comes and wipes them. 

Riddhima : What did you do?

Maid : Ma’am I was just cleaning..

Riddhima : Can’t you see, I was doing something?

Maid : Sorry ma’am..

Riddhima : Keep your sorry with you..Huh! This was one of the proofs and this is too destroyed..

She goes to her room while the yellow hoodie person smirks. 

In her room : 

She sees the photo of the footprints.

Riddhima : I know yellow hoodie man/woman , you’re smart but I’m more smart..

She smirks and remembers how she clicked the photo.

Flashback : 

The yellow hoodie person is seeing Riddhima from the pillar. Riddhima notices it and clicks the picture secretly. 

Flashback ends. 

Precap :Love..yes..it is love..

               Are you sick? 

               Yes, I’ve got a disease called “LOVE” 

(Sorry for the third precap again! In the next episode, it will be shown, I was to write this here but as immj makers did it, I also)

That’s all for the episode..I hope you liked it and found interesting..


  1. Who can be the yellow hoodie person? 
  2. What does the person want?  
  3. What is the truth of Nia-Abhianshu-Riddhima?
  4. What will be Abhianshu’s next step? 

Also, I planned this for 20 episodes but I’m extending it to 30..Keep loving and supporting! Stay safe!!!

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