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Barrister Babu 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Trilochan meets Thakumaa Kalindi

Barrister Babu 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anirudh coming to Bondita. She says you here. She thinks she is dreaming. He hides behind the tree and smiles. She turns away. He holds her. She pinches her hand. She says you are really here, Sakha babu. She hugs him and says it means this isn’t a dream. He says yes, I have really come, I got your letter, are you fine, how is Sumati, I was upset knowing about her, we will take her to a big hospital and get her treated. Bondita says she is recovering. Thakumaa is treating her, she is a good vaid. He asks what were you doing with this broom, you have to hold this ink pen. Thankumaa and family comes. Thakumaa slaps him. He gets shocked.

Thakumaa taunts him. She asks how dare you touch Bondita, you are a stranger. Anirudh picks the fallen pen. He says I m not a stranger, I m Anirudh, maybe you didn’t identify me. Thakumaa says you are Anirudh, you should have told me first, I slapped you, I can’t ask you to take it as blessing, take it as a lesson and remember. She asks Rimjhim to welcome Anirudh well, he is their son-in-law. Anirudh says no need, I just came to meet Bondita. Thakumaa says its our need. She asks Bondita why didn’t you fill sindoor, you wanted your husband to do it right. She asks Anirudh to fill Bondita’s maang, he regards Bondita his wife, right. Anirudh says no, I can’t apply her sindoor, we are not husband and wife now. Thakumaa asks then how did you hold her hand, by which relation, you couldn’t make her a queen, you could have made her a servant, why did you break the relation, if you broke it, then why did you touch her. He says she is my Bondita, I m her teacher and friend, she is the goal of my life. Thakumaa says Bondita is dead for you, now this girl is our daughter, Bondita Das.

She says when a relation breaks, then its better that it dies. He says if you have any complain with me… She says I don’t count you in family, why did you break relation with Bondita, who is she now, is she married or a widow. Anirudh says I broke our relation, I didn’t leave the support. Thakumaa says you are a man, I m a woman and have a habit to keep relations, I will keep my relation with Bondita, I will not let you write Bondita’s fate. She breaks the pen and throws it away. Anirudh picks it again. He says you can break this pen, but not our relation, I have come here to take Bondita, I will take her and go. Thakumaa beats him with a stick. He says you can’t stop Bondita’s studies, you can beat me as much as you want. She beats him a lot. Bondita feels his pain. She asks Anirudh to go away. Anirudh says no, I will see if her stick has much strength or my determination. Bondita asks her to stop. She comes in front. Thakumaa asks them to take Bondita inside. Anirudh falls down. Trilochan asks are you fine. He shouts, who has dared to touch my nephew. Thakumaa comes and says I did, Kalindi Das. Trilochan sees her and says Kalindi…

She says Kalindi ji… add ji when you address. Anirudh says she is Bondita’s Thakumaa, tell her, explain her about Bondita and my relation. Thakumaa asks Trilochan to speak up. She says we know each other really well, its an old matter, Trilochan fell really ill, he was losing his life, I gave him medicines and saved his life, right, but I fell sick after that, it was my bad fate, I can’t forget someone’s favor. Trilochan says I don’t remember anything, Anirudh come with me. Thakumaa says you go and explain Anirudh that he can’t play with Bondita’s future and respect. She insults Trilochan. Bondita says don’t say anything to him, I respect him a lot, let me meet Anirudh once. Thakumaa asks Bondita to learn to tolerate. She asks Trilochan and Anirudh to leave. They leave. Bondita shouts to stop them. She goes to Sumati. She says Anirudh isn’t a bad person, Thakumaa is doing wrong. Thakumaa says you will not understand.

Bondita says you don’t like Anirudh. Anirudh sees Trilochan. He asks why did you get silent and bring me here, can she keep me away from Bondita. Trilochan says Thakumaa had said right, what’s your relation with Bondita. Thakumaa says the landlords had returned our donation to us, they don’t have a right to ask for it again. Bondita says a girl isn’t any thing like that. Thakumaa explains her. She says my baraat returned to my house when I was young, since then, I couldn’t stay happy like a married woman, I don’t want you to live a life like I have lived. Anirudh says Thakumaa is wrong, she wants to snatch Bondita’s education, can Bondita stay happy, I won’t let this happy, I will stop her. Trilochan asks how will you stop her, what’s your right on Bondita. Bondita asks why did you tolerate this, you are a good Vaid. Thakumaa says I had the responsibility to become Vaid and earn money, I was helpless to learn this. Bondita says its your talent, Anirudh says that men and women are equal. Thakumaa pulls her hair. She says I have to teach you values.

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