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RAB SE SONA ISHQ- Twinj episode 5

Episode 5

rab se Sona Ishq


Next day episode started from goa.

Beach views comes people playing in sea. Others  doing hangout. Having fun with their partners.

Kunj staying in goa Marriott resort & spa hotel. First scene comes kunj come out from washroom wrapping towel around waist.He entered in his room went near mirror. Kunj look at himself. Innocently he smiled. Kunj take his clothes soon wear his clothes looking extremely hot as always. Kunj got call from his Pa. Kunj received her call.

Sara: sir meeting will be started in 1 hours.

Kunj: okay I’ll come before time.

Kunj check all meeting files. Kunj wear his watch take his brief case and went.

Kunj entered in elevator. Kunj was only the one man in elevator others all girls. They all looking at Kunj while Kunj didn’t look at them back.

Many girls just staring Kunj just. Kunj knows this. Still ignoring them. Soon elevator stop kunj immediately come out and take a deep breath. He murmured.

Kunj: uff these girls is so mad.. Wasting their time. Kunj come out and car come Kunj sit in his car left for office.

Later Kunj reached office.He come out of the car while his pa waiting for him. Kunj meet with Sara and they both move ahead.

They come in conference room others see kunj and stand meet with them after in very young age he got so much success great business tycoons in business world.

Kunj take his sit. Others showing their presentation later Kunj chance comes.

Kunj stand started giving presentation.His face shining in darkness like a star.Kunj explaining each and everything so perfectly others clients get impressed with kunj. They asked many questions from kunj.While Kunj amazingly giving them answer back. Later Kunj done with his presentation.

Kunj: I hope you all like it. Thanks. Kunj come and sit.

Clients: I must say Mr Sarna I’m quite impress with you and your work. We loved to work with you.

Kunj: thanks. They discuss something later take the decision.

Clients: this deal is final. Kunj get hell happy he cracked the deal.

Kunj:great.They stand and shakes their hands.Even they sign the documents papers. After they all come sit and have drink those wants and Kunj have soft drink rather than alcohol.

Other side In Amritsar.

At Taneja mansion. Whole family members. Sitting and talking about wedding preparations while twinkle just checking her phone Yuvi were messaging her.

Twinkle:you all continue I have work in college so mahi let’s go.

Kabir:what about shopping.

Twinkle:Bhai we both will come directly at designer place.

Leela: good till then I’ll complete all work than Bebe we will too go.

Mahi: let’s go di.. they both get up and left for their college.kabeer and others laugh at mahi and twinkle.

Rt:always they both in hasten.

Leela: hmm.Kabir received message for malika he smiled.Leela and Bebe sense. They both to get happiness after all they wanted their kids happiness only.

At Sarna [email protected]

Whole family member sitting having their breakfast. While rudra still sleeping till now. Om and Anjali giggles. They know about him.

Tej: where is your son Avantika?

Avantika: as you know tej he still sleeps.

Prithviraj: let it him.

Manohar: Bhai Saab did Kunj call you.

Tej: nope till now. He may be busy in meeting.

Lata: you both tell me when he will come back ha we come here For his alliance not for your business works you both better understand always. Send him here and there.They both brother smile after seeing dadi love for her grand son.

Usha:heheheh. So sweet na.

Lata: haa right after all he is my grand son😍. I love them more than my sons. Tej and Manohar look at each other face in puppy way. Prithviraj along with his both grandkids giggles.

Tej: MAA 😭😭😭.

Prithviraj get call from someone. He received and talk in yes and no way.

Prithviraj moved towards his bedroom after tej and Manohar take their bags left for office while Anjali and om talking to each other on something. Usha and Avantika look at each other’s they both went in kitchen see other things.

At prithlata [email protected]

Prithviraj checking some things lata entered in room she looks at her husband and went towards him.She kept her hand on his shoulder he looks at him and give her smile while she to give him back.

They both look at each other’s he takes her hands in his hands. They both sit on side couch.

Lata: so many years has been passed still feel like as if it seems kal ki baath hai we started our life in these roofs. God bless us.

Prithviraj: all ups and downs comes in our life but you always stood beside me. Give me strength. In every step you support me perfectly you handle me and my family very well. Being a wife. Very nicely you fulfilled all your duties never give single chance to complain to anyone.

Lata:without you it’s not possible. Every single path you Handel me if I about to falls you hold me.If I become good wife even you too best husband. Father as well now grand father.I’m happy that you are my husband. Perfect paradigm of husband human being. Everyone relation you handle.They both joint their forehead while having very beautiful smile on their faces.They remain for some times like this.

Later they look at each other talking though their eyes.

Lata: where are you going today?

Prithviraj: some college invited me. So you have to come with me. Go and get ready.

Lata: okay. You too. She went towards wardrobe take out their clothes and Handel his clothes to him, and she went in washroom even he too in another washroom.They both get ready looking perfect couple.

Lata: let’s go Mr Sarna. Entangled their hands.

Prithviraj: yes Mrs Sarna.😛.They both went in hall. Om and Anjali eyes went on their grand parents. They both give smile.

Om: di someone looking amazing today. He gets up went towards them stand behind Lata. While Anjali stand beside Prithviraj. They both shaking them with their elbows. In return, they both giggling.

Anjali: today Mr Sarna looking hot om.

Om: yes even Mrs Sarna too😘.

Lata: bas don’t tease us we are not your age. It’s your turn.

Prithviraj: yes.

Anjali: by the way where are you going both.

Lata: some college.

Anjali: in this age 😛😛. Lata pulled her cheeks.

Prithviraj: no beta. I’ll tell after I’ll come we are already very much late not let us take leave.

Om:yes dadu don’t like late comers. You both go. They both went outside in their car and left for college. They both reached the college come of the car and some college teacher come and greet with them take them inside the auditorium side.

Later Twinkle and Mahi reached the college they both come out of the car and went towards their gangs. Yuvi and other’s waiting for them passed from 1hour.

Yuvi: see late latif comes so soon. Mahi and twinkle Listen this and making puppy faces.

Twinkle: offo Yuvi what wrongs with you.

You know na.

Chinki: still twinkle we all just waiting for you.

Twinkle: sorry babes..

asha: okay fine. Let’s go conversation will be started anytime.

Mahi: haa they went in auditorium.All others students comes and take their seats. Lights went off. Principal comes on the stage and stand there.

Principal: good morning everyone and my all lovely students and teachers. And our special guest today they are in between us. Every special guest I’ll introduce them later. While all students get confused who they are.

Yuvi: now who is new special guest is?

Twinkle:wait na why you are so curious about them as if like they are yours in laws😛😛. Their gang peoples laughs at him.

Mahi:now stop listen what they are staying.Yuvi look at her he stops.

Principal: today we are here to discuss something and our opinions on life money and our mentality thinking.So I’ll call mr Prithviraj Sarna. He is an great businessman his name ruling all over world proud our country names. Every single men’s knows his name what he is. Everyone had wish to

Meet with him once in their lifetime.

Twinkle: who is. Sarna.

Yuvi: now why you are so curious if they are yours in laws 😂😂😝😝.. now they all laugh loudly with echo in whole auditorium.

Principal: please… they become quiet.

Please, Mr Sarna please come on the stage.Prithviraj get up went towards stage.He come on the stage went near mike. Everyone Clapped. All students looking at him.

Prithviraj: hi all students.And everyone’s. I’m honour today this college invite me.

I’m happy too here.

Principal: please sir.

Prithviraj: business is very good word. And what is success? There are many ways to see their success and find. Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” Success is everyone’s mission. Life is full of challenges and opportunities, but only for those who actually struggle to grab the opportunities and overcome the challenges. Hard work and dedication are the only mantra in the journey to success. Without being passionate and the willingness to work hard, no one can achieve success. There can be several occasions when you may have to deliver Speech on Success. There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” I started my life journey at very small age and did hard work lot to achieve everything. I didn’t think and never work for to become rich man but to give happiness to my family.I can fulfil their all wishes rather than money.We can earn money but money never buy happiness. Happiness keys in our hands only.Now people give importance to money expect than peoples.They don’t know we can earn money new but once the people leave us they never come back to us. We are made by this metti and end of the life we are going inside in this metti.

I’m that type of person who never see any person with two eyes everyone is equal in my eyes. Money just fulfilled our needs. Family complete us. Money is just paper piece.But our hearts not. So understood the value of both things equally because both things important in life but in some limits.All students like his all talks.

He removed his eye glass put in side.You know my grand kids are too same your age. Whatever I learn from my life even I teach to my kids and their kids too. Make them understand the value of family and money.Business is all about this.When we started something to do we wanted others to. Later become family. Success and un success is fine in life we should see the both Path of life. And in my eyes girls are more powerful than boys. Those thinking about girls are nothing I’m really sorry are everything without them nothing can’t happen. In everywhere girls are ruling. And you all are bright future of our nation.

Thanks everyone .He did with his speech and all get up and loudly clapping for him. Are very much impress with them specially girls.

Principal: sir you are truly amazing. After I’ll call some students too. One by one student come give their speech.

Prithviraj asked serval questions to students. Later Twinkle chance comes she come on the stage. Late eyes went on her. She loved her beauty. Twinkle went neat stage.

Twinkle: hi everyone in nervousness.I’m agreed with Mr Sarna whatever he said absolutely right.I’m too like him.who give important to peoples not money.

Prithviraj: what you were thinking about family?

Twinkle look at him with nervousness way it’s the first time when she gets so nervous.

Twinkle: family. For it’s everything without family nothing everything is incomplete.

In business too people have should think from mind and heart. A good family bonding is important in everyone’s life. Family is your blood and they are the people who accept you for who you are, who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. Family is important because no matter what they will be with us and support us. Family influences the future of generation. In present day we are losing the family values for various reasons. The more we focus on making money and are career oriented, the way we are moving with technology, the fast life these are few reasons that are making family to move apart.

Lata and Prithviraj get impressed with twinkle.

Twinkle: money can fill the hunger but family fill the life with love and care. Both things needed but in their value ways.

Lata just look at twinkle face she wanted to talk to her once get to know about her. She is so curious about twinkle don’t know what makes her happy with twinkle.

Twinkle done with her speech.Prithviraj itself stand up and clapping for him. Twinkle get happy. She went near Prithviraj and touch his feet and took his blessing. He gives her blessing by keeping his hand on her head.

Prithviraj: god bless you.Twinkle look at him. Later principal comes and tell winner name. Prithviraj announce twinkle. Her whole gang so happy.Twinkle started jumping in happiness which seen by Lata.

Lata: so her name is twinkle. Nice like her.

Twinkle went on the stage. Prithviraj give her winning trophy. Twinkle take it. Happy from him.After all come out of the auditorium.

Lata and Prithviraj come out together Lata still thinking about twinkle her face comes in front of her eyes.

Lata: did you see that girl. Twinkle?

Prithviraj: haa she is so good her parents give her good values. So mature nowadays girl she is but still know the value of family and life.

Lata: yes she is so beautiful. I just wanted girl be like her for my kunj.

Prithviraj: yeah hope we will find girl like her for kunj.

Twinkle and her all friends standing group.

Naman: Waha twinkle. I thought you only know about fashion but today you chance my thinking for you😝😝😝.

Yuvi: haa make up queen give speech😂.

Twinkle: bas bas.. I’m de twinkle Taneja I’m best get it 😎😎😎😎.

Mahi: di I love you you are good at everything. No one can’t beat you.

Lata and Prithviraj were passing from there only they saw twinkle.

Twinkle too see them and others too.

They moved towards their car. And sit in car and left for their home.

Twinkle: they are so good.

Yuvi: hmm bas.. madam😛😛😛. Now give us treat.

Twinkle: let’s go in canteen.

Naman: ohello give canteen treat to your pati dev not us. Let’s go out for lunch.

Twinkle: okay. They all went out.

Rudra sleeping peacefully. Avantika entered in room and see him.She went near window open the curtains. Rudra slightly moved. Avantika went near him.

She pulls blanket while he pulled back.

Avantika: rudra wake up fast see the time it’s too late.

Rudra: in sleeping tone what happened to you mom. Why you tease me haa let me sleep please. Don’t act like Bhai. In his absence.

Avantika: acha did you wake up or not should I call your pa.. haa. 😡.

Rudra open his one eyes and look at avantika.he gets up with puppy face looking at Avantika who giving him look.

Avantika: good afternoon my son now go get freshen up before mummy ji and Dady ji comes.

Rudra: huhu what about your girls haa.

When they are coming??

Avantika: soon don’t tease her understand.

Rudra: whatever.

Avantika throw towel on him. He catches it. And run in washroom.

Avantika call Anita invited her whole family for dinner at their place tonight.

Rudra get ready he come down and see nobody in hall. He went in garden and see om busy in painting while Anjali sitting and giving water to plants. He went towards them. Anjali see him.

Anjali: aww finally my lil bro wake up.

Come. He come and sit.

Om: you wake up very early today..

Rudra: offo O.. let it be don’t be clumsy.

He forward his coffee mug to him.

Om: no thanks bro. It’s lunchtime not coffee i had my breakfast very long back.

Rudra: acha.. where is our raj and Simran today??😛😛 Just than car stop in front of mansion gate. Lata and Prithviraj come out of the car.

Om: see your raj and Simran come back.

They both come near them and sit beside them on the side chairs.

Lata: what’s going on?

Rudra: where you both went dadu and dadi.

Prithviraj: some college for some work.

Rudra: ho.

Prithviraj: finally you wake up.

Rudra: very long back dadu while om and Anjali like omg 😮.

Om: really he pulled his hairs..

Lata: Leave my pota.. he gives her hug..

Prithviraj: Anjali beta lets go inside.

They all went inside the mansion.They all settled down on the couch. Servant come with cold water and give them.

While Avantika and Usha were busy in kitchen along with servants.They are prepared the lunch. Later lunch get ready all family members come sit on the dinning table. Servant comes and place the all food on the table.Avantika and Usha served them food.

Avantika: how was your day daddy ji and mummy ji?

Lata: very good beta. Students are so good.

Next side in goa.

Kunj done with his all Work he calls his father and give him good news about deal get final tej and Manohar get happy to hear this.

Tej: when you will come back?

Kunj: soon pa I’ll come. After all legal documents work get complete.

Tej: okay take care of yourself come soon okay talk with Papa ji once.

Kunj: okay I’ll. They ended their calls.

Kunj went back in his hotel and get freshen up after he come back out of the hotel and roaming around hotel and seeing outside views.

At night..

Kabir and Malika went for dinner. He gets angry with his both sisters they both didn’t come at designer shop they both just waiting for them.

Malika: Kabir don’t be Please May be they get busy in their work.

Kabir: still.

Malika: let at be you know my best friend come back India.

Kabir: hoo great. Mujhe se kab mila rahi ho?

Malika: soon you will love him differently he so humble and quiet type person.

Kabir: seem interesting..

Malika took his hands in her kissed on his palm. They both enjoying their candle light dinner.

At Taneja [email protected]

Twinkle: see mahi Bhai get angry with us.

Mahi: yes di what to do..

Leela:I’ll tell him don’t worry. You were busy in your work it’s fine.

Rt: now come you both. They both went near rt and sit beside him and they both resting their heads on his shoulder.

Anita went in Yuvi room see him.

Anita: Yuvi go and get ready we are going my parents house for dinner.

Yuvi: okay good. I’ll get ready you go and check your daughter once she takes 1 hours.

Anita went to maya and tell her to get ready. After sometime later they all get ready fully. And sit in car and left for Sarna Mansion.

In Sarna Mansion tej and Manohar come back from office they both went in his room get freshen up.

Later they both come in hall. They all get ready nicely. Rudra and om too get ready looking extremely hot.

Rudra: why dinner??

Avantika: shut up. They will come at anytime. Just than voice come we are here.They all come while Yuvi looking here and there.Maya come took blessing from all elders while Avantika gesturing to their kids they too took blessing from Surjit and Anita.Yuvi eyes went on Lata and Prithviraj he gets confused as well surprised too.

Yuvi: you???

Maya: did you know they them..

Yuvi: yes maya.. today only they come in my college.

Anita: meet with your grand MAA and Papa. Yuvi move towards them looking them. Lata cupped his face and kissed on his forehead. Yuvi hug her while rudra get jealous..

Rudra: o now he takes our place 😭😭.

Om: shut up cry baby.

Yuvi took their blessing. Prithviraj too hug him.

Avantika: anita your son is looking very hot. I must say..


Anita: Yuvi they both is your maami and it’s your two mamu.. yuvi.

Tej: hi..

Yuvi: hi..

Anjali: I’m anjali you can call me di too.

Yuvi: okay.

Maya: he and di never.. Yuvi give her angry look. All laugh out.

Usha: come sit.. they all went towards couch side and settle down..

Lata: Arey you didn’t introduce with my om and rudra.. yeh om hai and rudra.

Om: hmm 😃. They both shake their hands.

Rudra: and I’m Rudy..

Yuvi: cool name..

Om: only name is cool bakika fool hai😝.

Yuvi:hmmmm😝😝😝. They sit and chit chat with each other’s for sometime Yuvi and rudra loved each other companies and Anjali and maya too. Om really

Missing Kunj.. later they all sit for dinner Yuvi praising all food.

Usha: you eat Yuvi glad you like it.

Yuvi:Usha it’s really testy..

Maya. Thanks god he like homemade food first.

Om: you know what this rudra is too same always having protein shake and eggs.

Yuvi: hoo so many things our is same Rudra.

Rudra: yes Yuvi bro.. after dinner set together in garden.. elders in one team and others in one team..

Yuvi: it’s the first time you people come India haa..

Om: yes..

Yuvi: okay did you Roam Amritsar?

Rudra:Nope.. here we can’t go at night.

Yuvi: who told you this you can at anytime and anywhere. Let’s go out what’s say.

Rudra: good idea..

Om: hmm than let’s go.

Anjali: you people go I’ll not.

Maya: why??

Rudra: Arey her dearest pati Dev call will come at anytime, so she can’t ..😂😂.

Yuvi: hoo..

Anjali: bas. Om went to tej and take his permission to go out. While tej give them but in limited way they should come home back before it’s too late. Yuvi and they all sit in their car. Yuvi call twinkle and his all friend group at their favourite place. Soon they all reached sea side.. Yuvi eyes went on twinkle and Mahi they both waiting for them. Chinki and raj to come along with Naman and Asha while Rishi come with twinkle he stays near Taneja Mansion.

Yuvi went towards them..

Twinkle: why you call us there..

Yuvi: wait miss Amritsar.. meet with my brothers..

Naman: brothers who did you have brothers too.. from where they come.

Yuvi: wait wait I’ll tell you each and everything. While rudra and om standing slightly far from them. They were looking at them even they too.Yuvi turned and call them.They come near them.

Yuvi:meet with my cousin brothers om and rudra.

Om: hi.. everyone.

All: hi..

Rishi: which cousins they are Yuvi.

Yuvi: Arey I told you na that my mother family has come India after long back years. So they both are my maamu sons.

Naman: okay.. they all introduced themselves to each other’s.

Yuvi: they all are my best friends om and Rudy.. and she is my childhood bestie twinkle.

Om: okay nice name twinkle.

Rudra: Twinkle Twinkle little star wali 😝.

Twinkle: no ji I’m only twinkle..

Yuvi: wait I’ll tell you one thing you all will shock.

Naman: why??

Yuvi: you know what today whose are comes at our college for conversation.

Twinkle: so..??

Yuvi: they both are my grand parents..

All get shocked as well surprised too..

Mahi: you don’t know Yuvi.. even didn’t recognise them..

Rudra: so dadu and dadu went at your college.

Mahi: yes..

Yuvi: I wouldn’t recognised them because I didn’t saw them once till now at our college I see them for the first time..

Asha: what?? Is it..

Twinkle: great..

Rudra: you all are very much interesting.

Asha: even you too rudra..

Twinkle: let’s go for long drive what’s say?

Rudra: good idea Twinkle Di.. they all sit in one car and left for long drive..Yuvi plug music. Play in loud volume.They open the windows Yuvi open the sunroof while twinkle stand up got out her face. Her hairs flying in airs she look very beautiful. Best part of her beauty it’s her two-sided dimples.

Om: sit down twinkle.

Twinkle: I’ll not om..

Mahi: di is like this only. Om look at mahi who immediately looked down.just than romantic song by which make moments awkward for both them in their minds..

Yuvi stop the car in outskirts.They all come outside there for sometimes. Just than ice cream vendor passing from there twinkle eyes went on him.

Twinkle: who want ice cream.

Rudra: I’ll.

Om: what about your fitness..

Twinkle: leave for one day.. Rudra and twinkle went tell ice cream vendor to give ice cream to them. They Take the ice cream went back to all.. give ice cream to chinki and Asha.. or Mahi..

Chinki: thanks rudra..

Yuvi: why you having so long hairs om..?

Before om answer him interpreted by rudra.

Rudra: he is artist 👩‍🎨 na so he needed intense look. All giggles.

Twinkle: between its suit on your face..

In very less time they get good friends..

Loved each other’s company..

They play games running behind each other’s had lots of fun.

Om got call from kunj. He excuses from them went side received his call.

Kunj: hello..

Om: hello. Finally you get time..both smile.

Kunj: yes sorry.. I was busy how’s you all


Om: fine absolutely what about. How’s your meeting.

Kunj: great .. I’m fine.. where is our duffer.

Om: here only we come out with Anita bua son so.

Kunj: cool enjoying akhelel..

Om: you come soon I’m missing you.

Kunj: even me too. I’ll come may be tomorrow day after..

Om: okay they both talk for sometimes.

Twinkle calling om. Kunj heard twinkle voice.

Kunj: who is calling you..

Om: hai koi.. chal I’ll talk you later they all calling me okay bye..

Kunj: bye..

om keep his phone in his pocket. Om went back to all.

Twinkle: whom you were talking on phone haa hmm girl friend..

Om: girl no.. mera Bhai ta..

Twinkle: okay. Om received tej message..

Tej calling them come back now it’s almost 1:30..

om: guys we should leave now it’s too late.

Twinkle check the time she took said same.

Yuvi: okay. All agree with om they sit back in car and left for their homes.. Yuvi drop om and rudra outside of Sarna Mansion. They both went in the mansion.

Episode end….


Precap: Twinkle doing driving while she was at call. At the same time one car coming from same direction.. twinkle didn’t see the car.. due to her mistake her car bumped with another car.. car owner come out of his car.. he sees his car condition get angry. He removed his sunglasses.While twinkle come out of the car and look at Kunj..

Kunj: can’t you see and drive haa..

Twinkle: same too you..

Let’s see what happens.. twinj first official meeting.. let’s begin the story..

Hope you all Like the episode I don’t know how was the episode..

Give your views.. if episode is boring I’m sorry. Please. Forgive me..

ignore any grammatical mistakes..

No proofreading

Bye love you all..

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