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A Change In Life – KKB FF (Chapter 11)

Chapter 11

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Everyone was eating breakfast . A person comes whom rhea welcomes.

Abhi:- rhea, who is this?

Rhea:- dad, he is vyom. The CEO of khanna industry.

Abhi:- oh….hi…..is it your friend, rhea?

Rhea:- dad. I had called him because I think he is the best match for Prachi.

All gets shocked.

Prachi:- what?

Abhi:- Mr Vyom khanna, we will inform you later. If you don’t have any other things you can go. (He goes, abhi looks at rhea in anger) rhea, what is this? Are you trying to overtake us?

Rhea:- dad, why are you getting hyper. I just called him as I think he is the best match for her.

Aliya:- Bhai, rhea is telling correct. Actually..

Abhi:- Aliya, don’t ever get into my family matters, understand?

Rhea:- dad, why are you talking to her like this?

Pragya:- rhea, this is not right. Prachi is your sister. We both see you equally. And we don’t want to take this decision in a hurry.

Rhea:- but why mom.

Abhi and rhea disputes over this, everyone was puzzled, Vikram tried to calm abhi and Pragya rhea. But they can’t. Prachi becomes irritated with all this, her heart feels like bursting.


stop it. Stop it rhea. And for all your concern, I will decide whom I will marry, not you rhea. It’s my marriage not yours. Iam the bride and I will chose him. If you again try to do these stupids then…..(softly, only rhea and Prachi hears) I will tell ranbir everything. Not only you can blackmail I also can. (Loud) so, is it clear? Maa, Papa I am going to office. Bye. (She goes, everyone get into their respective work)

In the office Prachi was lost in the morning drama and sees virat . Something goes into her mind. She thinks about it many times. 4 hours passed she was sitting like a statue when virat comes there.

Virat:- Ms Prachi…. what were you doing?

Prachi:- Woh….I……

Virat:- you didn’t done anything. What happened? All ok?

Prachi:- Haan.

Virat:- not ok. If you can’t concentrate, then take a break, not here outside. May be it can make you good. Jaaa……go…..

Prachi:- can you do me a favour?

Virat:- tell me.

Prachi:- can you marry me?

Virat:- what?

Prachi:- will you marry me?

Virat laughs:- are you mad? Don’t you take your pills? When did you start joking? I can’t control my laughing.

Prachi:- iam serious.

Virat:- really, Iam also serious. (Laughs)

Prachi sadly:- please marry me.

Virat understand something is wrong and says,”we can talk later” . He goes from there leaving Prachi.

In the orphanage

Virat was sitting motionless. Vihaan and Smitha comes there and ask him what happened but no reply comes. At that time Prachi comes there.

Virat:- Prachi why do you come here. It is 6:30 and I don’t want to sadden your parents, they will be waiting for you. Go.

Vihaan and Smitha mam gets shocked.

Smita:- tillu, shut up. Is it the way to talk to her?Prachi:- it’s ok and Virat, I am here to talk to mam, not you. So please.

Smitha:- kya hua beta? what happened?

Prachi:- can we talk alone.

Smita understand the dullness in Prachi’s face. They goes to one room.

Vihaan:- bhai what happened, why are you angry with her?

Virat:- she is asking me to marry her.

Vihaan gets shocked.

Vihaan:- what, she asked you to marry her. Why? Virat:- I don’t know.

In the room Prachi was standing like a stone, Smitha understand her heart makes Prachi lay on her lap. Prachi who was longing for someone’s lap lays there and cries her heart out. She tells everything to Smitha who hear her with patience. Smitha makes a decision in her mind and wakes up Prachi and tell her to to sit there. She goes outside to Virat and Vihaan who were standing there.

Virat:- what did she tell?

Smitha:- before that who am I to you?

Virat:- what type of question is this?

Smitha:- answer me.

Virat:- you are like my mother.

Smitha:- then will you obey me.

Virat:- haan.

Smita:- marry Prachi.

Virat:- but why?

Smitha:- because she is helpless.

Virat:- but mam, I don’t love her.

Smitha:- just try it. You both are good. Can adjust. Please marry her.

Virat:- but why mam? Tell me the reason.

She tells him everything about Mehra family drama after hearing it Virat was just standing.

Smita:- don’t lose your courage, you are my brave son and she is my daughter. You will slowly love her. Please. I will hold your legs .

Virat:- Mam, what are you doing? did I ever disobey you? I will marry her. ok?

Smitha:- haan, drop her to her house. She is tired

Virat:- ok.

On their way neither Virat said anything nor Prachi. Virat stops his bike near a foodstall.

Prachi:- what happened?

Virat:- eat something.

Prachi:- no it’s ok

Virat:- just eat it.

Saying this he goes and buys two sandwiches and two juices. They eat it. Prachi was looking at Virat, she was thinking whether she is doing right or not. Virat assures her by his eyes. Prachi lighty smiles. After dinner, Prachi suggest him to walk a little. Virat nods. They walk through the beaches. They were not saying anything but their silence says everything .

In Mehra house

Everyone was worried and stands outside. They tried to call Prachi but her phone was switched off. Pragya was getting hyper, but abhi ask her to cool down.

Vikram:- calm down, abhi. She will come now.

Abhi:- how can I calm down. It’s 1.30 AM and she hadn’t come. It’s all because of u rhea.

Rhea:- Dad what did I do?

( Goes inside followed by other family members. Pragya was crying badly and abhi console her. Shahana comes to them.

Abhi:- did you ask Prachi’s every friends?

Shahana:- Haan.

Abhi:- any update?

Shahana:- woh… she is with Virat.

Abhi:- who…..office wala.

Pragya:- but why?

Shahana:- because he is her best friend who understands her. She needed a support, which she gets from him.

Shahana tells everything about their meetings. Pragya and abhi understand what Prachi is up to. At that time, Prachi and Virat comes there. Everyone comes out. Virat was about to go, but Prachi stops him. They comes to the family members. Everyone except abhigya and Sahana was shocked to see her with a guy.

Prachi:- papa,sorry I got late because .

Abhi:- Don’t tell me. I understand it.

Rhea:- But I don’t understand it, she was with this boy, whole night and you guys were accusing me. Whatever, I am happy that she got a guy, and a girl like her can get anyone by her acting.

Abhi:- (shouts) Riya if you again tell anything about Prachi, then I will disown you.

Rhea cries and goes inside. Abhi tells everyone to go inside.

Virat:- sorry sir I didn’t mean to.

Abhi:- you are not at fault, it’s actually us who are at fault. We can’t understand her.

Pragya:- you can go .

Virat:- Ok, bye. (He goes from there)

Prachi runs to her room, abhigya goes behind her, she was crying there.

Abhi asks shahana to sleep on their room and she goes. Pragya hugs Prachi. Prachi was longing for this. She cries in her arms. The trio talked a lot and Prachi slept between them. Pragya was crying, abhi consoles her and says,” don’t worry all will be ok”.

Pragya:- no, everything is my fault. Due to my love for rhea, I forgot my Prachi. She becomes like this. She is like a flower, get dull fast. Iam the reason for this. (Abhi consoles her.)

Next day, Prachi wakes up and finds abhigya on her side. They didn’t sleep that night.

Abhi:- did you take the decision ?

Prachi:- haan, papa.

Pragya:- did, he agree?

Prachi:- haan, not wholeheartedly, but agrees.

Abhi:- look, Prachi I know you are doing all this for our’s happiness, but……

Pragya:- what about his happiness.

(Prachi looks down)

Abhi:- and where will you live? In the orphanage? We won’t permit you.

Prachi:- please papa. I will look after it. Please and he is a good guy. He respect me. Please.

Pragya:- we will inform you later. Go.

Prachi goes from there.

Pragya looks at abhi and says, “what are we going to do? Tell me. Is he a nice guy?

Abhi:- he is good. Independent. Without any support he reaches at a height, our office also get profit by his arrival. But…..

Pragya:- but what?

Abhi:- he has no parents, only his brother. And they are living in an orphanage.

Pragya:- when I marry you, you also don’t have parents. My mother becomes your mother. Like that we can also become his parents.

Abhi:- but where will he live? Can he live in our house?

Pragya:- for some days it’s ok, but then it’s not ok. He is independent and may be he will get a house and we can arrange Sarita behens house.

Abhi:- is it ok? will Prachi get happiness?

Pragya:- sometimes. Call his guardian, that mam and get the number from Sahana.

In the orphanage

Smitha gets a call from abhi. The talk about Prachi and Virat and fixed something. Then she goes to pack virat’s and vihaan’s bag.

Virat comes there and asks,”what is she doing”

Smitha:- look, don’t argue with me. Next day onwards you both will be living with me in my house.

Virat:- but why?

Smitha:- Prachi can’t stay here and your dream house cant built now. So at least for that time, live in my house. No more arguments. Come. If you take bath?

Virat:- Haan.

Smitha:- where is Vihaan?

Vihaan:- I am here.

Smitha:- you both come with me now itself.

Virat:- but where?

Smitha:- temple.

Vihaan:- is it any special day

Smitha:- haan, come.

She takes them both to the temple. On the way, she buys a chunnri and sweet boxes. Virat and Vihaan were puzzled. On reaching temple, Virat and Vihaan get shocked seeing Prachi, abhigya and shahana there.

So, ya here it is. Please comment. I will come with a new chapter soon.

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