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Chasing the Evanescence – part 6 (Riansh ff)



The next two days went in some background research about Riddhima and her husband who was missing in action and it seemed there was nothing suspicious about his disappearance.

He was in services and it might be that he was on some secret mission just like Vansh himself went at times.

She was a simple girl who was living with her parents and managing the cottage along with her job as a dance teacher.

“but about those marks he had seen back then…” his heart asked him as he opened his laptop to go through the decoded emails he had received from his cyber buddy.

“This was not a time to think about her personal life… he had to make sure she was safe before he left.” telling this to his brain he focused on the screen.

It was a heat map of a certain area around the city headquarter and in the last few weeks, it was observed that the activities were maximum around 2 to 4 AM.

Next was the list of vehicle plates of people who visited in that time period and as he expected they were mostly house service or ration delivery guys.

This was not going to get him anything, he could not point his finger at anyone on this basis and they needed more information.

“Sir, a white van is observed to make rounds of the cottage a few times.” he received the call on the burner he had got to solve this mystery, it was one of the regular workers in the estates.

“ok… did you write down the plate details?” he closed the lid of his laptop and left the chair.

“Yes sir, I have already sent you.” the worker was happy sharing the details as if he had solved the biggest mystery.

“good, keep an eye on that and you will get your reward soon.” he cut the call and checked the number, and sent the details to Sahir, his cyber buddy.



She was extra careful with her mother in the last few days seeing her restlessness. The absence of Kabir was putting a toll on her already deteriorating mental health.

“Ridhhu, give me the coffee na… what are you doing.” her old man called her from the lawn.

“coming Ma…” she poured the coffee in the mug and walked outside.

Giving her the mug she took a seat in another empty chair and started sipping her coffee, a new competition was being organized in the school so she had to train the group to participate.

Sometimes this modern schooling culture infuriated her, every other day they were preparing for one thing or another… she loved dancing but it was putting a strain on her.

“These kids tell me I forget the way home.” her mother laughed in her own words.

“who said that Ma, please don’t listen to them.” feeling helpless suddenly Riddhima denied the truth.

“i know, I know they like to tease me.” pointing towards the little kids of the guest residing in the next cottage who used to play in their lawn the old lady smiled.

It was tough to handle everything but her mother’s disease also helped her hide now the months-long disappearance of Kabeer.

“when is Kabeer coming?” the old lady’s words broke her stupor.

“his boss said he would be home soon.” swallowing a lump she lied like she had been all these months.

“We wanted to rent the cottage, young lady.” a couple walked into the lawn and without any formality voiced their wish.

“Hello,” Ridhima smiled at them. “I wish I could say YES but currently we don’t have availability.”

“When can we get one, if possible could you manage a room in a week’s time…” the man requested this time.

“My fiancé always wanted to live in one such cottage for a few days so…” the man’s voice turned even needier this time.

“Sorry Sir, I can understand but I am sorry, there is already a  couple living here and we provide the cottage to only one couple at a time.” she told them politly.

“okay then, give us your contact number or card so we can enquire about rooms later.” the lady spoke and Riddhima sensed an authoritative tone in her voice.

Unknown to Ridhima a shadow entered the cottage.

“i’ll bring one, kindly wait here.” she smiled at them and walked to her mother.

“Ma, don’t go anywhere I am coming in a few minutes.”

The old lady nodded sipping her coffee and eyeing the couple who were observing the cottage rather too keenly.



In a moment she was opening the drawer in the bedroom and in the other she was dragged nowhere.

Her eyes closed in terror and then opened sensing what was happening… someone was inside her bedroom and was trying to drag, kidnap her.

She could not even shout seeing the strong grip of the man’s gloved hands. She tried desperately to hold on to something, the paperweight, or the books even the comb but nothing came in her hands as the person manhandled her.

Suddenly she was in a corner near the window and the intruder was opening the window, she tried to come out of his hold but success was a far sight in his grip.

A few moments passed and he didn’t say anything but she could sense the calm man behind her… it was a tall man and taller than Kabir, she tried to inhale his smell for future reference if she could manage to get saved in this one moment.

She heard a crash in the hall and The grip loosened on her neck as if the intruder was waiting for this only.

in the next moment, a tall man entered through the door and ran to them but the intruder threw her on him and jumped the window just the way skilled men did.

The man who has entered the room grabbed her before she touched the floor and she held on to him for her dear life… he made her sit on the bed and ran to the window only to return in the next moment and making a call.

“he ran away… I have put the sensor on the white van, chase it.” he cut the call and came to her.

She was gasping for her breath-holding her chest… it was the strongest she had been to death and she felt her pulse falling suddenly.

She was the least aware about this another man and tried to forget that something like that happened, who would she call if someone came for her, who to get…

Her breaths started fluctuating and suddenly the man engulfed her to him and whispered… “its alright, its alright… you are safe now.” the soft words and his gentle pats on her back calmed her a bit.

“who are you, leave me.” she came to her senses in a few moments and jerked away from him.

“see, don’t panic..please,” he said as he turned on all lights of the room.

“you… you are the same man, Army..” recognition hit her.

“Give me a moment, I’ll explain everything.” he tried to calm her and left the room.




“First , have some water.” he extended a glass of water to her and took a seat on the chair opposite the bed.

Grabbing the glass in her hands she took a big gulp of water and eyed him suspiciously when another thing came to her mind… “Ma”

“she is alright and the boy is with her.” he told her and when she stared at him in surprise… “the teenager who lives here.” he completed.

This earned him another stern stair from her.

“see , there are a few things I have to talk with you… about your safety.” he gave her a quick moment to assemble herself.



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