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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini impresses Rajvi

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rajvi getting angry. She says Darsh doesn’t want to become the CEO, no one understands me, I can talk to the shareholders, I m mad to think of everyone’s choices. She gets tired. Nandini comes and asks her to sit. She asks who asked you to come to the kitchen. She asks Rajvi to drink water. She says I m angry on you. Rajvi asks why. Nandini says doctor asked you to take tension, and do all the work, right. Rajvi says I m fine. Nandini says you don’t listen to me, this problem is with every mum, even my mum was dedicated to family. She asks how did you get this purse for 1 lakh, someone fooled you, it comes for 500rs, I will go and claim the money. Rajvi laughs.

Rajvi says its a big brand, if you go out with this bag, it will be good impression. Nandini says I will put an impression by myself, not by bag, any thief can steal it. Rajvi says fine, I won’t buy a costly bag, its my turn to scold, why did you cancel the honeymoon, Darsh would have told you about work, you should have spoken to me once, no one understands me. Nandini says your faith is bigger than the company head, company is running on your faith, don’t listen to them. She says if you trust MJ, then its enough. Rajvi asks since when are you calling him MJ. She says he plays MJ songs all day, so I call him MJ.

Rajvi smiles. Nandini thinks I will not take Darsh’s name until he talks to me nicely. She says you have run the company well. Rajvi says just Darsh can handle this company, shareholders have to accept this. Rakla catches Dada ji and twists his neck. Dada ji says wow, your hands have magic, my neck got fine. Rakla says magic is in you, you remind me of my Dada. Dada ji blesses him. Rakla asks about share holders’ refusal. He says I can become Darsh’s assistant if you say, I can do what he tells, I understand business now. Namrata comes and asks why, are you bored of free lodging and boarding, you are dreaming to become the owner. Dada ji shouts. Namrata says he shouldn’t care for this matter. Rakla says you are misunderstanding me. Dada ji scolds Namrata. Gunjan looks on and smiles. Namrata insults Rakla. Rakla sees Gunjan and goes.

Dada ji asks Namrata to just shut up. Namrata says it was my idea to have Goa branch, can’t anyone see me, mom doesn’t find me capable. She goes. He thinks you can’t head the project, because your surname has changed. Darsh says we shall not talk about this now, why did you come out. Rajvi says I feel suffocated in the room, how can anyone live without fresh air. Darsh says we can’t upset the shareholders. Vipul says we can keep discussions on hold. Shobit comes. Vipul says Shobit has many ideas for Goa project, you also listen to him once. Nandini comes and says you vent anger on me later, everyone is here. Darsh says don’t give imp to yourself. Shobit sees them smiling. Darsh goes. Shobit gives his ideas. He says we shall change the menu. Namrata says we can’t change the menu if its costly. Chetan says yes, menu is our USP. Vipul says we can’t take loss. Nandini says we can manage without adding khowa. Namrata jokes. Rajvi asks her to say. Nandini says khowa has kaju, if we use powdered kaju instead khowa, taste won’t change a lot. Namrata says thanks, we can’t do this experiment in our big business. Nandini says I don’t know about business, but I m making sweets since childhood, you all know more than me. She goes. Vipul says Nandini’s idea is brilliant. Rajvi says its good idea. Darsh comes. Rajvi says khowa will be expensive, we can get cashews in bulk in low rate, we can start a special edition line. Vipul says yes. Darsh says that’s a brilliant idea, it will be Namrata’s idea surely, I think we should make her project head, she deserves it, Shobit will always get problems, Namrata gave the solution. Rajvi says idea is really nice, one who gave this idea should become the project head, its Nandini’s idea, I think she should become the head, she will become a good business head. She smiles.

Shobit thinks they had planned this before to make his wife the project head. Namrata gets angry and goes. Vipul says we will talk about this later, Rawal sweets isn’t a small brand. Rajvi says I have thought of it well, when Nandini tells something, I try to understand her thinking, she has strong business sense, when I came home, I didn’t know anything, but I learnt and managed everything, she will also learn, Darsh will always be with her, she is his wife, if she makes any mistake, then catch my neck. Nandini says no, I can’t handle this big responsibility. Darsh asks how will she do this, she has no basic knowledge of business. Rajvi says she will handle production, you take the executive decisions, we won’t discuss it now, I trust Nandini, I won’t change my decision. Darsh says we have to be practical. Shobit thinks one should learn acting from you, Darsh. Rajvi says Nandini will spend her life here. Nandini says no, I can’t do this. Rajvi shouts and says no discussion now.

Shobit burns Darsh and Nandini’s pics. Nandini asks what are you burning. He stops her. She ties a protective thread to him. He ties it to her and says you need this more than me.

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