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Choti Sardarni 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab tells everyone about Meher’s disease

Choti Sardarni 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
The manager comes in and says to the kids your mother left you here and ran away so she doesn’t have to pay the bill. He says don’t let the kids go away. Karan says I read somewhere that restaurants make you do the dishes and hit you if you don’t pay their bill. Seher says where could mama go?

Meher is on the way. She recalls about the kids.. She says it’s their time to come back from school. I have to go home. The kids say you can’t make us do the dishes. Seher says and we won’t mop. Yuvi says my dadi is a sarpanj. She will break your legs. Param says shut up guys. Param says I booked this table. My papa is Sarabjit Singh Gill. He says oh you’re Sarab’s kids? Param says our mom can’t leave us. Please look around. She must be here. The kids try to guess the password of the card. Param says it’s the last attempt, we can’t make a mistake. Seher doesn’t listen to them and enters a number.. The card works and the bill is paid. Kids ask whose DOB was it? Seher says papa’s.

Scene 2
Harleen comes. She says doctor Naina you here? Sarab says Meher’s case is serious. Naina says yes it looks like a case of amnesia if we don’t start treatment right now it can be huge trouble. Meher comes in and asks what happened? Sarab says she’s my business partner. Sarab asks where are the kids? Meher says I came to ask the same. Did they come back from school? Harleen says kids were.. Doctor asks her not to. Sarab is shocked. Sarab says I forgot as well. They have done with the driver. They must be coming. You go get freshen up. Meher goes upstairs.

Harleen says at least ask her which restaurant did she take them to. Param calls Sarab. He says papa we came for a breakfast. Karan says but mama left us. Sarab says there was something urgent so she had to rush home. Sarab asks where are you? Param says didn’t she tell you? Sarab says I forgot. Param says we are at the Grand.

Scene 3
Sarab calls Kulwant. Sarab says mummy ji please come here. There’s something serious. She says all okay? Sarab says please come. Kulwant says I am coming.

The kids say we were so worried. Karan says we thought they will make us do the dishes. Seher says her card pin is your birthday. Yuvi says Seher saved us. Seher asks what happened papa? Karan says Meher mama can’t leave us there like that. Harleen says go to your room kids.. Sarab says no di. Our kids are wise. They will understand. We can’t hide it from them. Sarab says kids, this is doctor Naina. And she will tell us what is the problem with Meher mama and how can we treat her. Kulwant comes in and says what’s the problem with my Meher? Sarab says please sit mummy ji. I told you she keeps forgetting things.

Doctor Naina says first of all we need to understand what happened with her. She got a bruise on her head which developed amnesia in her head. Kulwant says what’s that? Naina says she keeps losing her memory. She wasn’t treated days after the bruise.. Kulwant says we didn’t even know if she was alive. Naina says due to a delay in treatment, this has gotten serious.

Meher takes a shower and gets ready. Meher sees the time and asys how could I get this late? Where is my focus. Why am I in such a hurry? Meher asks the maid was there something at 2? She says kids come back at 2. Meher says oh yes. Meher says let me go cook for them.

Seher cries and says aunty will mama be okay? Karan says give her medicine, please. Sarab hugs them. Naina says this problem will increase will time. Soon it will become mix Amnesia. Their memory goes in their past. What was her biggest trauma so far? Anything that gave her a huge shock. If you can tell me the year? Kulwant recalls stabbing Manav.. She recalls how Meher screamed. Kulwant says 2011. Naina says I can’t say much but it’s quite possible that her memory might go behind that year. Robbie says then she won’t recognize us? She says yes. Everyone is shocked. Naina says she won’t remember anyone after 2010. Seher says mama won’t recognize me? Karan says me too? Param says what will happen now, papa? Harleen hugs Param.

Meher serves the food. She says who made this daal? Maid says you made it. Meher says I made it just now. Who made the other 3? The maid is shocked. The doctor says her memory would go back and forth. She will fluctuate between 2010 and 2021. Harleen says how will we handle it when she doesn’t recognize us? Kulwant says we will make her remind. Naina says don’t do that. You have to act. If her memory goes back to 2010, she will ask who are you? You don’t have to force remind her. Don’t even try. Just lie, make any story. Or she will force her mind whoch can worsen the condition.

Meher says I have to tell Sarab, Priya doesn’t focus on her work. She made so many daals. Meher says where was I going? Kulwant says what’s the treatment? She says it’s slow. Your support is more important than medicine. Meher comes there and says when did you come from the school? Karan says we just came back from school. Seher says it was so much fun in school. Meher says Yuvi also came? Kulwant says he came with me. Meher says why are you not wearing uniforms? You didn’t come upstairs to change. Sarab says I ordered these clothes online and asked them to try. Harleen and Robbie leave. The kids leave as well.

Scene 4
Meher says the special siwayan are ready. Taste and let me know how they are. Karan says the sugar.. Seher kicks him. Seher says sugar is perfect. It’s so good. Meher leaves.

Seher and Karan tell Harleen Meher added salt in siwayan instead of sugar. Meher comes back again with siwayan and says kids I made siwayan. Try and let me know how they are? Harleen says but you just.. Seher says they are very tasty mama. The kids eat them again. Harleen smiles.

Scene 5
Meher is about to eat her medicine then forget.. The kids come and tell her to sing a lullaby. She eats her medicine. Meher sings the lullaby.. She forgets it in between.. Meher tries to recall. She cries. Meher holds her head and cries.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kulwant makes her house the way it was in 2010. Meher asks Jeeto who are you? Kulwant says she’s a maid. Meher plays with the brothers. Kulwant video calls Sarab and says my Meher is the way she was in 2010.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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