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Arranged To Him (Riansh) (Immj2) Chapter 2

Chapter 2

At Rai Singhania Mansion ..

Riddhima and Vansh stands near the door .. While Uma does the arti and after completing all … They welcome them .. Then Chanchal take them to Mandir for taking blessings of bappa ..

” Beta , put your hand hallmark in the wall ( points towards the wall .. ) ” said Uma ..

Riddhima wet her hand from sindoor water and make Hallmark of her hand in the wall , while there was already two Marks which is obviously from Uma and Chanchal ..

Then they comes hall for ” fishing the ring game .. ”

“Maa .. chachi ..” exclaimed a girl , came while running and hugs Her maa Uma and chachi Chanchal ..

” Aree Sia beta , you are back from London …” said Uma hugging her daughter ..

” Yup Mom .. I want to come before marriage but I didn’t get tickets ..” said Sia with a pout …

Then Sia hugs her Papa , chachu then Vansh ..

” Congratulate Bhai .. ” she said , while Vansh smile sadly , which this was noticed by riddhima which made her sad too …

Later all sat circling Vansh and Riddhima who were instructed to find the ring from the bowl of milk ..

” Riddhima Bhabhi , I know you’ll only win … c’mon .. c’mon Bhabhi ..” Sia said , later all started cheering Riddhima , While Vansh looks at them in disbelief ..

” Now I’ll win .. ” Vansh thought in mind .. and started trying to find the Ring , before he did not paid attention but now it’s on his male ego …

Soon both at the same time pulled out the ring , while all claps because that’s mean if at same time couple pulled out ring , they will love each other forever …

After finishing other all rituals .. Uma was about to take Vansh and Riddhima to their room but stopped in middle after hearing Rudra’s shout ..

” Stop there Kabir … ” Rudra shouted at the very moment when Kabir entered in the house with a girl , who is wearing bridal dress which made it clear that they were married after Kabir elope from his marriage …

” After all this , how dare you come here .. ” said Chanchal crying .. while uma hold her to give her support , ” You put us in a shame .. ” later she completed ..

” Maa ..I love Ragini and as you all did not want to accept her , so I took this step .. ” Kabir said holding Ragini’s hand ..

” And now you don’t have any right here .. Get out with this girl .. Didn’t you thought for once .. what will happen to riddhima if you leave her in mandap ..” Rudra said ..

That was when Kabir looks at Riddhima then at Vansh , now he understood because of his this step Riddhima had to marry Vansh , but what he can do ?? … His family didn’t accept his love Ragini because she’s an orphan …

Riddhima looks at the girl who is Ragini , she was looking scared of family’s reaction .. Because riddhima’s friendly nature , she was feeling bad .. and that was when she comes to know Kabir had already told all about his love to his family but they didn’t accept it .. but still the question is , In this one month of there friendship didn’t he thought to tell her anything ??? .. Why ?? …

” Papa .. I’m sorry , ma please .. ” Kabir said ..

” If Riddhima will forgave you then you can stay here but you .. ( point towards Ragini ) Don’t ever try to think you’re a family member and ( looking at Kabir ) I don’t think we are ever able to forgave you .. ” Ajay said .. As he can’t see Kabir in this state …

All looks at Riddhima who just gives a smile at Kabir while all this Vansh was looking at the drama , because just seeing Kabir , he felt a sudden rage , As because of him he had to marry this girl Riddhima ..

Uma takes her to Vansh’s room, she is so happy as now riddhima is her daughter in law .. As she always wants a daughter in law Just like riddhima .. she always wants her for his Vansh and now her dreams came true ..

Making her sit on bed , ” Riddhima be comfortable here and call me if you want something … never feel like you are alone here .. ” said Uma ..

” Thanks umm .. ” riddhima said thinking about what to call her ..

” Ma … called me ma .. ” Uma said and then exchange a smile then later she left ..

While riddhima sitting in her room alone , thinks what should she do now, she was feeling so nervousness ..

While outside , Vansh was standing in a corner of living room looking outside the window ..

Then he looks at his phone ‘ 30 missed call from Ahana .. ‘ , But he puts the phone in his pocket and starts thinking about the conversation which he had with his father …



Flashback ..

” Dad , what you want to say , huh ?? I’m not going to marry her .. ” said Vansh at the very moment when Ajay takes him to corner …

” Vansh , you have to marry her and that’s final .. ” Ajay said in stern voice ..

” How could you say that dad , I love Ahana and .. ” but Vansh words were cut by Ajay ..

” We will never accept that girl and use your brain Vansh .. she only loves your money not you .. ” said Ajay and that was it Vansh moves to leave …

As he don’t want to marry her and also he can’t hear a word after Ahana …

” Vansh stop , if you says yes then I’ll agree for the deal you asked .. ” as soon he heard this Vansh stops ..

Vansh wanted a deal but it was can cause a risk that’s why Ajay refused him .. And now hearing this .. he had a give a look to this matter .. he really needed this deal .. ” it’s not a bad deal ” thought Vansh .. And then agreed for this marrriage …

Flashback end ..



Now Vansh was thinking about what to do now ?? .. that’s when he heard someone’s voice ..

” Bhai .. ” As he turned he found Kabir .. then he put his hand on vansh’s shoulder , while Vansh looks at him angrily ..

” Bhai , I’m sorry but trust me she’s a very nice girl … ” Kabir said while Vansh chuckled sarcastically ..

” That’s why you left her , because she is a nice girl .. ” Vansh asked ..

” No , it’s not about her , I love Ragini and that’s why I left , but trust me Bhai , Riddhima is .. ” Kabir tried to say but Vansh cuts him …

” I don’t want to hear all this nonsense and I’ll never forgave you .. Just because of you I’ve to marry this behenji type girl .. ” Vansh uttered in anger and was about to left but stopped after hearing kabir’s words ..

” No Vansh bhai , you will find out soon she is all your type .. “

While Vansh just hears and soon left from there …



” What ?? .. You said all this to Vansh .. ?? ” asked Uma as soon his heard her husband Ajay , how he makes Vansh ready for this marriage …

” I only had this option … But trust me riddhima will be a good wife and daughter in law .. I trust her , she will make my son change … ” said Ajay …

Later Both sighs in tension about what will Vansh do next ..



While another side Riddhima was sitting on her bed after changing her clothes in a night wear fidgeting her fingers , As she was feeling very nervous .. That’s when she heard the door nob opens and held up her to looks at door where Vansh was standing , while looking at her ..

Hii !!! Guys hope you like it ..

This FF will updated in every two – three days ..

Now what will happen in riddhima’s life ?? …

Will Vansh ever accept her ?? ..

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