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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Bachchan and Mirza bet over the haveli

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bachchan asking Mirza to see, what they do with their Par Baba ji’s pic. Mirza says my wife got the wall drilled, but don’t know the pic will be hole. Sakina says she asked the guy to drill that side of wall, but he drilled it here and went. Brij gets upset and says my samdhi ji’s pic was hanging there. Noorjahan asks him to forgive Sakina being a naughty guy. Bachchan asks how do you know that he is naughty? Noorjahan says she has not dried her hair under sun and tells that she can know seeing him. She says that day he was feeding a cow, helped a lady cross the road etc. and says that’s why he is naughty. Sakina asks Mirza why did he tell wrong meaning to her. Mirza says he didn’t know she will use it here. Noorjahan says it seems you don’t know naughty meaning and says it means kind. Bachchan says naughty means shararati/mischievous. Noorjahan says Zafar said that Naughty means kind. Bachchan says he fooled you. Noorjahan questions Zafar and goes from there. Bachchan asks what to do with Par baba ji’s pic and says he wants the same pic. Mirza asks him to go to Jannat and get his pic. Bachchan tells that he has rammed road roller on him and that’s why he swear to throw him out of haveli. Mirza says first throw me out of here. Bachchan says if I throw you out from here. Mirza says then I will leave haveli. Shanti asks Bachchan to ask her, as the haveli is hers. Bachchan asks her to stay away and challenges Mirza.

Noorjahan scolds Mirza and tells that she was feeling ashamed knowing the meaning naughty. Mirza apologizes. She says she had called naughty to many people and gets embarrassed. Zafar’s son comes there and says vegetable vendor calling Dadi. Noorjahan gets embarrassed. Bittu and Pappu think that they will get the haveli. Mirza sees brooms in Bachchan’s hand and asks if he is getting the house cleaned. Bachchan taunts him and tells that one of the broom is for Sakina bhabhi. Mirza says my wife is not like Shanti bhabhi. Bachchan tells that Sakina will beat you. Mirza says she don’t show her eyes to me now and do whatever I ask her to do. Bachchan says she must be listening to you, when you was washing utensils or clothes. Mirza says he is going to pray else would have beaten him.

Bachchan asks Shanti to think what to do. Shanti says you didn’t listen to me and bet on my haveli. Bachchan says how to throw them out from here. Shanti says I have to change my bindi. Bachchan says I will do something and will keep an eye on him. Shanti’s Guddu hears them talking and blackmails Bachchan to get some money. Bachchan says the nephew who can thug me will become a big man. Guddu comes to Mirza and tells that his Mama gave him money to spy on him. Mirza gives him money and asks him to spy on Bachchan. Sakina comes there and praises Mirza.

Bittu comes to Bachchan and asks where is Mirza? Bachchan says Mirza must be suffering somewhere, his wife might be making him work and made him a mason. Bittu jokes and asks about his sworn to throw him out. He says he has a student who will threaten Mirza to leave haveli. He recalls the guy threatening him. Shanti asks Paro to work in her house and says she is ready to give her 1.5 percent salary and says Mirza family will soon be leaving from here and also from the haveli. Paro says even Sakina was saying this. Shanti gives her dal and asks her to work at her place. Sakina also gives her suit and asks her to work in her house. Paro takes Sakina’s dress and tells that she needs time to think.

Chintu bareilly wala comes to Bachchan and asks why you are not vacating Mirza’s haveli. Shanti says it is our haveli too. She asks if he found bareilly jhumka. Chintu says it must have become pieces. He says he came to threaten them and asks them to vacate the house and haveli. Bachchan calls Police. Police greets Chintu. Chintu laughs and goes.

Bittu’s goon Pistolia Bhai comes there and tells that he took time to send people to hospital. He asks where is Mirza? Bachchan says he is Mirza. Pistolia says now the haveli is of Bachchan. Mirza asks Pistolia to see. Mirza says Ammi. Noorjahan says we will not leave haveli. Pistolia says I will get this house vacated at 3 pm tomorrow and also the haveli.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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